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Regarding my other stories...
I'm rather stuck on Meeting the Past. I was so disappointed with the lack of Tiva-ness in Silent Night, I didn't write anything for Tired, either. I have been working on something else, something that's Criminal Minds. But I'm not going to publish it until much later, because it may be too much. Besides, the pressure would probably cause my writing to get worse.

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But now I have no more homework. School is finished (for two weeks, anyway). I've watched all episodes of Bones (which I am rather sad about. It is such a wonderful show. I want more!). I might write some 'other stories', though.
Anyway... here's 'Dancing'!

The atmosphere in the pub was heavy with sexual tension. She could feel it in the air: she supposed everyone could feel it, profiler or not.

She looked around to her team members. They were all enjoying themselves, even Reid, who wasn't a very social person.

After a rather quiet Friday at the office, JJ, Emily and Garcia had planned to go out and the men had just tagged along. It wasn't often that they got the chance to spend their free time together: there was usually someone to have another appointment.

It was surprisingly busy for a pub in the outskirts of the city. She liked it, though. It was not too crowded and she enjoyed the cosiness of the little building.

Her thoughts wandered to the man sitting next to her. He wasn't dancing, but he did look like he was enjoying himself. He was watching the dance floor with a small smile on his face, and she followed his gaze.

Morgan was dancing sensually with two women. Emily had to admit, the man looked amazing when he was dancing. She searched until she found Garcia, taking a break from dancing and staring dreamily at Morgan, a smile playing around her lips.
Emily smiled, too, remembering what Garcia had confessed to her a couple of weeks ago. She hoped her dreams would come true tonight.

JJ and Reid were sitting nearby, talking and laughing about something she couldn't make out. She hid her smile as she saw Reid blush at something JJ said. She laid a hand on his knee and Emily watched Reid's face get ever redder. How many hints does he need, she thought, amused. Her smile faded as she remembered her own dilemmas. No thinking of that tonight, she told herself firmly. She forced her thoughts away and back to her team members.

It was funny how they always paired off. JJ and Reid, Morgan and Garcia, and that left her with Hotch. Not that she minded. She'd gotten to know the man a lot better in the last few months, and it certainly hadn't disappointed her.

She was shook out of her thoughts roughly when she felt a hand grip her own and pull her up. She looked up at Hotch, surprised and trying to ignore the small tingles she felt. "What are you doing?" she asked, or rather, shouted at him. He merely smiled and pulled her onto the dance floor. To say she was shocked was an understatement. Hotch, dancing?

Emily forgot her doubts when he also took her other hand and bent closer to her. Her heart started to beat faster, but Hotch only moved his mouth to her ear to make himself more understandable. "You looked very eager to dance," he said. His breath on her ear had her wanting to shudder, but she suppressed the urge. Instead, she followed him with her eyes as he pulled back. He looked back, his dark eyes focused on hers, and she couldn't help but think how unlike Hotch this was. Had the alcohol gone to his head?

She decided not to think about it when the rap song, rather unlike Emily's style, had ended and a slower song started instead. "Love this song!" she shouted in Hotch's direction, and he nodded. They both moved along with the rhythm, and she lost herself in the experience.


JJ was looking at Reid's face as he talked about something mechanical she didn't understand one word of. She didn't mind. She could never get tired of simply watching his face getting all excited when he talked about things he was interested in. His eyes got this sparkle in them that made her want to reach over and kiss him senseless.

But she didn't. It would upset him, especially since there'd been no previous indicator of any feelings she might be harbouring towards him.

Not to him, anyway. JJ was sure it was clear to everyone in the team but the object of her affection.

She'd just have to show him…

Smiling inwardly, she waited until he'd finished a sentence, then grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice an octave higher than usual.

JJ just grinned. "Just wanna see if you can dance as well as you can talk, Spence," she answered innocently. A slow song had just started, and she wanted to see how he would react to that.

"I can give you the answer to that without actually showing you," he said, surprised by his own words.

JJ chuckled. "I won't believe you," she stated, and she walked onto the dance floor, dragging him along behind her. As soon as they reached the first dancing people, she stopped dead in her tracks. "Look," she said to Reid behind her. "Seems like Hotch is enjoying himself."

Her boss was dancing with Emily, slowly swinging on the tune. They were close together and, as far as JJ could see it, holding hands as they moved as one. Emily caught her looking and winked, hinting towards Reid. JJ, understanding the clue, winked back and then smiled broadly. "Have fun," she mouthed towards her friend, then turned around to face Reid. "C'mon, let's dance," she told him, and pulled him towards her. His eyes widened with surprise, but then a determination set in she had seen only a couple of times before.

The heat seemed to rise several degrees at once. Smiling, she stepped closer to Reid and laid her head on his shoulder. If they were finally dancing, she decided, she might as well use the situation to its fullest.


Garcia started smiling as she saw both her female friends enjoying themselves with their male counterparts. She'd known about their feelings for Hotch and Reid, even if Emily had never told her so. JJ and she had discussed Reid, even though JJ had been reluctant to do so. It had been Garcia who had hinted towards her blonde friend that Reid was interested too, and that tonight might be the night.

Suddenly someone lifted her off her stool and she turned around in surprise, only to see her hero grinning at her.

"I wanna see you dance, goddess!" he shouted towards her and she nodded enthusiastically. Might follow my own advice, she thought as she followed him onto the dance floor.


To any observer, they may have looked like three ordinary couples, dancing to the music in their own unique styles.

To him, it looked like something entirely different.

He was surprised. He could've brushed it off by saying they were dancing like co-workers, but they obviously weren't. JJ leaning her head on Reid's skinny shoulder: Emily and Hotch dancing together in a way inappropriate for a boss and a subordinate: it screamed more than colleague to him. More than friends.

He sighed, looking at his own company. The guys he'd been talking to were too old to dance, like himself, and right now they were all looking longingly towards the dance floor.

He sat back again, keeping his eyes on his team members. He'd enjoy himself, but he'd also satisfy the small Italian part in him that loved to gossip and know what everyone was up to.


Garcia couldn't stop admiring the dark form in front of her. The way he moved made her feel small and insignificant, but she didn't show it. Instead, she danced along with him, noticing the looks many women threw them. Too bad, ladies, he's all mine, she thought and she grinned. Morgan's attention was fully focused on her and it made her feel very special. She smiled at him, determined to enjoy the situation as long as it would last. "Looking good, hotness!" she shouted at him. He laughed and continued to move, his eyes fixed on hers. "You're not that bad yourself, sweet stuff," he told her and she smiled more broadly.

"Maybe we should show them something," she said to him, referring to all the people watching them, or, more specifically, him. She boldly took a step closer to him and he willingly took her in his arms as a slower song started. Perfect timing, she thought idly as she rested her head on his broad chest, reaching around him to draw idle circles on his back.

"God, woman, you're killing me," he said hoarsely, and she froze, not sure whether he was still flirting or whether he actually meant it.

"I love it," he softly continued, and he moved down to press a kiss to her hair. She smiled again and closed her eyes, taking in the scent that was purely him.

"I love you," she mumbled into his shirt, freezing again when she realized what she had just said. But he continued to move slowly, apparently not having heard anything. She relaxed into him and he took that as a good sign, for he boldly moved his hands lower until they were just above the swelling of her ass. She sighed contently, trying to fight off the wave of excitement that rose in her, and tried to simply enjoy the feeling of his body against hers.


JJ closed her eyes as she leant into Reid's warm form. She had noticed he was rather awkward, one hand on her shoulder, the other around her back, not sure what to do with them. But it was perfect like this. Him, her, dancing like this… No words, no insecurity, just them.

Apparently, he didn't think so. JJ frowned as he pulled back. "What are you doing?" she asked, scraping her voice.

"Uhm, bathroom," he mumbled, not looking into her eyes.

JJ knew something was up, but she could not do much about it, so she let him go and watched as he made his way to the bathroom. A moment later, she saw Rossi follow him.

Hoping Rossi would talk some sense into him, would make Reid finally see, she moved to the counter and asked for another drink. She would see the result when they came back.


A moment later, Emily joined her, and JJ looked up surprised. Hotch and she had looked pretty cosy; why had they stopped?
"He had to go to the bathroom," Emily replied to the wordless question.

JJ grinned. "Spence, too."

Emily raised her eyebrow. "Should we be worried?"

"Guy-moment," JJ replied, still grinning. "So let's have a girly moment here. You and Hotch?"

Emily desperately tried to stop a blush from creeping up her cheeks. "Apparently."

"Don't be so difficult," JJ groaned. "I'm on your side, you know."

"What?" Emily asked, pretending to not know what JJ was talking about.

"You know… Hotch," JJ answered nonchalantly. "I mean, he's pretty hot. Those eyes… and they can be really intense, too."

"Don't you have Reid to dream about?" Emily growled, friendly but making clear Hotch was off limits to JJ.

"Ah, I knew it!" JJ said triumphantly. "You do like him!" When she heard her own childish words, she cringed.

Emily sighed, giving in. "He's my boss."

"I know," JJ nodded. "Kate and Tony, from white collar, they are married," she continued after a moment.

"Is he her boss?" Emily asked, less happy than before.

"Well-no," JJ admitted. "But as far as I know, as long as it doesn't affect work…" She paused. "And no one here will tell," she said with a wink. "Enjoy tonight, see what comes tomorrow."

Emily nodded firmly, noticing Hotch, Reid and Rossi all coming back from the bathroom.

"You know, usually it's the women that go in packs," she told them as soon as they were within hearing range, and Reid smiled sheepishly.

"Can't blame a guy for wanting to know what's going on," Rossi answered for him, and now it was Emily's turn to blush.

"Well, now it's my turn," JJ said. "To go to the bathroom," she added hastily when everybody looked at her. "And the observant watcher will notice I am going alone." Grinning, she left the group.

An awkward silence ensued. Emily actually wanted nothing more than to dance with Hotch again, but she wasn't sure it was appropriate to ask that. Even if Hotch had shown no sign of awkwardness before, maybe now his mind was working clearly again.

The issue was solved for her when Hotch nudged her. "Come on, this is one of my favourites," he said, indicating the new song that had started. Emily nodded, smiled apologetically at Reid and moved off with Hotch.

He was now immediately holding her close, not bothering to take it slowly. Emily gasped at the sudden proximity of his body, then relaxed as he pulled up her hands. "Are you okay with this?" he asked her gently. Emily nodded wordlessly, and a grin broke across his face. "Good, because I've been wanting to do this…" he bent towards her and before she knew it, she felt his lips on hers, warm and inviting. Quickly overcoming the surprise, she responded and he opened his mouth, ready to heat up the kiss.


Reid looked towards the ladies' bathroom impatiently. Usually he had the patience to wait, but the song that was playing now was one of his favourites and he longed to dance to it with JJ. His own behaviour surprised him, but he decided not to worry about it tonight: tonight was going to be fun. Not too much thinking, just him, JJ and hopefully something other than friendship between them.

Just then the object of his thoughts returned, sending him a dazzling smile. He scraped his voice before talking.

"Do you… I mean, would you like to dance with me?"

JJ nodded enthusiastically, and this time he pulled her unto the dance floor, not even bothering to let go of her hands when they stood properly.


Garcia squealed excitedly as she saw Hotch and Emily in their close embrace. Morgan, concerned something was wrong, pulled back and looked at her.

"What's wrong, Angel Face?" he asked her. Garcia shook her head and pointed. Morgan followed her finger.

"Well that's a surprise," he said softly as he saw the couple.

"Surprised they like each other?"

"Surprised Hotch finally acted on it. Man, it's been clear for months, ever since everything with Haley was sorted out."

Garcia smiled, he was ever so observant, yet blind to the emotions of the woman he was currently holding.

"Well, at least they'll have fun tonight," she said.

"Everyone's having fun," Morgan added, seeing JJ and Reid dance as well. "Seems like our boy genius will get a little lovin' tonight."

Garcia slapped him playfully. "Jealous?" she asked him jokingly.

"Why would I be, when I have the most beautiful woman right here with me," Morgan answered her in the same playful manner, but with a serious undertone. Garcia blushed and for once didn't know how to reply. So instead she just moved closer to kiss him on the cheek, taking a step closer to what she wanted.

He seemed to read her perfectly, though, because he moved his head and captured her lips with his. Garcia, surprised, squealed, but soon forgot her surprise when the feeling caught up with her.


JJ saw her two best friends, both of them kissing the men they'd liked for a while now. She was happy for them.

Regarding her own man… Well, she'd just have to take it slow. Step by step. She knew Spence didn't rush into things, and he knew nothing of her feelings. She'd have to be careful, show him everything he needed to see. Step by step.

Therefore, she was surprised when Spence bent forward to whisper in her ear. "JJ… I've been – I mean, I – Lately, I've been thinking-"

"Just say it, Spence," she said, looking him in the eye.

"I think I'm in love with you," he said honestly, and she was momentarily stunned into silence. Spence, seeing the expression on her face, mumbled something and let go of her hands, turning around to leave. But she stopped him.

And without a second thought, without hesitation, she kissed him full on the lips, not thinking about the people around her or the decision she'd made just a moment ago. She fought the urge to grin when he kissed her back. Morgan had been wrong. Spence did know how to kiss.


He saw all three couples kissing. Happy, but not surprised by the outcome of the evening, he said goodbye to the men he'd been talking to and left, smiling. They wouldn't miss him.


And that night, Emily discovered just how wrong she'd been to think her boss was a cold man.

That night, Garcia got even closer to one of her best friends, discovering each inch of him and loving him even more.

That night, JJ found out Spence was not half as cautious as she'd thought he was.

That night, they found love.