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Chapter 17
(Sasuke POV)

There was nothing particularly wrong about my bastard of a cousin, until you met him, of course. He was sly, too sly, and he did whatever he had to do just to get his own way. He was stubborn, that was a known attribute of any Uchiha who had the joy of meeting. But he was also charming, flattering and was in all fairness, a playboy.

When I was just ten years old, he stole my girlfriend, and yes, I'm still bitter about it. He has a certain way that appeals people and makes them want to be with him all the time, and it's annoying to say the least.

This, of course, is what really worried me as he swanned his way over to what was, in all but name, mine. He sent me a sly grin as he slipped fluidly into the seat beside the blond, and I mentally shuddered as I saw his eyes rake over his form. I knew what he was going to do, he was going to try and seduce what was mine, or what used to have been mine. Why? I have no idea, it's just was Sai did. He saw something he wanted, and he'd go all out to get it, he's pull out all the stops, and that's what I was afraid he would do. It got worse when it was something I wanted, because I knew he was on a level playing field, he had the same chances

As if it wasn't enough that I'd actually cheated on the blond, I'd also almost caused him bodily harm in the hospital, and had spread a rumour that he was a cheating lying scheming son of a bitch basically. I think it's safe to say I'd have even less of the minuscule chance I had now if the blond ever found out.

But fate's a bitch, I realised as I tuned in on their conversation. It was lucky that they weren't so far away, and although I heard only a few words, I could still piece together the dreadful conversation I knew was taking place. Sai was trying to charm my boyfriend.

Yes, boyfriend. I was thinking on this and I've decided since no one has actually said 'It's over,' then technically we're still going out, and the fact that Naruto is chatting to some other guy could be taken as him cheating on me. I might just be trying to thrust the blame on him again though, I seem to like doing that nowadays.

"Sasuukkkee!" a dreadful whining brought me out of my reminiscing. You know, Sakura's voice is something between an ambulance siren and some sort of deranged mythical squeal, in my opinion, there was nothing really quite like it. It's one of the most annoying sounds in the entire world; along with

"Hi Sasuke," she gushed, her cheeks stained red with an excess amount of blusher and lips pouting in a way I wouldn't have found cute even if it was Naruto doing it.

"What do you want?" I snapped back, and as harsh as it was, I just couldn't be bothered to apologize, she was a friend after all, she knew what I was like.

"Well, you know..." she stumbled, pushing a lock of her hair behind her left ear and nibbling on her lower lip nervously, "I was wondering, you know, since you and Naruto, are like, well, you know, well..." she filtered out, ending rather abruptly after the drivelling.

"Well, what?" I sighed, glancing at her uninterested from under my eyelashes. Naruto said I always looked sexy when I did that, so I opened my eyes fully as to not lead her on or anything.

"Well, would you like to, you know ..." I swear I saw her quirk her eyebrows up then down again in a suggestive manner, but ignored it since the idea alone just gave me shivers.

"What do I 'know' Sakura?" I was starting to get annoyed now, at her constant henpecking and talking right down my ear hole when I was evidently trying to listen to another conversation.

"Would you like to," big breath Sakura, that's it, you're a big girl now, "gooutwithmesometime?" I merely quirked an eyebrow, hinting no, but looking as if I hadn't heard to request.

"I mean, it's okay if you don't," she stumbled, "I understand if you don't want to because you can't be in a relationship any more..." Now that shocked me, the underlying evidence that maybe the dreaded rumour had actually been spread a lot more than I originally intended it to be, I span round quickly, turning my attention on interrogating the girl.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it's okay for you not to want someone after such a heartbreak," she seemed so sure of her self, so confident in the fact I may actually want her. I didn't, let's just make that clear. I didn't want Sakura, I didn't want Gaara, I just wanted Naruto.

"Who told you that?!" I hissed out, knowing full well it was my own fault it was started in the first place.

"Well Hinata was telling Kiba and I was listening. She said you had spread some sort of nasty rumour that the only reason you cheated, or something, was because Naruto cheated on you first. She said it was a load of BS but I knew it was true as soon as she said it." Her eyes were impeccably huge now, tears gathering dramatically in the corners, her cheeks were still flushed red and lips pouting as if she were some sort of prize winning fish.

I knew exactly what I had to do now, what I had to do in order to fix this disastrous mess I myself had singly handedly created.

I had to admit to it, admit to the cheating, the spreading of the rumour, and all the pain I had incurred.

"Well, yes I said that but it's not-"

"I knew it!" she exclaimed before I could get another word in, and as she plastered herself to my side I tried my hardest to get my point across.

"No Sakura, you don't understand-"

"Yes, I do Sasuke, you're so heartbroken you can't face up to moving on. Even if it is for someone as absolutely gorgeous and fascinating as myself!"

"No, Sakura, that's not-"

"But it's okay!" she exclaimed again, "because I'll wait for you and when I get you I'll satisfy you more" she leaned in slightly, the flabber on her chest squishing like a chicken carcass against the top of my arm, "more than Naruto" she whispered, attempting to arouse me. No one would ever satisfy me more than Naruto, I just never realized that.

Her perfume was intoxicating, and not in the good way, I felt like I was going to start gagging, it's true what that band Outkast once said, Rose's really smell like poo poo poo. She sat beside me, the awful stench of girly perfume flooding my nostrils.

"I'll sit next to you in all your lessons," she giggled, "so I can support you and so that we can get to know each other a little better." She ran her finger down my arm with that statement, and although that was the action that shocked me first, she kept going, her fingers playing with mine before she slipped her hand under the table to stroke at my thigh. I looked at her incredulously, eyes wide at her come on.

"Look Sakura," I started, wanting to get everything out in the open, "Naruto never cheated on me, okay! I made it up." She looked shocked, her eyes darting to and fro, curious and questioning.

"He didn't?!" she seemed shocked now, her hand letting go of my thigh as she stood up, "I always knew he wouldn't." I told you earlier that Sakura had a crush on Naruto, and that I didn't have any competition because I knew he was mine, well, I take that back. Now I have twice the opposition; Sai and Sakura. Fucking amazing.


As the day went on, I found myself wanting to get closer and closer to the boy I loved, I swear I was having withdrawal symptoms. I followed him about, slyly, of course, though that didn't stop the curious looks I was getting from passers by who deemed it strange that I should be following a guy that 'cheated on my'. Honestly, that's another mistake I wished I hadn't involved myself in; aswell as the fact Naruto would probably hate me even more for it, I also had to explain at least fifty times over that; no, Naruto didn't cheat on me, yes, I made it up, why? I was scared.

There were little things that were getting to me; the way Sai would stroke Naru's arm, how he'd lean in close to whisper in his ear, how Naruto just let him unknowingly. I had half a mind to go over there and tell them both off, but I doubted that would help the situation anymore than necessary.

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