Okay so you guys seem to like one shots with Alice and Bella. So I decided to write one more. It was actually kind of hard to write this because I really want to write something with plot, or something with a different storyline. This will probably be the last one of this, but don't worry I have more Bellice planned for the future.

And Renesemee doesn't exist in this fanfic. Or maybe she does, but I don't mention her.

Disclaimer: If I owned Twilight I would "make love on the bedroom/Floating on top of my waterbed/I'm kissing you /Running my fingers through your hair /In the hallway /Making love away beside the stairs /We can do it anywhere.." with Alice. All night long. But SM owns them so I can only fantasize. And I don't own the lyrics by 112 either.

When the Boys are Gone

Chapter 2: Dance for Me


Alice's POV

After our fun time with the boys, our parents and the remainder of our siblings returned, which unfortunately put a halt to our…festivities. While we were all in the big house, the boys paid attention to us as usual. Jasper couldn't keep his eyes off me, constantly sending me lustful vibes. Edward treated Bella as if she were a goddess. And I loved my Jazzy, but there was something about Bella that just made me want to ravish her naked body for hours on end.

Most of all, she was my best friend, and I just loved playing with her in a new way.

I sighed as I walked downstairs and plopped down the couch.

I had a vision of Jasper walking in door in a minute, see my expression, and become instantly worried. And right on cue, he came through the door and hurried to my side.

"What's wrong, Ali?" He sat down beside and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, holding me close.

How was I going to put this? Admit to the one I loved that I recently enjoyed my time with Bella? Well… Why the hell not?

"Jazzy, I miss playing with Bella," I whined. He chuckled, waiting for me to continue. "I like to play with Bella, it's really fun, but there are too many of us around. But don't worry Jazzy, you know I love you, but I have been having so much fun with Bella lately. But that doesn't mean I don't have fun with you! Oh boy…" I frowned and hung my head. He held my chin up with his index finger to look into my eyes.

"Baby, you know I love you, and I know you will love me for all eternity. I understand that Bella is your best and well, only girlfriend. No need to get flustered, you're beginning to remind me of when Bella was still human." We both giggled at the thought.

"So you're not mad?" I asked.

"Of course not, but rest assure my love, once you've had your fun with Bella, this next time, I'm going to have you on your knees, begging for my cock," he said huskily, his lips inches from mine. He closed his eyes, kissed me lightly on the lips, and pulled back.

I jumped up and down in my seat clapping my hands together. Oh joy!

"Do you know where Edward and Bella are?" I asked.

"I actually believe that Bella is in their cottage in the woods and Edward is with Carlisle at the hospital, helping him with one thing or another. Now's your chance." And with that he kissed my cheek and walked upstairs, probably to our room to read a book.

I was so lucky to have a mate like Jasper. I loved him so much; he was so understanding.

I got up, ran upstairs, quickly found a light blue camisole of which clung tightly to my breasts and a matching thong, and threw on some dark wash denim jeans. I didn't both putting on shoes: I liked the wet feeling of the forest floor beneath my toes.

I glided down the stairs and out the door, hopping from one foot to the other all the way to the small cottage in the woods.

I rapped at the door and Bella answered, looking genuinely surprised.

Her eyes lit up seeing it was me. "Hi, Alice! What brings you here on this lovely afternoon?" she tilted her head to the side, smiling that beautiful smile.

"Well, I wanted to see you, see how you were doing, among other things." I wiggled my eyebrows. She giggled in response and then stopped, her eyes scanning my body, realizing my choice of clothing. She nodded and opening the door in silent invitation.

I walked into the living room and sat at their coffee table. Their place was so quaint. I probably couldn't stay anywhere this small; I needed room to roam. But for Bella and Edward, it was quite perfect.

"Hey Alice?" she asked, immediately getting my attention back to her.


"I'm going to change in my bedroom, I'll call you when I'm done freshening up." She smiled and walked away. With her beauty she would never need to freshen up, but whatever she wanted, I would comply.

I waited only a few minutes when she called me.

I walked at human speed to her bedroom and opened the door. My jaw dropped.

Not only was Bella looking irresistible in her lacy royal blue bra and panties, but… There was a stripper pole in the corner of their bedroom.

"Um…Bella, dear, when the hell did you get a stripper pole?" I gasped.

She shyly smiled, looking down.

"Well, I wanted to give something special to Edward, so I took the liberty of installing one and dancing for him. He really enjoyed himself. Plus it was really fun."

I nodded and then pouted.

She cocked her head to the side and asked, "What's wrong?" her brow furrowed, waiting for an answer.

"You started without me!" I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest like a small child.

Bella just smirked at me in response. She walked towards me and led me towards the bed. We were standing right next to the mattress and then she spoke.

"I wanted to treat Edward and now I'm going to treat you." She pushed me onto the bed and took her place at the pole. I hadn't even noticed, but she had a boom box, which she turned on. The sultry music began.

Bella's POV

I smirked at Alice as I wrapped my hands around the pole. The music pulsed through my lifeless veins as I swung my body around the pole. I held onto it tight, flipping my body upside down, wrapping one leg around the pole, with the other leg straight out as I slowly slid down the pole, slowly licking my lips, staring into her eyes.

The tempo quickened and I jumped off the pole. Alice's breath was quickening as I swung my hips from the left to the right as I walked to her. I stood, my back towards her and shook my ass in her face. She was quick to react.

She smacked my ass with force, and I cried out. I quickly regained my composure and stood three feet away from her.

"No touching, Alice," I cooed.

I took off my bra, quickly covering my small breasts with my arm and swung my bra to the other side of the room. I returned to her and began dancing. I lifted my arms in the air and began swaying my hips again. Then I turned my back to her and began grinding my hips against her lap. I heard a faint moan and smiled.

I got up and began twisting and turning my body, sinking lower and lower to the floor. I snapped back up and looked deeply into her eyes. They were clouded with lust.

I figured it was time to give her what she wanted.

I slipped out of my panties and moved back to her lap. I leaned down to kiss her gently, but Alice had other things in mind.

She flipped me over on my back and hovered over me. I giggled and she smiled back at me.

"Bella, you're just so…sexy…" she groaned and sucked and snapped her teeth at my neck. "I can barely resist…" she trailed off, starting to tweak my nipples. She hurriedly took off her shirt and her bra, while I fiddled with the buttons on her jeans. Giving up, I ripped them up with just a few strokes of my nails, then ripped her panties off with ease.


I rolled my eyes, wanting to get the show on the road. "Yes?" I answered.

"Those were my favorite pair of jeans!" she pouted.

"Alice, did you forget you have about 100 favorite pairs of jeans?" I smiled crookedly, like that of Edward.

"Oh yeah…" she remembered. Then she saw me beneath her, and instantly I could smell the arousal floating up from her heat.

"Alice…" I growled, bucking my hips at her. She didn't need anymore encouragement as she knelt down and began the tug of war with my nipples. I cried out at the mixture of pleasure and pain. I watched her while she worked on me. Sucking on my nipples like a child, her brow furrowed in concentration. I sighed when she swirled her tongue around my nipple.

Before I knew it, she was planting butterfly kisses on my thighs. I closed my eyes, shivering at the feeling. My breath caught in my throat when I felt her cool breath dancing around my entrance. I growled in frustration waiting for her to continue, when I heard her gasp and look up at me.

"What is it Alice?" I asked, concerned.

She sighed and frowned. "You'll see." She turned to look at the door and then I heard the footsteps. Then the scent hit me.

Oh no…

"Bella, Charlie wanted to know if you…" Esme stopped, bursting through the door, stopping in her tracks. She took the scene in. Alice was on her haunches in between my legs. My underwear were scatter across the room, Alice's pants were in shreds at the foot of the bed. Great.

"Um…she wanted to know if you wanted to join him for dinner tonight. I should go." She hurried, already backing herself out the door.

"No!" I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Alice couldn't either. She turned her head and raised an eyebrow at me.

"You should join us…" I sauntered up to Esme, gaining mysterious boldness with my mother-in-law. She looked down, trying to hide her smile. But I tilted her head up to look me in the eye. She kept smiling, and I took that as her confirmation.

I pulled her close to my chest and kissed her forehead. Then I moved to her lips. She jumped slightly surprised, but melted into my kiss. I easily dominated the kiss, filling her mouth with my tongue, and then tilting my head to suck on hers. She moaned and gripped my shoulders. This was my chance.

I pulled her towards the bed, and then pushed her back on it. Alice and I looked at each other for a second, smiling evilly at each other. This was going to be so much fun!

Alice took the liberty of pulling off Esme's long dress and I pulled off her panties. To my surprise she wasn't wearing a bra. Even better.

I went to the foot of the bed, positioning my lips at her entrance, Alice sitting behind Esme who was resting against her chest, waiting for her nipples to get tweaked.

I looked up at Alice and nodded; she nodded in response.

I darted my tongue in and out of Esme, who gasped and quickly fisted her hands into my long dark hair. I smiled and licked her slit from bottom to top. She whimpered, bucking her hips up into my mouth. I looked up to see Alice squeezing Esme's subtle breasts. She would lean forward and lick her nipples every now and then, enticing more cries out of Esme. Her sweet, sweet, cries.

I covered her clit with my mouth and sucked, licking circles around her clit. She called out my name. I knew she was close so I pulled back. Esme whimpered again, at the loss of closeness. Alice pulled back and flipped Esme around so her head was at the foot of the bed, and she was no longer taking up the entire space. We got into the 69 position so I could suck off Alice and finger Esme at the same time.

It was only a few seconds of transitioning when we started again. I shoved my fingered deep inside her, gaining a moan from her. I buried myself in Alice's folds, the juices already beginning to drip into my open mouth. I lapped them up, moving my tongue in and out of her entrance. I could barely concentrate with Alice working on my clit. I was so close.

I pumped my fingers faster in and out of Esme, until I could feel her nub inside of her. I stopped and started to curl my fingers around her nub and pound my fingers into it. She moaned and started panting. Her arousal mixed with Alice's was enough to send me over the edge.

I suckled hard on Alice's clit, pounding my fingers into Esme, Alice's tongue swirling small circles around my clit was just too much.

I lifted my hips up, screaming into Alice's clit, Alice pushed her hips into my face groaning, and with one final whimper, Esme arched her back and moaned our names.

We all fell limp into the sheets, gasping for breath. We all huddled together, smiling into each other's backs while regained our composure.

After about an hour, we all decided to get up. Esme dressed, so did Alice, and so did I. We all stalked back to the big house, sheepish grins on our faces from the events that just took place. Fortunately for us, no one was home to catch our poor excuse for acting as if nothing had happened.

I kissed Alice quickly, remembering why I was even back at the house. I skipped to the phone to call Charlie, telling him I would join him for the dinner he managed to cook, even though I wasn't going to eat anything. Even if I could eat still, I wouldn't touch a thing that man would try to cook. His cooking alone would have probably killed me. Esme went to her sewing room to finish a quilt and Alice floated to find Jasper.

And everything was back to the way it was, as if nothing had just occurred. It was nice to have spurts of randomness every now and then.

Hope you enjoyed. Have any ideas for one-shots or stories with Bella in them? Let me know!