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SUMMARY: Marissa is a sixteen-year old high school student from Orlando. While out one night with her two best friends, they see something horrible. Unfortunately, they are seen. Marissa and her friends are in danger and need to take drastic measures to survive. Will Marissa and her friends make it? Who will help them along the way?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not Stephenie Meyer, but I love her characters, so I'm playing around with them.

MPOV (Marissa)

"Wasn't Brad Pitt gorgeous in that movie? UGH!!! What I wouldn't give to be the nanny that steals his affection from Angelina." I laughed at my best friend Tammy. Tammy has had the same crush on Brad Pitt for as long as I've known her.

"Actually, Tam… I still don't see it. Brad just doesn't do it for me. I guess he's just too old for me or something…" I threw that last part out there just to see her reaction. She got very defensive when it came to "her" Brad Pitt.

"WHAT?!?!?! Brad Pitt is timeless. He has those gorgeous eyes. Those amazing lips. Dimples to die for, and did you see those abs? I mean, come on. Are you a lesbian or something? You'd have to be gay to not appreciate that amazing specimen of mmmmmmmm…" Tammy's face as a little red from her rant.

Susie, my other best friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We were used to this side of Tammy. Some saw her as obsessive, but we knew our Tammy. She was realistic and just like every other teenage girl in America with a crush on a celebrity.

Susie was just like Tammy in that respect, except she preferred Johnny Depp. Personally, I didn't like either one, but I knew when to keep my mouth shut.

My two best friends were very similar to each other in a lot of ways. They were both cheerleaders, but they were smart. So no stereotypes for them. Tammy wanted to be a pediatrician. She keeps talking about how she's going to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. She wants to get into Harvard Medical school and is dating the school's senior quarterback. She's the picture of "All-American Girl". Blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and to top it off, she's one of the nicest girls in school.

Susie is a fiery redhead. She has a bit of a temper if you piss her off, and she's pretty fierce if you mess with her friends. She's at the top of our class. Susie wants to be a dancer though. With her long, long legs, she's amazing to watch on stage or the sidelines. Her post-high school goals include only one place: Julliard. Obviously, she's the best dancer on the cheerleading squad, and has even helped choreograph most of their routines.

Sometimes, it amazed me that we were friends at all. I was the bookworm of our group. I was second in our graduating class and worked hard at school. I wouldn't mind being a cheerleader, but I don't like having people look at me, especially since I'm not very pretty. Well, that's not entirely true. I have dark blondish hair that's caught somewhere between straight and wavy. The one thing I love about my hair is that it's so long. I've been growing it out for three years now. It's all the way down to the small of my back and I'm thankful for whoever invented strengthening shampoo. I have very few split ends. I'm average build and not very tall. I have yet to receive much of a chest which also explains why I don't have too many guys wanting to date me at school. I'm just Marissa Jenkins.

Most people at school can't believe that Tammy and Susie want to hang out with me. Those two are pretty much guaranteed spots on the prom and homecoming courts, and I'm definitely not. But what most people don't know is that Tammy, Susie, and I became friend at the hospital when we were born. The nurses said they never saw anything like it, but our parents love to tell this story.

We were all born within hours of each other. Each mom was holding us and showing us to relatives at the window while the three of us screamed. Our moms found this funny that we all shared the same temper even though we were only hours old. The moms then took it upon themselves to "introduce" their daughters to each other. As soon as we all opened our eyes long enough to glance at the other girls, we were silent and my mom swears that we all giggled at the same moment. From that moment on, we were stuck with each other. We've hardly fought over the years, and our only problems have been deciding who would step in as maid of honor at each other's weddings.

We continued walking home from the theater. Our houses were just about five blocks away when we heard a woman scream. All three of us stopped dead in our tracks when we realized that up ahead a struggle was going on.

"Should we get help?" Susie asked?

"Who can we get?" Tammy was scared white. Her red cheeks had blanched and she was frozen.

Just as she spoke those words, the man pulled a gun from his back and aimed it at the woman. The gunshot sounded nothing like the movie we had just finished watching. All of us stopped moving and were frozen in fear.

I realized that the man had just murdered this woman in cold blood, but I couldn't have stopped it even if I had moved faster. I realized we were right beside a dumpster and grabbed my best friends. I pulled us behind the dumpster quickly and we hid as best as we could, for fear that we would be next.

I knew from my father that he would need a good description of the suspect if he was going to be able to arrest someone. I made a mental note of his features as he stood up and turned towards where we had just been standing two minutes ago. He was about six-feet tall. He had sandy blonde hair that was styled in short spikes on top his head. He had either blue or green eyes underneath dark black bushy eyebrows. He had a scruffy beard forming on his cheeks, like he hadn't shaved in a few days. I saw that he wore a shirt that the bouncers of a local club wore and dark denim jeans. He couldn't be more than 30 years old. I held my hands over my friends' mouths to keep them quiet as this murderer walked quickly out of the alleyway.

When I was sure he was gone, I finally spoke. "We have to run and tell my dad. We have to let him know what happened."

Tammy spoke first. "What about her? Should we check to see if she's still a… a…" Susie and I knew she was trying to say alive, but just couldn't get the words out.

I thought a moment. I knew that my dad wouldn't be pleased if we "compromised the crime scene" but I was with Tammy. I wanted to see if she was dead, but hoped that she wasn't and that we could get help quickly.

"Susie, get your cell out. Call 9-1-1 and get them here as soon as possible. Tammy? You're the future doctor, can you come with me. You're the biology whiz, if she's still alive, maybe we can help." Tammy nodded at me as Susie reached into her pocket and called 9-1-1. Tammy and I cautiously removed ourselves from our hiding spot. We made our way over to the woman who was now lying in a massive pool of blood. It was obvious as we got nearer that she wasn't breathing.

Tammy and I cried silent tears as we realized we were too late. Sirens were coming closer and getting louder. I reached out and held Tammy's hand as Susie joined us. She grabbed my other hand while we waited. For two minutes we stood frozen, staring at the body of this woman who looked to be in her twenties. What had she done to deserve to die?

"MARISSA!" I heard my father's voice as footstep grew louder. But I couldn't feel anything anymore. As the world grew black, I heard shouting as my father and his coworkers rushed to the scene of this murder.

The police began helping the three of us after all of us had fainted, trying to revive us. None of them noticed the man standing across the street glaring into the alleyway before he disappeared into the shadows.

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