A Sweeney Todd Thanksgiving*

Nellie regarded the gigantic meat pie that dominated the table.

"I'm sorry, Toby darling, but I couldn't afford a turkey this year. Your fine with a pie, aren't you?"

"'Course. Smells great," Toby said happily. Nellie beamed and sliced into the center with a stolen razor, quickly reaching in and tossing away an ear stuck in the filling.

Sweeney stomped down the stairs.

"MRS. LOVETT! I'm missing--" He stopped short, staring at the table.

"Thanksgiving, love," Nellie reminded him.

"You're using Sally to cut a meat pie?!"

"Sally? Really, Mr. Todd, I think you have more issues than I thought."

*Yes, I know English people don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Well... they do now.

Anyhoo, check out http://scarlettdarling dot deviantart dot com/art/Nellie-Lovett-Costume-110301586 for pictures of me as Mrs. Lovett! The dress is really amazing.

Edit: That link is for deviantart, by the way. My username is scarlettdarling.