Authors note…

Okay guys, I'm writing the first chapter right now so it will be up this weekend!(:

Bella's been living in Forks since she was little with Charlie, her dad. Emmett, her big brother has always been her best friend, until Edward and Alice move in during Bella's 8th grade school year. They instantly become best friends but what will happen on Bella's 16th birthday and there true feelings come out?

Preview for the first chapter…

Bella's Point of View…Age 13.

It took me only a minute to figure out where to go.

The oak tree.

The oak tree was a 3 minute walk away from my house but, if I ran I could be there in 2.

So that's what I did.

I ran.

I ran away from what I feared most.

I ran to the one person who could change my life forever.