From: David Harrison

Date: December 14, 2008 1:38:30 PM EST

To: Liz Hood

Subject: Fwd: The friend dies at the end. this is my first scary story parents did not help hope you get scared

I use to not believe in being scared till one day I went over to my friends house and we started playing with here toys and dad came out from the basement and he said I will be back I am going to get some groceries after he left we deiced to go to the basement. The door said enter at your own risk so we went down stairs and in the basement there was all these dolls and goo every where so there was a little box on the floor so we opened the box and it sucked us in the portal to this land we started walking around and we heard something in the tree we just ignored it and we moved on then the vampire came out of the tree and he scared us and he got my friend and he started to suck the blood of my friend luckily I escaped I said to myself I have to get out of here wait I heard some thing later on when my dad got back he said im home boys he looked every where then he went back down stairs and he started make a chemical gas and just for fun he put it in the goo and it formed a goo monster it was green and very big and my dad said please do not hurt me and the goo monster looked around and he said where are the two boys the dad said I do not know the monster said what is that thing on the floor that is my new cube I have been working on the goo monster said active it now then the dad said ok I will so the green monster when to the land the boy was in and he stared to look for him and the monster said on his watch to the vampire. The vampire said one down and one to go meanwhile dad said I bet my son activate the cube and went into that land I have to go save him so the dad went into the cube and he got to the land he had put a tracking devise into his son head so he actives the tracking devise and he was able to find his son so he ran but the vampire stopped him and the vampire bit him and the dad was vary weak so the vampire left him And he went for his son and the goo monster was chasing after the boy and the goo monster attacked the boy and the goo started to take over the boy the boy took the annotated out of his pocket and he injected himself with it so then the boy used a squirt gun to tranquilize the goo monster and then he stared running the dad is weak so the boy find his dad and the boy says what's the quickest way to get out of here though the cube so we have to find the cube and they where just a couple on miles away when they got to the cube the vampire was holding the cube in its hand the son though the garlic at the vampire weekend it and the vampire attacked the dad and the dad said go son and the son said but and the dad said just go so the son went into the cube an the dad bit the vampire and eject it and the vampire died so then the dad went into the cube and they went back into there real world when the dad got back his son was waiting for him and the dad said I have to destroyed the cube so the cube was destroyed by a rocket launcher.

By Chase Harrison