Chapter 12


Where was Bella now? She'd still be on the plane, with the rest of her coven. Her coven. I shuddered away from the thought. No doubt the Cullens would cause a fair few head-turns, what with their inhuman beauty and statue attitudes.

I sighed and turned over. The clock shone 3 am. I was sleeping in Bella's old bed. Renesmee was snoring softly beside me, her hands curled around the pillow.

Eventually I managed to drift into a fitful sleep.

The faint sunlight beamed through the window. It was warm. My eyes still closed, I rolled over, my arms reaching for Phil. He wasn't there.

My eyes snapped open and Bella's room swam into view, jolting back all the memories from the day before. I sat up abruptly. Bella was sitting in the rocking chair, her eyes closed. She was smiling, holding Renesmee in her arms. Renesmee was asleep, but Bella was holding her tiny hand to her cheek.

"Good morning!" came an excited, musical voice. Instantly, Alice was on the bed in front of me, holding out a silver tray. On it was a plate laden haphazardly with an army's supply of bacon and eggs, a glass of orange juice with a little blue umbrella and a straw, a spoon, a knife and a fork, a white napkin and a small vase sporting a single battered-looking daisy. "Breakfast is served!" She pushed the tray into my lap before I could react.

Bella opened her eyes and rolled them. "Alice, have you considered therapy?" she teased. She directed her attention to me. "She goes a bit overboard sometimes."

I nodded dumbly, still overwhelmed. "Um... what do I need a spoon for?" I asked quietly, holding up the offending cutlery.

Alice frowned at the thin silver object, then whipped it out of my hand. "No idea. But I never give up the opportunity to practice my cooking."

"Thanks for this. It looks... lovely." I eyed the food. It looked fine enough. Alice was staring at me intently. Bravely, I popped some egg into my mouth and chewed. It was fine. Yum. "Is everyone else up?" I asked. I glanced at the clock. Noon.

"Charlie's been up for half an hour," Bella said. "Jacob's completely zonked out. He would be so tired." Now that I listened, I could hear the TV on downstairs, along with voices.

"What about you two?" I queried. "Aren't you exhausted?" My thought turned to coffins.

Alice laughed a high, ringing laugh that chimed like bells. Bella smiled. "No, we're okay."

"What's so funny?"

"We don't sleep, Mum," Bella explained.

"Ever?" I cried, shocked.

They both shook their heads. "Wow, that must be... weird." I couldn't think of a better word.

"Alright, enough talking." Alice gestured toward the food. "Eat."

I realized how hungry I was then and shovelled it down. But Alice had cooked so much, I'd still left about a quarter. She looked disappointed as I pushed the tray away. "Thank you Alice. But you made way too much."

Suddenly, with a full stomach, I remembered why I was in Bella's old bed in Forks.

"Are you okay?" I asked, instantly jumping up and darting over to inspect my daughter for any injuries. "How did it go?"

"It went... um..." Bella hesitated. "Well."

"It was fun," Alice offered, shooting a glance at Bella.

"What? What happened? Omigod, is everyone okay? Is anyone injured? Is anyone..."

"Mum, we're all perfectly intact." She flinched as she said intact.

"How many were there?"

"A few."


"I'd rather not tell you, Mum."

"Tell me, Bella, I'm your mother."

"I would lie, but you know I don't like doing that."

"Then don't."

"Twenty-one," Alice piped up.

I spun around, my eyes bulging, staring at the small pixie-like vampire before me. "What?" I shrieked. "How the heck did you survive that?"

Alice pointed out the window. "It's a good thing we didn't find them earlier." She grimaced. "The sun rose and they began to transform back. They were in too much pain from it to notice us."

Bella was giving Alice death glares and I noted that her lips were moving incredibly slightly, as though she were talking. "Well she has the right to know!" Alice hissed back quietly.

Alice pulled a cell phone out of her pocket and tossed it to me. "Here."

I looked at it blankly for a few seconds before I realized why I needed it. "Thanks." I dialled the number of Phil's mobile and pressed it to my ear. On the fourth ring it picked up.

"Hello?" he answered uncertainly. His voice was strained - teary.

"Oh Phil! I'm so sorry! Will you ever forgive me? I had to leave! But it's safe now. I'm coming home!" I babbled.

"Renee! What happened? Where are you?"

"I can't tell you... Witness protection and stuff," I invented. "But I'm okay now and I'll be on the next plane to Phoenix."


Oops. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to say. I heard a loud laugh downstairs. If my memory was correct, that was Emmett. Could he hear Phil on the other end of the line? What superb hearing. No, I concluded, he must be laughing at something else.

"Phil, don't panic. It's all over. I'm coming home," I repeated.

Phil was stunned. He didn't know what to say. He breathed into the phone heavily, sending sparks of static through.

"Phil?" I whispered.

"Is this about Bella?" came his hoarse reply.


There was a long silence. Even downstairs seemed quiet.

"But I'll be home in a few hours," I promised.

There was another long silence.

"Okay," he responded softly. "Renee, I love you. You know you can tell me what's going on."

I looked at Bella. Her face was unreadable, but her eyes - her glinting topaz eyes, so un-Bella like - flashed with emotion and I knew she could hear him.

"M-maybe one day," I concluded. "But for now I have to go."

I could almost see him pouting on the other end of the line. "Okay," he said again, quieter than ever. "Goodbye."

And the phone clicked, signalling the end of the conversation.

That's the end. Don't cry, please. I already gave you two more chapters due to high demand, I'm not giving you any more. I am going to start on my next story, and care not for this one anymore. It is finished. If you are insisting on commenting with "what happens next tell us tell us" then I'll say this: Renee leaves, Phil believes the lie about the burglar, they refurbish the house and live happily ever after.