AN: Just a small onseshot. Bella burns her tongue and Edward helps. Fluff

Bella burns her tongue

"OW!" I screamed and launched myself out of my seat. Edward jumped up and came towards me. Panic was written all over his face.

"What is it?! What's wrong?!"

"I bun my tung" I manage to get out incoherently but being Edward, he herd it. He immediately relaxed and chuckled once.

"Edward!" Now was not the time to laugh about me and I wanted so badly to squash that grind on his face. I was literally burning in my mouth and he was laughing?!

"Maybe I could help you?" he says and before I had time to process what he ment, he was standing in front of me and holding my head in both of his hands. He proceeded and brought my mouth towards his.

He then gave me and my heart a reason to go into full cardiac arrest. He slowly and gently eased his tongue into my mouth. I took my hand and proght them to his hair and closed my eyes. My heart was beating erratically and he then does something that makes it want to jump out of my chest. He starts moving his tongue around and it felt amazing. The burning disappeares immediately with his coldness and he exited my mouth, but not before slightly licking my lips on his way out.

It was clear that he was amused by my expression. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights but I didn't care.

We hade never gone that far before. He had always started that it was too dangerous having me that close to his teeth. But oh my god did it feel good! He had the sweetest taste ever! Better than any candy out there. I could still taste him inside my mouth. My instincts told me I should run over to him and force him to do that again but I voted against it. I shouldn't push my luck too far.

"There. Feeling better?" he asked and I could see that he was fighting off laughter. Probably from my expression. I couldn't trust my voice with something as important as speaking so I juts nodded and still gasping for air.