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The team was gathered in the super robot with their gathered allies. With the Skeleton King at his worst, they needed all the help they could get. Sprx77 blamed himself for the evil being unleashed, and wasn't quite himself. So the team decided to send Nova to speak to him.

"Why me?" she asked. "I mean, I'll go, but what makes you think he'll listen to me?"

"Well because.." began Otto. "Wait, why will he listen to her?"

"Well, Otto, because..Well because, well you surely know, nova." Said Gibson.


"Well it's just that, come on, Nova, like you don't know." Said Chiro

"Yes," added Aurora six. "Even I can see it. It's really not that hard."

"Would someone like to make a little sense?" asked Nova.

"He gets jealous, he goes out of his way to impress you, getting an idea now?" asked Tiqudo.

"Can't someone just say what they mean?"
"Nova, I'm afraid we can't be the ones to tell you." Said Antauri. "It has to be Sprx77."

Nova just looked at him.

"Nova, you..You said you loved him."

"Well, ya," she said. "I do. But there's' a difference for loving someone and being in love with someone- Wait, you guys thought? You thought me a-and Sprx77..?

Everyone nodded.

"S-P-R-X-7-7? Sprx77?" asked Nova with a hint of a nervous laugh. "And me?"

Everyone nodded again.

"Oh, come on. I've known him all my life." Said Nova. "I care for him, but not like that. He's my friend. I'll go talk to him, because that's what friends do."

"I'm afraid she's in denial." Said Antauri as she walked to Sprx77's room.

"Why is it so hard for her, Antauri?" asked Jinmay.

"Because Nova's biggest fear is losing her nerve," said Antauri. " But she doesn't want to have another weakness."

"Sprx77? Sprx77? Why won't you come out?" said Nova, knocking on his door. "I'm not leaving. You know me, I'm stubborn. I'll stay out as long as I have to."

"Nova, please. Just leave me alone." Said Sprx77 from inside. "I don't want you to see me like this."

"Like what? Sprx77 what's going on?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." Said Sprx77, but his voice sounded..Like it did when she was suspended in mid-air, begging him to snap out of it. "Don't worry your pretty little head. Everything's fine…now."

"Sprx77 let me in. Lady Tomahawk!" she said, and busted down the door. She looked around and saw that Sprx77 was now evil again. His face had that evil grin, his eyes looked soulless and he wasn't the same Sprx77 anymore.

"Sprx77?" asked Nova, concerned.
"Nova!" exclaimed Sprx77, in his normal voice. He kept fighting between his two sides, his face and voice changing, trying to fight it. "Nova, I-I, leave. I don't want to hurt you again."

"I'll get the others." She said.
No, Nova, don't." pleaded Sprx77. "it.. Can't..Be…stopped. He's…controlling me. I can't stay here."

"Sprx77, no. We can help you," pleaded Nova. "Don't give in to it."

"I-I have no choice. It's more powerful than the Skeleton King. It's- it's unlimited power. And no one can stop me." He said, and Nova knew it had taken him over again. He looked up and gave an evil cackle and raised his magnet to Nova. "Not even you, the so-called warrior."

What could Nova do? She couldn't fight back; she couldn't hurt Sprx77, well not so extremely. But this isn't Sprx77, she thought, but I know he's in there somewhere. He has to be. She lifted her fists, and collected her fierce nerve back.

"Sprx77, I don't want to hurt you," she said. "But it's the only way."

Then she lunged toward him with all her might, but just as she was about to throw a punch, she saw not this evil, but her old friend.She couldn't really hurt him; she couldn't really try to bring him down. She couldn't fight, not this way. He knew she couldn't.

"Oh, poor little girl," mocked the evil Sprx77. "can't fight back, can't hurt the one you love!"

"Stop it!"

"Oh, she wants me to stop," he said again. " Well since you asked so nicely, I'll leave you with this nice parting gift." He lifted the door from its hinges and threw it at her with great force. Nova got out of the way, but by then Sprx77 was gone. The rest of the team had heard the commotion, and quickly came to see what was wrong.

"Nova, what happened?" asked Antauri. "Where's Sprx77?"
"He's gone."

"Where'd he go?" asked Chiro.

"It doesn't matter. He's gone, it's taken over."

"Oh, no.' said Jinmay. "But, can't you guys get him back? What about the power primate?"

"But what good will it do this time? It obviously didn't work the first time." Said Super Quasier.

"then what can we do?" asked Otto. "if the power primate can't do it, what can?"
"we have to defeat the Skeleton King. "said Chiro. "once and for all, that way Sprx77'll be free. There's no other way."

"this is bigger than the Skeleton king, Chiro." Said Nova. "it's what turned the Alchemist into him. We have to go deeper, otherwise there's no hope."

"so what are you saying?" asked chiro.

"im saying, we need to split up. I'll find a way to get him back."

"nova, we need to stay together, " said Antauri. "there must be someone who can help us."

"yeah, someone who knows why the Skeleton King went bad." Said Otto. "I mean, he created us for a destroy what he was becoming."

"but who would know something like that besides us?" asked Gibson.

"I think I know one person." Said Antauri.

"chiro where are we?" asked Nova.

the monkey ventured to a planet unfamiler to the rest of them. They had left their allies on Shuggazoom to defend the home front while they went tosearching for antauri's friend.

"I'm not sure.".

"Antauri, who exactly are we going to see?" asked Jinmay from Sprx77's fist rocket.

"Twila." He said. "she might know what to do."

"and how exactly is that?" Asked Gibson.

"trust me, she'll know."

" who is Twila?" Asked otto.

"I'm sure you'll remember once you see her."

As he said this, the super robot landed on the forgein planet.

"I'm getting a weird feeling." Said Nova. "are you sure this planet is safe?"

"no, but is anything anymore?"

eventually, after walking for quite some time, they came upon a small house, alone and tucked away deep in the strange world. And the monkeys all felt it to be familier.

"I dare say, I'm feeling a drastisc case of déjà vu!" exclaimed Gibson.

"ditto." Said Otto.

"antauri, have we been here before?"

"the place is new but the presence is not." Said antauri. " I senseshe is near."

They walked to the tiny house and Antauri knocked on the door.

"who is it?" said a voice from inside. "I nevr get any visitors out here. Unless.."

the team heard a seris of several locks being unlocked, and a short pale girl with long black hair stepped out. she looked overjoyed.

"oh, oh my goodness!" she said, happily. "it can't be! I must be dreaming, the monkey team! I-wait. Where's the red one? Where's Sprx-77?"

"that's why we're here, Twila." Said Antauri.

"Antauri? Is that you?" asked Twila, bending down to hug him, little tears in her eyes. "things certainly have changed."

"Antauri, I'm confused. "said Nova. "why do I feel like I know her."

"twila is the the Skeleton King's daughter." He answered.
"no," said Twila. 'I was the Alchemist's daughter. You have no idea how happy I am to see you." Then she saw Chiro and Jinmay. "who are you two."

"this is Chiro and Jinmay." Said Antauri. "Chiro is…"

"….the chosen one. " finished Twila. "I sense the power primate in him. And Jinmay, I, well I can only assume is a vauluable ally."

"antauri, why are we here?" asked Gibson.

"oh Gibson! Gibson!" said Twila, grabbing him in a hug.. "still quite the observant one I see!"

"please just Gibson."

"of course. But, do tell me. Why have you chosen now to pay me a visit?"

"it's sprx77." Said Nova.

"I see. Please come in."

"and these are my original notes," said Twila, handing them to Gibson. "all the way back from when we first met. And then my father designed your attacks from your personalities."

"my, these are quite impressive." Commented Gibson. "oh, look, it says 'Gibson displays early intelligence and interest in unfamiler objects'. Can't say I disagree."

"oh! Look look! Here's me!" exclaimed Otto. "it says 'otto, very quiet but extremely resourceful'. Aw, I'm blushing!"

"let me see those," said Chiro. "hey, here's one about Antauri. 'shows the power primate and wise insight.'. wow, even back then. But why are you showing these to us?"

"well,"said Twila with a sigh. "I think we can find a loophole through these notes. True, Sprx77 is being controlled,but if we can reach him for a moment we can pull it out of him. I think these can help us find a weakness."

"well, what did you write?" asked Nova.

"Well, mostly he enjoyed spending time in the trees, he was a little daredevil." Said Twila. "other than that, he mostly spent time around …you. I remember you two made quite a pair. Always around each other, my father would say, inseparteable."

"so, what does that mean?" asked Jinmay.

"Well, from what you told me, I think we can reach the true Sprx77 through Nova." Said Twila. "just make him jealous, or realize how defensive he is of you."

"what if that doesn't work?" asked Nova.

"It'll have to. You see, it's not Sprx77 we're fighting, it's the fire of hate using him to get what it wants. It's the same thing that toke my father."

"Twila, what did happen to your father?" asked Jinmay.


"But I thought Manderin was his minion." Said Chiro.

"That's exactly what he wants you to think." Said Twila, softly.

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