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"Okay so there was Twila?" asked Otto for the 4th time as the team groaned.

"Yes, Otto." Replied Chiro. "She was there but he was trying to get rid of her."


"So we'd never meet her and she'd never help us." Said Nova.

"So Twila's still alive?"

"Well we're not sure," said Gibson quietly. "But not due to the past."
"So someone from the future?" asked Otto confused.

"No, the past Chiro just came from!"

"The Skeleton King sent Mandarin to follow Chiro back in time and get rid of Twila so he'd have a better chance to defeat us." Said Antauri.

"And when I saw what was happening, I didn't have time to find a way to stop The Alchemist from becoming Then Skeleton King, I had to help Twila."

'So no one won?" asked Otto.

"Well, Skeleton King didn't exactly lose much." Said Sprx, a little peeved.

"So nothing really changed?" asked Otto.

'Not really," said Chiro.


"So we went in one big circle, right back where we started." Said Chiro. 'Wait," he said, digging into his pocket. "I did get this." He showed them the bright orb.

"Chiro," exclaimed Gibson. 'This is excellent! Do you know what this is?"


"This is carntrion (yes I made it up) the strongest substance ever known," said Gibson. "This, why this could hold the iniquity force, or Curtis if you wish. That The Skeleton King uses to gain control. If we were to contain it in this, our chances would increase greatly."

"All right then," said Chiro. 'Team, let's get going."

"13 bottles of pop on the wall, 13 bottles of pop. If one of those bottles should happen to fall, how many bottles of pop on the wall?" said Twila sadly. 'Why would you keep pop on a wall, wouldn't it get warm?"

"Silence prisoner!" said Mandarin.

" 'Silence prisoner,'" mocked Twila.

"I mean it, I will destroy you!"

"No you won't." said Twila brightly. 'You guys need me."

"What do you mean?"

"Time travel: it's a profusion of unsettling perceptions."


"Things change in the blink of an eye and you don't even realize it. You just wait."

"MANDERIAN!!" screamed the dark villain.

"Right on cue," said Twila.

"Where is it? What have you done?!"

"What, what is it master?" asked the monkey, confused.

" 'What, what is it master?' "Mocked Twila

"Where is the orb?"

'The orb?"

"Yes, without it my control is gone!"

"I know something you don't know," said Twila from her cell.


"Wow. Someone's lost their people skills."

"SPEAK!" Demanded Skeleton King again.

"Well if you must know, it's in the right hands. Where it belongs."

Just then, the Skeleton King's ship took an attack from the right.

'They're here." Said Twila creepily as Skeleton King opened her cell and grabbed her wrist. "Where are we going? To get ice cream? I want chocolate!"

"Silence or I'll-,"

"Or you'll what?" she challenged as they stopped. 'You can't hurt me, you won't hurt me. You don't know why but you can't. I'm untouchable."

'You may be, but you're little friends aren't," he sneered. " And perhaps you know that and I know that, but they don't." and they continued their was to the control room.

As they looked out the front widow, the super robot came into sight.

"Skeleton King, hand her over or else." They heard Chiro's voice say.

"Or else what?" he demanded back.

"Or you'll regret it," he said as the super robot released a large heat blast. This shook the ship, but Skeleton King only became more determined.

"Fine." He said. "You may have her, if you give me what I want."

Twila saw what he meant. She grabbed the microphone. 'Guys, don't do it!" she said. "It's a trap! Luke I am your father, let's get ready to rumble!!" she laughed as her voice echoed.

The Skeleton King toke the microphone away from her, and spoke again. 'Do we have an agreement?"

But of course they had to agree. So they solemnly sought to hand over the orb for Twila. So the two enemies landed on a nearby meteor to make the exchange. Antauri walked out carefully holding the orb and Skeleton King angrily came out practically dragging Twila.

"Ow ow ow ow ow." She said. 'Why do I always cause a fuss? Ow!"

"She's here now hand it over." Demanded the dark lord.

"Antauri don't," she said. "It's fine, I can handle it."

And with that she mumble a few strange words under her breath and as she had done before, vanished into a cloud of smoke.

"Why does she keep doing that?" asked Sprx.

"Where'd she go?" asked Otto.
"Who knows," said Chiro. 'But that means…. Antauri come back!"

Antauri ran back to the robot, which set the Skeleton King into a fit a rage seeing he had been double-crossed. He threw rays of dark magic at the retreating robot but they managed to escape. Somehow, they managed to lose him. Now all they needed was a plan.

"We should find Twila," said Nova. "She might know what to do."

"She could be anywhere," protested Sprx. 'We need to face him head on."

"Somehow we have to figure out how to trap Curtis," said Otto. "Then we can, we can."

"What is there after that?" asked Nova.

They all turned to the large book and saw it was still the same as last time.

At time's patience will be a test, no one can know truly what is best. One will go to the other side; sometimes it is best to lie. But all in all, one thing remains; at the end it will all be the same. Through tears, love, hatred and deception, they shall all end up in the right direction. One will rise and leave the others to fall, but will always come back if someone calls. Something's that are broken should not be fixed. In the end there can only be six.'

"In the end there can only be six," read Gibson. "What can that mean?"

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