Ickle Christmas

Everybody else's children left a carrot out for the reindeer on the night of Christmas Eve.

Her children left all the fat from their meat which they had collected for days before it looked and smelt revolting.

They insisted that all that work could not be done on raw carrots alone. This was young Weasley logic in action. They had strange minds but they were wonderful too.

While the bowl of disgusting fat sat out, smelling quite pungent now, Ginny sat at the kitchen table cutting out shapes in pastry for the tops of the mince pies that were ready to go into the oven. Ronnie sat on the floor in the hallway, cutting out his own shapes in green card, with the tip of his tongue poking out in concentration.

Molly watched Ginny and Ron, keeping her eye on both in case their quiet diligence suddenly became a catastrophe, but made sure it appeared as if she was really concentrating on her knitting.

The needles clicked, Ginny lifted a star of thin pastry away and draped it over a mince pie, and Ronnie finished cutting out a wonky Christmas tree shape.

She watched as he traced around the shape, onto another piece of green card, and then set about cutting that out.

"Mummy, I've runned out of pastry!" Ginny called as she waved her flour covered hands to get her mother's attention.

"No you haven't dear, just scrunch all those little scraps together and roll them into a big ball." Molly smiled as Ginny began to squish the last of the pastry back together again. "That's it. Then you just have to roll it out flat again and you can cut some more tops to finish off."

"Oooooh, you are clever!" Ginny said, impressed.

Molly rolled her eyes. Only half an hour before Charlie had called her boring because she wouldn't go out for a night time fly with him and Arthur. How soon would Ginny's opinion of her mother changed, she wondered.

While her daughter set about her new task, Molly looked back to Ronnie as he struggled with the blunt little scissors once again. His fingers were long and his hands had become too big for the baby scissors but she still insisted he use them. She had visions of him with a sharp pair in his eye or his fringe cut off to the scalp (as Fred had once done to George).

Ronnie had now cut out an identical tree shape in card and was crinkling his eyebrows together, thoughtfully.

He folded the two green card trees in half down the centre and then pulled a piece of white card over. He folded it like one of the many Christmas cards displayed around the Burrow.

He covered half of each tree in glue and then stuck them down on the front of the home made card. The two stuck down halves made a whole tree and the folded bits fanned out so the tree on the front was a pop-out one.

"Oh that's clever!" Molly gasped.

Ronnie suddenly flushed bright red and threw himself over the card to hide it.

"Muuuuuuuuuum! You're not s'poseda see it! It's not finished!"

"I'm not looking, I'm not looking, I'm sorry!" Molly shielded her eyes and smiled to herself.

"I have to decorate it first and then write it to you," Ronnie grumbled to himself as he went back to work.

"You go ahead." Molly said, while Ron set about drowning his pop out tree in glitter.

She made a Christmas wish as she pretended not to watch her children that night.

Please don't let them grow up too soon.