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Chapter 2

I don't know why he didn't leave us to die. I really don't. It's not like I would have blamed him for it or anything. Been disappointed? Sure, but pissed? Nope. I'm not sure I would have come back if I had been the one to make it to the skiff, so how could I have been angry with him if he didn't come back? I know I said I never doubted him for a second, and it was true. I never doubted that he'd do whatever he thought he had to in order to survive. I will say I was surprised that he felt it was worth the risk to come back though, I really was.

I was intrigued by him the moment I saw him on the ship after the crash. Johns had him all chained up and sitting in the shadows. I know he knew I was there even though he'd had his eyes closed since Johns took his goggles. As soon as I'd stepped down off the ladder he'd tilted his head my way and smirked as if saying, "I know you're there."

I know he hadn't heard me, living on the streets had taught me a lot about survival. And one of the top rules for a girl on her own to know in order to survive was stealth. They can't hurt you if they don't know you're there. Moving without making sound is something I'd learned to do early on in life. It's how I'd snuck up on Paris and had the boomerang around his neck before he ever knew I was behind him. My stealth had saved my ass more than once, so I know he hadn't heard me coming. I'd wondered how he knew I was there before the noise of Frye's boots on the walkway above me had me ducking back into the shadows. Now she made noise when she walked. I had listened to their conversation, loving the sound of his gravelly voice mocking the pilot who was obviously scared shitless of the big bad killer chained before her.

I'd decided to make an "appearance" and swung around on the ladder asking "Where the hell can I get eyes like that?" Frye got pissed, Riddick? He thought it was funny. We had a little moment, one Frye obviously didn't understand. He'd understood though. He understood my fascination with his eyes as only another person who'd been trapped in the dark could. I knew he could see the desire in me. The desire to be like him. To be someone no one would fuck with. I'd wanted to keep talking to him but Frye made me leave. If she were still alive I'd still be pissed about it, but seeing as how she didn't make it off the planet I figure I can forgive her for that.

I'd known something was wrong with the planet almost from the start. The whole place was dead, with no apparent reason to be so. Didn't take a genius to figure out that something wasn't right. And in my experience when something is wrong and you can't get away, attach yourself to the one most likely to survive. Even a moron could tell that was Riddick. I'd like to say the root of my need for him stemmed completely from my fascination with him, but that would be a lie and I don't lie to myself. I was so determined to be close to Riddick because I knew he was my best chance at making it out alive. It wasn't until later that my desire to be with him came from another emotion.

And when the light went bye bye my presumption had been correct. Riddick had been the only chance of surviving that hell hole. When we'd been battling through the dark I'd been afraid that he'd nark me to the others about my bleeding. He'd already shown he knew I was on my period by tossing that mark out about watching our cuts when he was standing next to me. He'd shot me a look that said, "I know." I was surprised he didn't out me then, but grateful nonetheless.

He'd eventually been forced to tell the others when Johns was pointing the big gauge at him demanding to know why he had led us around in circles, but I give him props for waiting until it was absolutely necessary. I'd expected to be left behind right then and there. If any of them had been smart they'd have been all about improving their odds by leaving me behind, but they hadn't. I'm sure that Carolyn's guilt and Imam's transference of his feelings for his lost children to me had something to do with that, but I wasn't going to point out the error in their thinking. It kept me alive afterall.

When he and Johns had been ahead of us walking together I'd known what they were talking about. Imam and Frye were clueless of course, but I knew. In a sick way Riddick, Johns and I were all alike. We knew what it was like to be consumed by the need to survive, to not let anything hurt us. So I knew they were discussing the idea of leaving me behind as bait to get the monsters off their trail or something like that. It only made sense. I'd prepared myself for it to happen. I hadn't wanted to die of course, but I figured better at the end of Riddick's shiv than being torn apart by monsters alone in the dark. I knew he at least would make it quick and as painless as possible. Which is really all anyone can hope for in their final moments.

Again Riddick had shocked me. He'd thrown down on Johns, forcing the merc into a fight. Frye had screamed at us to run as soon as she'd seen them go at it. I'd wanted to stay, it was obvious Riddick was going to kick the shit out of that doped up idiot, but as she and Imam had the bulk of the light and they were already running there wasn't much choice. I had run right along with them, thinking how stupid it was for us to be abandoning our best shot at life.

When Riddick had dropped out of nowhere before we got very far and admonished us as idiots for running I couldn't help the tears that sprang to my eyes. He'd herded us back together and got us back under way, tossing a "Don't you cry for Johns. Don't you dare," in my direction before taking point again. If only he knew. I wasn't crying for Johns. I was glad that asshole was dead. I was crying out of sheer happiness. He'd saved me. Riddick hadn't sacrificed me to the dark to save his own ass. No one had ever done that before. My own parents had thrown me to the wolves to get out of a debt they couldn't pay, so I had never imagined that the universe's most renowned killer would put my life ahead of his own survival. I was shocked to say the least. Shocked and happier than I had ever been, and I cried tears of sheer joy at the fact I was still alive.

We had pressed on with Riddick pulling the cells all on his own. His strength impressed me, but made me envious. I would give anything to be that strong. If I had been that strong no one could ever have hurt me like I'd been hurt. We'd run into trouble again of course, and for some reason I'd begged Riddick to wait for the others as I called after him. I'd ignored my own survival instincts to stick to his side like glue in favor of trying to get the others to catch up so we could all make it to the skiff. I guess Riddick's break of character had inspired me. Or infected me, however you want to look at it. And where had my small piece of heroism gotten me? Pinned under a huge bone with a man eating monster trying to get to me. I'd done the only smart thing I could. I screamed for Riddick. I hadn't actually expected him to come, but I screamed for him nonetheless.

Then miracle of all miracles the monster was suddenly gone and I watched in pure unadulterated awe as Riddick went head to head, shiv to fangs, with that ugly thing and ripped it apart. As I watched him single handedly tear the thing apart my respect and admiration for the escaped killer had morphed into a whole new set of feelings. Love and adoration. I'd never felt that way for anyone before, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I loved Riddick. In that moment I loved him for being everything I thought that people were incapable of being. People were selfish, mean, vindictive creatures that were always looking out for number one. All of my life experiences have shown me that. But as Riddick stood over the defeated corpse of that thing with a simple, "Did not know who he was fuckin' with," I had a revelation. People could change. People could change!

We'd made it to the ship eventually. Of course Riddick had hid us in that cave and I was pretty sure he was going to leave Imam and me to die, but he had come back. For whatever reason I don't know or care. He'd only reaffirmed my revelation that people could change. People could be better than they were. All they needed was a reason.

So there we'd been on the ship. Imam and his annoying prayers providing a sort of background music as I took a seat next to Riddick and asked him bluntly, "What now?" I'd pointed out that whoever picked us up could be mercs, so I wanted to know what story he wanted to go with. He'd saved my ass so the least I could do was help him get a head start if I could. Then he'd shocked me again, he'd told me to tell them Riddick was dead. And I'd known. He had accepted the fact he'd changed, he'd left the door open for me. We were talking in a language of subtleties. He was offering me a place with him. I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I smiled. A real and true smile and for the first time in a long time I willingly got close to a male.

For whatever reason I knew, knew he wouldn't hurt me like every other man in my life had. I curled into the warmth of his body and for the first time in more years than I can remember I felt safe. Most people would think me insane feeling that way lying in the arms of the most wanted killer in the universe, but they could go fuck themselves. I'd found the first person I could trust, and I wasn't going to let him go. Where he led, I'd follow. My last thought before I drifted off in his arms was, 'Things are definitely going to be different from now on.'