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It was a normal day in the village. Ivy was running around like a boy, Kitty was sobbing, Noah was pining for Ivy, Mr. Walker wasn't touching Mrs. Hunt, and Lucious was being serious about everything.

Normal, that is, until Little Red Riding Hood skipped into their clearing, having taken a wrong turn on her way to Grandma's house. She figured she'd ask directions from what she assumed were the friendly villagers.

Completely oblivious, the girl skipped into the town meeting.

It was dead silent for a moment as everyone stared at her and she stared back at everyone. She suddenly felt very self-conscious in her bright red cloak. No one in the crowd was wearing any bright colors, and she didn't see a trace of red anywhere.

Kitty stood up, pointed directly at her, and let out a blood-curdling scream. "BURY THE WITCH!!!"

Little Red Riding Hood looked around. "There's no witch in this story! And why would you bury a witch??"

Soon the entire room was in chaos, everyone running around except the elders who were trying to keep anyone from being trampled to death. Little Red Riding Hood felt herself being tackled to the wooden floor, then dog-piled as more people got the idea.

She couldn't breathe. Next thing she knew she was in the air, carried by many hands towards where several men were digging frantically.

She started kicking. "Hey! What's going on!?"

"The bad color!" someone in the crowd said, as if that explained everything.


Mr. Walker finally caught up with the angry mob. He looked a little bit flattened.

"Child, your cloak! Remove your cloak! They fear the color!" he gasped out.

She struggled out of it, still being held in the air and approaching the hole at an alarming pace. "It comes off, guys! You don't have to bury me! I'm not a witch!"

They looked at each other, shrugged, and put her down.

And that is why Little Red Riding Hood never asks for directions.