"Hime… hinata-hime"

In a dark room a young figure seemed to be tossing and turning franticly, unable to acquire the sleep she desperately needed. Her delicate pale face contorted as if she was having a nightmare. Her small slim manicured finger tips twitched every so often. Perspiration seemed to form on the corner of her forehead, her white nightgown felt like it was smothering her. It was for an instant that she was about to cry out…just about… until she heard that voice again.

"Hinata…Hinata-hime…wake up…open your eyes…Hinata-hime"

The young girl with long indigo blue hair thrashed about in her bed, pushing the covers to one side, fighting the urge to really wake up.

"No not again, the same dream once more…not now please, I can't…" She begged her mind.

The voice persisted.

"Open your eyes, my dear little one…you need to …please my precious Byakugan…"

At once the pearly-opal eyes of the young maiden opened, though no longer in her room, she was in her dream once more.

Standing in what appeared to be an endless field of golden grass, she looked up only to catch the shimmering crystal clear blue sky above her. She only could describe in this dream every time in two words endless and beautiful. A gentle breeze blew spreading her long precise cut strands of hair about her visage. She squinted, in the far off distance a lone figure stood.

"Hinata" it spoke warmly, trying not to frightened her, as it manifested itself before her.

"Ano…you're a boy." she stuttered in surprise. Every time she had this dream she would always see the figure, but from a far always calling out to her and then she will actually wake up and it would end there. Only this time around the dream seemed to be progressing further.

"Who are you?" she added shyly taking in his appearance.

He did not appear to be any older then her. In fact, he seemed to be either two or three years older then her maybe.

He smiled, while tilting his head as he curiously looked at her. Hinata felt herself blush. After all she was only in her night gown she thought, while studying her self up and down as she peered up into her company's eyes. Crystal blue-gray eyes twinkled as his frost light golden hair tousled when another breeze blew. His body seemed to be muscular and lean, but Hinata couldn't tell well because of the armor he wore. It gleamed of silver and white, almost like a knight. A White Knight for a princess.

"My name.." he spoke softly, his voice sounding like a thousand instruments playing. "My name you shall engrave and call upon from your heart now and til time indefinite. Remember this my precious Byakugan. My name is ALEXANDER guardian of all that is righteous and good. Guardian of healing and Holy. Executioner of Judgment of Light. I am your guardian Princess Hinata…That is who I am"

Hinata struck with awe, timidly placed her hand to her lips as she whispered her next phrase. "Alexander of Holy….who am…who am I…to you"

"Take my hand" he commanded, extending out his hand towards her eyes gleaming with softness.

She tentatively reached out to him with closed eyes. As soon as she did, fingers gently intertwined together, he pulled her into a caring embrace. She was engulfed in a warm sensation, luminous light spreading through and around them, angel wings appearing sprouting from her back as she felt the changes in her body that instant. Her mind was opened to a thousand sayings, words and phrases she couldn't understand. As she opened her pearly-opal eyes all she could see was light and angel feathers… angel feathers flying all around them. It was all so surreal. It made her cry. Shiny transparent tears that cascade down her lovely eyes to fall over her night gown. "What is happening?" she whimpered.

It was only then she heard a whisper.

"It's time to show the fully extent of the Byakugan with Summoner's blood ….And to finally claim back what is rightfully yours."

That was all she remembered before falling limp into the hands of her guardian, before falling into a deep slumber once more to the rising sun.

Aurthors note:

Hi my code name windlight and this is my first time writing a Naruto fanfic. I have written in the past but only to entertain close friends of mine. So keep watch for next chapter Oh by the way if you haven't notice this is a cross fic between naruto/Final Fantasy, that's right I am taking the summons and magic. Hee hee.