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Italized words are inner thoughts


It was the usual night in the Night class. After the battle with Rido Kuran, everything seemed normal and like nothing happened. Well except for the fact that the elders of the vampire society and the vampire hunter association turned into chaos. Everything was back to the way it was.


-Rima's PoV-

I was sitting in my chair eating pocky, as usual Senri was beside me who was eating my pocky too. Aidou was busy drawing, 'probably zero again. He's so obsessed with that guy.' Ruka was still sulking and was looking at Kaname-sama. Kain was beside Ruka, 'The denial queen and the faithful knight'.

Ichijou-san was beside Kaname-sama, 'discussing business matters again.' Kaname-sama was in his chair, reading. Everything was the same. Expect for Yuuki-sama who was beside Kaname-sama's chair. She was busy reading books. A lot of books and she was trying her best to understand them. 'Good luck for her.' And Seiren. Well, she was there… listening.

I put another pocky in my mouth and nibbled it slowly.

"Geez! I hate that guy!!" Aidou shouted. He was still pissed off. 'Probably because Zero got a new partner.' What was her name? 'Oh… yeah, it was Sayori Wakaba. A timid girl.'

Everyone looked at Aidou and then continued doing what they were doing.

"Hanabusa." Kain went to his cousin.

"What's your problem Aidou?" Ruka said as she went to Aidou and Kain. She looked at his drawing. She snorted, "Geez… it's Kiryu again. You're so obsessed with him."

Kaname-sama was looking at Yuuki-sama. 'Waiting for her reaction maybe. He's over protective for her.' But like Yuuki never heard their conversation, she continued reading.

"Nothing change, nee Kaname?" Ichijou-san said.

"Yeah. Nothing." Kaname-sama said emotionlessly.

"It's so boring." Senri said out of the blue. "Isn't there anything fun to do?"

Yeah, it was boring.

"Oh I know, let's play a game!!" Ichijou-san said as a reply to what Senri-said.

"Game?" Aidou , Kain and Ruka said as they looked at Ichijou-san.

Another Night Class game.

"I hope it's not another stupid game." Ruka said snobbishly.

"Game?" Yuuki-sama said. This time she over heard the conversation. She closed her book and looked at them.

"Would you like to join, Yuuki-chan?" Ichijou-san said.

"Kaname-sempai, may I?" Yuuki-sama said.

"We should know what game it is first Yuuki, if it's harmless. You may." Kaname-sama said to Yuuki-sama's request. Yuuki smiled at what Kaname said.

"Okay! So Everyone's gonna join. Okay? Even Rima and Shiki!" Ichijou-san mentioned me and Senri.

"Sure." Senri said.

"Rima?" Ichijou asked her.

"If Shiki is in, sure I'll join." I replied. I hope it'll be entertaining.

"Okay! So here's the title of the game, TRUTH or DARE!" Ichijou-san said cheerfully.

Truth or dare? So childish.

-Normal PoV-

"Geez… That's so lame. We used to play that when we were kids." Aidou said. "I'm out."

"Not so fast Aidou. You promised to join. So since you wanna be so out so fast, you're gonna be the first to be asked." Ichijou said.

"WHAT?! WHY ME?!" Aidou whined.

"Ok. Here it is! MY QUESTION: Hmmm…." Ichijou think while smiling. "So what do you guys wanna ask?" Ichijou-san asked.

"That's unfair! Only ONE QUESTION!" Aidou yelled.

"Oh I know… Truth or Dare" Ruka raised her hand. "Are you obsessed with Kiryu?"

"Truth! HELL NO!! LIKE I CARE ABOUT THAT GUY!" Aidou yelled. Ruka looks unconvinced while they said nothing.

Yuuki raised her hand and asked a question. "Then why were you glaring at him while we exchange classes?"

"Nothing." Aidou said simply. Then he went to a deep thought as if remembering what happened this late afternoon.

"Oh!" Ichijou-san said suddenly. "I have one question Aidou, TRUTH OR DARE. DO YOU LIKE MISS SAYORI WAKABA?"

Aidou blushed, "I already answered a question! I'm out of this game."

"Eeeh… So are you implying you won't answer a question like that and take a dare?" Ruka said.

"I didn't say that!" Aidou replied.

"Eeh?! Aidou-sempai likes Yori-chan?" Yuuki was shocked to hear that.

"I haven't said anything yet!!" Aidou defended himself. "Fine, I'll take a dare."

"Ok. I have a dare for you Aidou." Ruka said confidently. "Have a date with her, the new Miss prefect"

"EEEHH?!" Aidou was shocked.

"So? Are you too chicken to admit you like her?" Ruka said.

"FINE!!" Aidou said while turning red. "I'll show you guys!"

"Okay we'll be waiting Aidou. Hmmm… That was interesting. So who's next?" Ichijou-san said.

"Okay I have a dare with you Ruka! You have a date with my cousin too! And Akatsuki you court Ruka." Aidou said smiling. It was more like an order than a dare.

"That's out of the question." Ruka said surprised.

Kain sighed. "Fine."

"Eehh?! You'll do it?" Ruka was more surprised at what Kain said.

"Hehe… That's what you call a man, Ruka. So are you gonna chicken out of the dare too?" Aidou said while smirking.

"Fine." Ruka said. "I'll prove I'm not a chicken, Aidou."

Aidou looked happy at Ruka's remark.

"This is so childish." Rima said softly.

"Okay. So who's next? Things are looking good. Everybody's hyped." Ichijou-san said. "Oh Yuuki-chan I have a dare to you too."

"What is it?" Yuuki said.

He whispered something on Yuuki's ear. "Okay? Goodluck." Yuuki Blushed. Kaname glared at Ichijou just ignored it. Then he spotted Rima and Senri who were looking bored. "Oh Rima, I have a question for you."

Rima looked at Ichijou. "What?"

"Rima, you and Senri have known each other since children right?" Ichijou-san said.


"Do you like Senri?"

"Yeah, he's my childhood friend of course I like him."

"So you don't like him more than that?"

Rima was about to answer when Yagari-sensei appeared and said, "Quiet. We'll start the class. Retun to your seats."

-Rima's PoV-

'What the hell was Ichijou-san thinking? More than that? Is he asking if I love Senri?' I thought as Yagari-sensei explained their lesson.

Senri was looking at me thinking. 'Probably what I said.'

I couldn't stand Senri's gaze so I asked, "What is it, Shiki?"

"Nothing." Senri replied.

"Quit staring if it's nothing." I added.

'Why am I affected by what Ichijou-san said. It's not like I do like Senri more than friends. We are best friends but not as a couple. Even though everyone does think we are. We are not.' I thought. 'At least in my view, we're not. I wonder what Senri thinks. He might say the same. We are best friends after all.'


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