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Truth or Dare

By Mitsuki-chi & Touya-kun


A few months later, Senri stood in front of a grave and kneeled in front of it. He stared at for a while and then touched the tomb stone. Afterwards he said something and turned around. He walked away from the grave and then went inside his car. The car drove away from the cemetery and disappeared.

In the car, Senri received a call. He took out his cellphone and saw the caller's ID. It was Takuma Ichijou. He answered the call, "Hello?"

"Shiki!! Come to Cross Academy immediately!! And yes, please buy some pocky?! Okay?!! Hurry!!!!!" Ichijou screamed to the phone and end it afterwards.

Senri shrugged his shoulders and said to the driver, "Cross Academy." The driver nodded and drove. He couldn't stop thinking about Rima. He softly sighed and thought of her through the car ride.


Meanwhile in the Night Class Dormitory...

Ichijou happily grinned at the people sitting on the sofa in the lounge. He just ended the phone call with Senri and told him to go there immediately. He placed the phone on the table near the staircase and hummed.

"What's with the happy mood Ichijou-sempai?" Yuuki innocently asked at Ichijou as she tilted her head to the side.

"Well... I have a new game to play. It's entitled Hide and Seek mixed with TRUTH AND DARE!! Everyone is required to join!" He exclaimed happily to the eight people sitting in the lounge.

"ha?" Aidou uttered and stared at Ichijou with confusion.

"Another game?" Kain muttered as his brows met in confusion.

"I'm not joining." Kaname exclaimed coldly as he read the book on his hands.

"Why do we have to play another one?!" Ruka mouthed as her face turned to a scowl.

Ichijou smiled as Usa-chan leaped to him at the thought of playing a game. "Yes, we're gonna play and everyone must participate or else... I might have to black mail you guys." He happily uttered as he took something out of Usa-chan's pocket. It consisted of white sheets that were the size of ½ index cards. "I'm sure you guys don't want to be black mailed right?"

"I-Ichijou-sempai!!! What is that?!" Yuuki exclaimed as her eyes widen in shock. "You don't mean!!"

"It can't be!!" Aidou uttered as his jaw dropped.

"Usa-chan is such a good girl! I'm glad I have a new partner in crime! And to think she can hide wherever I want. Yey!~ I'm so glad to find a little angel like her!~" Ichijou joyfully expressed as he hugged Usa-chan.

The people with him eyed on him with horror and said, "He's so scary..."

Ichijou ignored their protest and said, "So! Whoever wins today's game has the privilege to take their black mail pictures off of my hands. That is of course if you guys can win!!~"

"Are we gonna play, Kaname-oniisama?" Yuuki asked Kaname and titled her head towards him.

"We have no choice." Kaname uttered and stood up.

"Yey!!~ For the black mail!!" Yuuki cheerfully uttered and stood up as well.

"Oh well, can we at least hide by pairs?" Aidou asked and helped Yori stand up beside him.

"Even if you sent a group of fan girls to help you, you can't win... nee Akatsuki?" Ruka grinned and raised a brow at Aidou.

Kain merely sighed at the competition and shook his head.

"Sure!~ Okay, Seiren... you don't have to join but you'll be referee, kay?!" ichijou told the short blue haired female.

Seiren looked at Kaname and asked for permission. Kaname nodded and she averted her eyes at Takuma, "Of course." She coldly muttered and nodded.

"okay!! So here's the rules!! Instead of making the seeker look for us, it'll be the seeker who'll be hiding. The 'it' is Shiki. So he'll be looking for the seeker. Whoever talk to him last and to say he finds the seeker, they'll be considered the losing team. But then whoever sways Shiki away from the seeker will be considered the winner! Everyone got that?!" Ichijou explained.

"Hai!!" Everyone exclaimed and nodded.

"Everyone is allowed to do anything in order to shoo Shiki away from where the seeker is hiding. Of course, you have to give him a clue in exchange. You have to tell him, truth or dare? If he tells the truth and he answered correctly, you have to point a clue where the seeker is hiding. If he said dare, you have to make him do something. Usa-chan and I will be the hosts so we'll hide the seeker and tell you guys where she is. Seiren will be watching so whoever loses... have to do something in exchange for losing." Ichijou continued briefing them on the directions.

Everyone nodded once more and awaited where ichijou will hide the seeker. "The seeker will be hiding in a place where..." He happily mumbled.


Senri went out of his car and looked at the quiet Moon Dormitory. He thought that it was strange since it was too quiet. He shook the thought away and marched towards the door. He opened the door and looked at the lounge where everyone was usually residing at. But now, it was empty and there were no signs of anyone inside the dorm either.

He walked inside and looked around. He tried to sense everyone's presence but there weren't any. Then he saw a small girl looking at him. She was half-hiding behind the wall. When their eyes met, she looked scared and turned around.

"Usa-chan!" He called the child but she didn't look at him. He scratched his head and said, " What's going on here?" he asked himself and decided to walked up the stairs.

Then when he turned around the corner, he saw Ichijou. Usa-chan was hiding behind his long legs.

"Welcome Shiki-kun! I see you brought your entrance ticket." Ichijou greeted him and saw the plastic bag he was holding.

"Entrance ticket?" he asked Ichijou and looked at him with puzzlement.

"Yes!~ That will be your entrance ticket to play our little game."


Ichijou pouted and took the plastic bag away from Senri. "That's mean. Anyway, we're going to begin the game."

"I'm not joining. I still need to—"

"The seeker is a maiden with golden orange hair like the sun. Her cerulean blue eyes depict the ocean and the sea. If you want to find this fair young maiden..." He riddled and smiled at Senri. "You must follow where the bunny points thee."

"Don't tell me..."

Ichijou grinned wider and yelled, "Run Usa-chan! Run!!"

Usa-chan obeyed Ichijou and ran away from the two men.

Ichijou beamed at Senri and said, "If you don't hurry, she might vanish!~"

Senri narrowed his eyes at ichijou and mumbled, "Seriously."

"Seriously." After that he laughed and waved goodbye at Senri. "see you at the finish line Shiki-kun." Then he walked away from Senri as he hummed a tune.

Senri had no choice but to follow the direction where Usa-chan ran.


Senri panted and stopped running. For a child, Usa-chan was a fast runner. He had lost the way where she ran and he had no idea where she had disappeared to. Then as he was about to continue running, he heard a voice behind him.

"Took you long enough." A stern voice told him and sighed.

Senri looked at the owner of the voice and saw Ruka standing near the door frame. "Well? Are you just gonna stand there or are you coming in?"

"Well, I'm actually looking for..." He muttered and stopped talking when he saw Usa-chan behind Ruka, smiling. "her." He pointed and looked at Ruka.

"I know, come on." Ruka sneered and opened the door wider.

Senri went inside the room and saw that Ruka and Usa-chan wasn't alone in it. Kain was also in there. He was holding a guitar on his hands. Then as he stopped walking, Ruka, Usa-chan and Kain stared at him.

"Truth or Dare?" Ruka and Kain asked him in unison.

"What?" He asked with bewilderment.

"just pick one." Ruka said impatiently.


"Okay then, what does Hanabusa and Ichijou have in common?" She asked afterwards.

"I don't know? Humor?"

"Bu-bu... wrong answer. Akatsuki give him the dare." Ruka crossed her hands and formed an X-mark with her two fingers.

"Alright then." Kain started strumming the guitar and looked at Senri. "Pick a song and sing."


"C'mon, we don't have all day." Ruka snapped at Senri's remark.

"But I can't sing..."

"Neither does Hanabusa, but that didn't stopped him. Now, sing or else you won't find another clue about the seeker."

"Fine. Geez..." He thought of a song and said, "Okay. Hero Herione by Boys like Girls."

Kain smiled and nodded. Then he started strumming the guitar strings and the intro took off with the tune. Senri took a deep breath and begin the song.

You caught me off guard
Now I'm running and screaming

I feel like a hero and you are my heroine
Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

And I feel a weakness coming on
Never felt so good to be so wrong
Had my heart on lockdown
And then you turned me around
I'm feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile
It's not complicated
I was so jaded

And you caught me off guard
Now I'm running and screaming

I feel like a hero and you are my heroine
Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

(I feel like a hero and you are my heroine)
And I feel a weakness coming on
Never felt so good to be so wrong
Had my heart on lockdown
And then you turned me around
(Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?)
I'm feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile
It's not complicated
I was so jaded

Soon the song ended and the tone from the guitar stopped. Senri looked at Ruka who was grinning.

"Nice, you sound better than Hanabusa... anyway... here's your next clue." Ruka uttered and looked at Usa-chan. The little girl gave Ruka a piece of paper and she read it aloud. "So you sing a song and you hope that the fair maiden will hear it. But you should remember to keep intone with the tune of the guitar and the melody of the song. Now, go to the place where the seeker sleeps and you might find her there..."

Senri didn't finish Ruka's statement and took off. Ruka looked at where Senri left and grinned. "If you can pass the test." She finished and looked at Kain. "Do you think we'll win?"

"Maybe. You did record it right?" Kain asked her and smirked.

"Yup. That's Ichijou-san for you." She took out the recorder on her pocket and gave the mini disc to Usa-chan. "Good luck on not being caught by Shiki, kay?" Ruka patted the little girl's head before she took off. Then she sat beside Kain and mumbled, "Now, why don't you sing me a song?"

Kain smiled and nodded, "Fine. Moment of Truth?"

"I would love to hear that." She uttered and smiled back at Kain.


Senri ran towards the west wing and opened the door to a special room close to his heart. He anticipated on seeing who the seeker was but unfortunately, three people welcomed him.

"Shiki-sempai! Congratulations on coming here." Yuuki's voice greeted him cheerfully.

"Where is... the seeker?" Senri asked the three.

"No questions till you do our dare or answer the truth question, correctly. Now... pick, truth or dare?"

Senri sighed and mumbled, "Do I have to?"

"Yes." The two men beside Yuuki uttered. They were Kaname and Zero.

"Fine. Truth."

"Okay, so you pick truth... ahem... so what does Aidou-sempai and Ichijou-sempai have in common?"

"That question again?"

"yes, now please answer Shiki-sempai."

"Well..." Senri thought and placed a hand on his chin. "it wasn't humor." Then he thought of something, "They're blond!?" He guessed.

"Wrong!" Kaname and Zero coldly snapped in unison.

"Gomen, Shiki-sempai, wrong answer. So you have to do the dare... so the dare will be... ahem... Kaname-oniisama, if you please." Yuuki sweetly looked at Kaname and he nodded in response.

"Not another song?" Senri whined.

"No, of course not." Yuuki beamed at Senri. "In this section, you need to... um... sing little teapot with complete actions of the song."

"What?" Senri raised a brow to Yuuki.

"Just kidding." Yuuki laughed and held her stomach. "Anyway, this is serious... hmm... You have to carry the person on my right to the place where's he's going to tell you." She happily uttered and laughed.

"that was a joke right?" Senri blankly stared at yuuki.

"No, that was the real dare."

"You've got to be kidding me. I need to carry Kaname-sama to where's going to point?"

"No, silly. Kaname-oniisama isn't the person you're going to carry. Zero-kun is! But since it's hard to carry this big off by yourself, you can carry him using a piggy back ride!~ Anyway... Zero-kun. You tell him the clue."

"Why the heck should I be the one who had to be carry?" Zero scoffed.

"Well, if you don't you know what will happen." Yuuki warned him.

"I ain't playing games with vampires like you." Zero eyed on her.

"Well I'm not the one who suggested this right? So, if you don't want to be—"

"FINE!" Zero snapped in defeat and sighed. "You need to piggy back ride me first before I tell you."

"Fuck off.."

"I'm only following the rules."


Senri turned around and carried Zero out of the room with a piggy back ride. Yuuki and Kaname laughed out loud as the two men left.

"I'm so glad he didn't answer it correctly." Yuuki burst out laughing. "Oh yeah. Kaname-oniisama, did you get the pictures?"

"Yup. They're pretty good." He handed out three copies of Zero being carried by Senri.

"This is so priceless. I can torture Zero with this for a year."

"Remember to give one to Ichijou and the chairman okay?"

"hai!! You're the best kaname-oniisama!" Yuuki smiled and hugged Kaname.


"Go to the hall where everyone eats, maybe you'll find the fair maiden there. That's what the shit of paper fukingly said." Zero sulked and told Senri.

"Crap. Why do I need to carry you?" Senri whined.

"Well, blame that dope there for picking me. Besides, we're only following his orders."


"yup. Anyway, that's enough. We're near the kitchen." Zero mumbled to make Senri stop. Senri put him down and looked at him. "Go and take the seeker. I need to do some other things."

"Like, sulk even more?"

"Real funny. Don't you do that as well? I mean, after what happened to her, you kept sulking."

Senri looked away and said, "What about you? Aren't you mourning enough for losing Yuuki-sama?"

"I've moved on. You should too. It wasn't anyone's fault."

"You're the one to talk."

"You could say I've learned my lesson. Anyway, Goodluck finishing the game." With that Zero left him and walked away.

Senri sighed and went inside the kitchen and saw Aidou and Yori side by side. "Another one?" He whispered to the two.

"Uh-huh... anyway, here's the thing. Truth or Dare?" Aidou asked impatiently.

"Let me guess the same question?"

"Yup." Yori answered Senri query.

"Just let me do the dare then."

"Okay, so here's the dare... hmm... don't hate me for this." Aidou warned him while he froze Senri's feet to the ground. "The dare is to follow us as fast as you can." He smirked and pulled Yori. "See you later Shiki!! The seeker will be kept hidden if you can't catch us."

'Fuck...' Senri cursed as he bit his hand and made a whip out of it. He used the whip to slice the ice on his feet. Then after a few minutes he was able to get out of the mess. He followed Yori and Aidou out of the room but he couldn't find them. He tried to search the place but there was no sign of them.

Then as he was about to lose hope, he heard Aidou dash out of his hiding place. He looked at why Aidou acted out like that and saw that he was standing on an ant hill.

"Idiot." Senri mumbled and caught Aidou. "Tell or I'll whip you."

"Alright! Alright!! Find where there are jasmines... there, you'll see where the orange sun sets and the blue water gushing out." Aidou exclaimed as Senri let him go.

"Next time, try not to step on ant hills. You'll lose that way Aidou-kun." He advised.

"I already did. Anyway, goodluck finding the seeker." Aidou grinned and walked towards where Yori was hiding.

Senri smiled and thought of the riddle Aidou gave. 'jasmines... 'ri' in Japanese. So does it means Rima is there? Water gushing out? Like a fountain? And where the sun sets...' Then he realized where the seeker was. 'the lake.'


Senri ran towards the lake as fast he can and saw Ichijou standing there. He was still carrying the plastic bag on his hand. Then he waved at Senri and yelled, "Oi!! Shiki-kun! You're late!~ We've been waiting here for a while now!~" He exclaimed happily.

Senri walked towards Ichijou and said, "Well... where's the seeker?"

"The seeker lies... there." Ichijou pointed at the bed of jasmines near the lake. There he saw a female looking at the lake. "She's been waiting for you. Really... she wakes up after all that jazz and sees everyone there beside her but you."

"You could have just told me that when you called me, ichijou-san. You made me go all through the trouble... Plus, I didn't intend to..."

Ichijou grinned and patted his shoulder. "Enough chit-chat! She's waiting! And you could please stop blaming yourself for what happened to her and the man who tried to attack you two. It wasn't your fault. The man killed himself after your kind heart Shiki-kun and as for Rima, we should be glad she just went through coma. Kaname-kun did say that her will helped her fight against the weird potion that man gave her right?" He continued beaming at Senri and continued, "So... as for now, enjoy the moments you have together. I ain't playing cupid and for nothing ya know?"

Senri smiled at what he said and nodded. "I guess you're right. Thank you for distracting me as well as making me realized that fact."

"No need to be so modest Shiki-kun. So I guess, I'll be leaving you two now. I still have to punish Aidou for losing." Ichijou grinned and pushed him towards RIma. "Good luck okay? And I need to be the best man if ever you two get married, kay? And yes, the answer for the truth question is... POCKY. Not only do Aidou and me have the same liking for it, but for you and Rima as well right? Isn't it like a bond we all share together? Anyway... Good luck!~" He waved and laughed at Senri as he walked away.

Senri smiled and shook his head. Then he walked towards where Rima was sitting.

He was a few meters away from her when she muttered, "That took you too long." Her usual stern but cool voice chimed through his ears. He missed hearing her voice.


Rima glanced at Senri's face and smiled. "Oh well, at least you're here now." She uttered sweetly and averted her gaze back to the lake. "Plus, I'm happy that you went all through those dares just for me."


Rima took out the pictures and showed it to Senri. Then she played the cassette beside her and Senri was surprised to hear his own voice.

It's too late baby, there's no turning around
I've got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud
This is how I do
When I think about you
I never thought that you could break me apart
I keep a sinister smile in a hole in my heart
You want to get inside
Then you need to get in line
But not this time

"You don't mind singing it directly for me now, right?" She grinned and teased him.

Senri shook his head and sat beside Rima. "If you don't mind listening to my not-so good voice, I don't mind."

"On the other hand. Maybe listening to the radio is better." She joked around and giggled.

Senri slightly pouted and hugged Rima. "Is that so huh? We'll let's see how you take this." He tickled her laughter echoed on the sanctuary where the two of them sat together.

And you caught me off guard
Now I'm running and screaming

I feel like a hero and you are my heroine
Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

Then Rima and Senri looked at one another and kissed as the sun set. Soon the moon exchanged places with the sun and the two stared at one another after the kiss ended. They smiled and placed their forehead close to one anoter. Then in monotone they uttered, "Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"

After that they uttered, "I love you."


"Finally a happy ending." Ichijou mumbled and beamed.

"Ichijou-sana, why do I have to go through all this humiliation?" Aidou whined.

"Well, you lost." Ichijou remarked and grinned at Aidou. "And isn't this better than showing your black mailed pictures to everyone?"

Aidou gulped and nodded. He continued carrying Ichijou around the longue with a piggy back ride. Yuuki laughed her heart out looking at the two. Ruka and Kain took some pictures of it as a remembrance. Kaname and Zero merely smiled at the sight. Then Seiren stood in the lounge looking at the hilarious scene.

The Night Class students were in that state when Airi and Yukito entered. "What happened here?" The two uttered in unison.

No one answered Airi and Yukito's question but they didn't ask anything anymore. They both figured out that the Night Class were having fun again and the game of truth and dare will soon begin once more.



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