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Light sat in the waiting room patiently until L came out, his wide eyes ever unblinking. "All right. Let's go."

A man in a white coat followed him, pale as death.

"What'd you do to him?" Light whispered to L.

"He's my dentist," L replied simply.

The dentist opened his mouth. The dentist closed his mouth. He opened it once more and managed to speak. He voice came out weakly, monotonously. "Never… again…"

"See you in six months," L said casually as he walked away.

The dentist turned jerkily and staggered into his office. Muffled sobs could be heard from his direction.

Light quickly memorized his name from a business card. He'd write the man in the Death Note as soon as he got home. The poor dentist would be glad to go.

This one was a mercy killing.