Ok so this is another story! LOL but it is my first Tokyo mew mew story so please stay with me, for thoguhs who haven't seen it I suggest you don't read since well I have really bad discripping and spelling issues so here it is....

Chapter one – Another mew?

"Guys I have a big problem" Ichigo sighed and slumped into one of the café chairs. It had been a couple of months since the great battle and the mews were back to there normal routines. The café had just closed and the mews were having a small chat about what they were planning on doing in the holidays when Ichigo walked in.

"Yeah we know you do, you missed half of your work time we sent you to get some supplies and you come back at closing time" Ryou muttered "And you will have only half your pay for today"

"Argh whatever, guys I can't look at Aoyama without seeing Deep Blue, its really scaring me" Ichigo confessed and put her head in her hands.

"Well he was Deep Blue so its only natural that you would see him as Deep Blue its properly a minor shock" Lettuce said while pouring some tea.

"Yeah but its only happened recently" Ichigo said and lifted her head to look at everyone her brown eyes then locked with Ryou's blue ones and she looked away shyly.

"Well its would be impossible for Deep Blue to come back" Mint informed not really caring she was to busy thinking of which she was going to wear for bed.

"But if he did how would we even know?" Zakuro spoke up she was wondering if it were possible.

"Well one of the first signs would be him attacking" Wesley said as if it were obvious which it was.

"And?" Pudding asked she wasn't really in the conversation since she was writing a letter to the aliens, but manly to Tart.

"Well for him to get back some power he would have to get it by another mew, but by getting the power off another mew it would make that mew stronger"

"But if a mew lost power how could it get stronger?" Ichigo asked scared that Deep Blue could return.

"Well the mew would get some of Deep Blue's power which would make that mew stronger but Deep Blue wouldn't be that stupid to great a mew that was stronger than him" Wesley went on.

"He would if he were desperate" Pudding muttered while scribbling some words down.

"Yes and if he were to do that then he wouldn't pick one of us Deep Blue is smarter then that he would chose a random girl because she wouldn't know if she were a mew so she wouldn't know how to fight him" Zakuro reasoned but she nor any of the other mews knew that she was correct.

"And if he were to even try do that he would be very weak afterwards it would take almost a year for him to heal" Ryou added while standing up.

"Hmm and you say you see Deep Blue in Aoyama" Wesley asked also standing up.

"Well its like when I'm talking to him Deep Blue's face flashes in and out, it only last a second but it defiantly was there" Ichigo quivered she didn't want to lose Aoyama again, sure it was a bit rocky in there relationship now and they were having a lot of fights but she didn't want to lose him completely.

"If he is back then he would have started healing, and a girls life could be in great danger I am going to check on the computer if any more animal DNA has gone out" Wesley then left and was followed by Ryou.

"Wow what if there was another mew?" Mint said her eyes shining just by thinking of what the girl would be like. She would love to talk about all the celebrity gossip with me.

Pudding then wondered what the girl would be like she would be hyper and fun like me and we would play lots of pranks on Lettuce with me!

Lettuce then thought of what this girl would be like if she were real she would be confident and would help me with my confidence..

Zakuro didn't really care she just hoped that if she were real she wouldn't be like Mint and gush all over her.

Ichigo then thought about it is well she would be like a twin sister! We would be the best of friends and talk until we lost our voices and do everything together!!

The girls were then snapped out of there thoughts when Ryou ran in.

"Girls the worst has happened"

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