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It was just them now – Garcia and Morgan had left first, Morgan claiming he needed to look after Clooney, his dog. They had both seen past the excuse, and Emily had given her quirky friend a smile that clearly said "go for it!" Garcia had pretty much told her the same, before leaving in a way that told Emily neither of them would get much sleep that night. She was happy for them; especially now that she'd gotten what she wanted herself. Or part of it, anyway.

JJ and Reid had left not long after Garcia and Morgan, simply offering no explanation. Emily gave JJ the same look, wishing happy things for her friend, who had simply smiled back. It had struck her at that moment how much they could convey with simple looks, but she had filed the thought away.

After that, it had been just Hotch, Dave and her – and if the way Dave was walking was any indicator, the man wouldn't remember much of this tomorrow.

Hotch noticed the exact same thing. Looking down at her, he smiled one of his rare smiles – but this one was mixed with desire, though the tiniest bit of apprehension shone in his eyes.

"All alone, Emily," he whispered, bending down. She could feel his hot breath near her ear and she shuddered involuntarily. What was it about this man that made her lose all conscious thought?

But she wasn't Emily Prentiss for no reason. Forcing his head up slightly to look him in the eyes, she made sure to move the tiniest bit closer against him. She could see the change in his eyes and smirked. She was getting to him, and there was no way he could hide it, especially in the position they were currently in.

At that moment a new song started, and they were both immediately gripped by its rhythm and the lyrics.

But if you think you're gonna get away from me

You better change your mind

You're going home...

You're going home with me tonight

Suddenly, she turned around, surprising him. He quickly recovered, though, and pulled her flush against him, his hands on the curves of her hips. She started moving seductively, her hips swaying back and forth, touching him a way so erotic he hadn't thought it possible.

It was impossible not to move with her, though, and as he heard the chorus of the song, he couldn't help but think it had been made for this evening, for them.

So let me hold you

Girl, caress my body

You got me going crazy

You turn me on

Turn me on

She turned again is his arms, so she was facing him again. Noticing his flushed face, she grinned. "Hot, Hotch?" she asked.

He grinned back at the way those two words sounded when combined. "Just a little," he replied.

She couldn't believe she was dancing to this song, with her supervisor of all people. Yes, she liked him. In fact, she liked him a lot, more than she probably should. He was, after all, her boss.

Which made it all the more stranger – the stern, strict Hotch, currently dancing in a way that told her he was nothing like she'd imagined before. This Hotch was new, hot and exciting. She simply couldn't pretend it didn't affect her, and judging by what she felt he was affected, too.

She tilted her head back, looking in his eyes once more. He took the hint, and bent down to kiss her.

Emily gasped in the kiss. This was nothing like the kisses they'd shared before. This one was hot, heavy, laden with promises of further events. She couldn't keep herself from moaning as she responded, one hand in his hair and the other at his back, moving underneath the shirt he wore. He reacted, too, cupping her hip with one hand and touching the small of her back with the other.

Suddenly, she felt very hot. Almost feverish. His tongue inside her mouth had her head reeling, every place he touched felt as if on fire.

Maybe it was time to follow their colleagues out of the club and into the privacy of their homes.

She reluctantly broke the kiss, pulling back to rest her forehead against his.

"I'm kind of hot," she whispered.

"I know, I'm looking right at you," he whispered back, and she slapped him teasingly, trying to resolve some of the sexual tension between them. If it would continue like this, they wouldn't make it to the car.

"I mean, it's hot in here," she replied, and he just grinned.

"C'mon," she pulled back from him and took his hand. "Let's go."

The evening air hit them as soon as they exited the club, but instead of cooling her down like she had hoped, it only made her hotter. She groaned inwardly. Jumping her boss was probably not a good idea, nor would it ever be. No matter how much they both wanted it.

They walked towards his car without any words – but before they could reach it, he suddenly spinned her around and pulled her back into a dark alley. Then he kissed her again, and she barely had time to understand what he was doing before she lost all conscious thought.

His hands went under her shirt again, going up and up until they touched her bra. She gasped, enjoying the sensations hiss touch was creating, before realizing she wanted to feel him, too.

He groaned when she lightly touched his erection over his pants, and she smiled in their kiss. But then he reciprocated by unclasping her bra, and she had to focus on the effort to keep breathing.

She wouldn't let him win, though. She unbuckled his belt and was about to slid her hand down his pants when he suddenly pulled back. She couldn't keep a cry of disappointment from coming out, and looked up at him. He'd better have a damn good reason.

"Public place," he whispered, and through her lust-filled haze she realized he was right. It could cause a lot of problems if they were caught here.

"Your place or mine?" They both knew they wouldn't be able to sleep until they were both satisfied. And, Emily suspected, with Aaron, that could take a long time.

"Mine's closer," he replied huskily. She nodded, agreeing, then followed him to his car, restraining her need.

The car trip was short, sweet and painful – it was hard to watch. Emily barely had time to register the hallway before he had pinned her between himself and the door, nipping at her neck.

"I've been wanting you for… so long," he panted against her skin, making her shiver deliciously. "You have… no… idea… how much I want you."

She moaned as he licked at a pulse point, and she felt him smile against her skin. She bucked against him, feeling the door knob in her lower back.

"Not here," she told him, her voice raspy. He nipped at her neck once more, then pulled back, pulling her with him.

She had a few seconds to take in his house. It was light and wide, allowing for the streetlight to shine inside. Then he pulled her up the stairs and she could see no more of his ground floor.

They moved straight to his bedroom. Emily raised her eyebrows, but didn't protest. She knew they should probably talk, realize what they were doing, but the urges of her body were stronger right now.

He closed the door and now they were alone in the room. Finally…

She sat on the bed and pulled him with her, not bothering to wait before diving in for another deep kiss. She'd never get enough of him; his kisses, his body, him

His hands roamed over her body freely, not hindered by the clasp of the bra anymore. She pulled back after a while, wanting to get rid of her shirt. He got the hint and did it for her, dropping his hands to the hem of her shirt and pulling up until she was free from the red shirt.

Suddenly she noticed how he was still fully dressed, and she wasted no time in correcting that mistake.

When they were both naked from the waist upwards, he crushed his lips with hers, pulling their bodies together. They both gasped at the sudden contact.

She moaned when he diverted from her lips to press wet kisses against her throat. He went lower and lower until he reached the peak of one breast. She cried out against the wonderful sensations going through her body as his tongue circled her sensitive nub. Then he moved even more south, and she gasped again.

"Hotch..." She could not talk any longer, but he looked up at her with dark eyes. She gently pulled him up by his hair, needing another kiss. She craved the contact; every time his mouth left hers, she felt a little amiss, even if his mouth did such wonderful things to other parts of her body.

He grinned when he knew what he meant. "Whatever the lady wants," he said, groaning as she let her hand slip lower.

"The lady wants this," she whispered as she lightly grasped him over his jeans. He groaned again as she moved her hand underneath his pants, taking him in her hands.

He couldn't form words anymore, but he knew he wanted to make her feel the same way she was making him feel. Trying to keep a clear head as she slowly moved up and down, he moved her hand inside her jeans to cup her womanhood. She arched forward, pressing herself into him even as her hands continued her ministrations.

"You're gonna, aaah, do anything or just... hmm... keep it there?" she asked, panting, when he did nothing. She looked at him, and was surprised to find something more than just lust in his eyes.

"You're beautiful," he whispered into her ear, the hot breath across her face making her shiver. Then he moved one long finger inside, and she gasped and stilled as he captured her mouth in a kiss.

He knew he wouldn't last much longer if she continued like this, so, despite his brain telling him he was making a mistake, he moved away. He grinned quietly when he heard her groan of disappointment, quickly overcome by another gasp as he moved a second finger inside her.

"This evening is all about you, honey," he told her seductively, not missing the surprise in her eyes.

It was different for him too, this change from Hotchner to Aaron. With Hayley, he had always had to change. But with Emily, he could be himself, the mix between Hotch and Aaron that he wanted to be.

He continued his movements until she was writhing against his touch, all but begging for release. Her face was flushed, her eyes large and she was the single most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He had been long aware of his feelings for her, but he had always repressed them in favour of the team dynamics. Now, he could do whatever he wanted. She wanted it too.

"Aaron... I... now." She couldn't say anything else before she was moaning again, but she didn't need to speak. He knew what she meant anyway, and he couldn't say he didn't want it.

Positioning himself in front of her entrance, he gave her time to back off, but she pulled him to her and they both moaned at the sudden close contact.

She felt heavenly around him, wet and tight and he had to contain himself not to explode right there and then. She deserved more.

They kissed heatedly as he slowly thrust inside of her, insisting on taking it slow. Emily, however, had other ideas, and arched to meet him.

"If you're gonna keep doing that, I won't last very long," he grunted in between thrusts. She didn't, couldn't, reply, only moved faster, forcing him to do the same.

The feeling of him inside her was more than she'd ever bargained for, and she marvelled at the way he could make her feel. She was ready to explode, and yet, he kept bringing her further and further to the edge.

"So... gorgeous..." he said hoarsely as he filled her particularly deep. "So...hot."

She felt the tension start to build up low in her belly and moved against him more frantically, trying to make it last longer and yet hoping for the sweet torture to end.

He knew she was nearing her end, and the thought of seeing her climax was quickly bringing him to the edge. He was moving inside of her erratically now, trying to find a way to postpone the inevitable ending, but he felt her tighten around him and knew he was lost.

With a roar, he came inside of her, feeling her walls fluttering against him as she screamed herself hoarse, bucking so strongly she almost rose off the bed.

He fell on top of her as he tried to calm his heart, still feeling her walls around him. She was trying to catch her breath as her chest heaved, but her eyes shone and she was smiling widely.

"That was..." she said as soon as she could speak again, trying to find the right word.

"Way overdue," he finished for her, and Emily looked at him surprised.

"Uh-hu," he responded to her silent question. "For a long time now."

She nodded, taking in the information. "Me too," she whispered as she shifted beneath him.

"You're amazing," he said, sliding down until he was lying next to her. He encircled her with his arms possessively.

She just grinned in response, wiggling against him until she found the right position. He bit back a groan as she moved in just the right places. He actually groaned out loud when she continued to stay still.

"If you wanna sleep, you should stop doing that," he told her quite seriously, though his voice was raspy.

"Who says I wanna sleep?" she asked. Then she turned around and looked him in the eyes as she moved on top of him.

They didn't speak for a long time.

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