Okay, this idea just randomly popped into my mind. I was all "But it was her scent that attracted him to her in the first place" so I just couldn't get this idea out of my mind. It started out as a rough idea, then it defined. I saw plots, sub-plots, PAIRINGS!

Well, without further ado, shall we continue?

Bella opened her eyes, feeling cool after the raging fire that burned her inside out.

Relief flooded her still veins as she saw every particle, swirling in the sunlight.

Dim memories of the past three days caused her to shudder, recollecting the agony of the change.

Renesmee. Jacob. Renesmee. Edward. Fire. Cold. Vampire. Sparkling?

Indeed, she was shocked to raise her hand, gazing in awe at the rainbow-like reflections. She could see cracks in the wall that were never there before. She stood, staggering slightly at the speed, but correcting herself before falling over her feet.

She wondered, 'Edward? Where are you?' and was shocked when an onslaught of voices nearly caused her to fall back onto the operating table in... Carlisle's study?

'Bella?' - Esme

'Did I just hear her thoughts?' - Alice

'So this is what it's like to read minds...' - Emmett

'Ah, this must be one of her talents' - Carlisle

'Wow, cool talent' - Rosalie

'My warm blooded friend? Cold? Shit, what'll she think?' - Jacob? What was HE doing here?

'Woah, no thirst!' - Jasper

'MUMMY!' - Renesmee!

That last thought was enough to send Bella racing down the stairs and into the living room, smiling all the way. Her smile faltered a little to see Edward not there, but she was uplifted to see her daughter... In JACOB'S ARMS?!?

What was going on?

Yeah, this was just to start it off, but I'm thinking up the next chapter as I type!