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The Real Cosmic Couple


"…The end," finished Macaria, and she sat back in her chair, looking expectantly at her 3-person audience.

"Wow, Macaria," Bob said, his voice sounding rather stunned, "I…I never knew all of that…any of that. Thank you for sharing."

She gave the nonexistent narrator a fanged smile.

"Yeah," agreed Hercules, "I didn't know all that, either…come to think of it…how do you know all of it? I mean…" He laughed a little. "Hades isn't exactly the most open guy in all of Greece, if ya know what I mean. How'd you find all this stuff out?"

"I'm on good terms with the Fates," Macaria explained, "They let me read the Tapestry and stuff…and I've read the story of my parents so many times, I've got it memorized. Word for word, thought for thought, action for action."

"And your parents don't mind you going around telling people about their past?" Hercules asked skeptically.

Macaria shrugged. "…eh."

Hercules blinked. "Eh? What does 'eh' mean?"

She shrugged again. "Just…eh."

Meg smirked. "I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and say that your ever-so-charming parents either do NOT know you're telling us these things or, if they do, are NOT happy about it." Macaria scowled, and Meg added, "Am I right?"

"Well," Maci said, choosing her words carefully, "They're not…very happy about it…but they don't really mind."

"Says who?" growled Hades.

Macaria gasped and whirled around; Hercules and Meg sprang to their feet.

Standing behind them was the real cosmic couple themselves.

"Oh, my," said Bob.

"Wha—how long have you been standing there?!" Hercules stuttered.

"About 20 seconds," Persephone said stiffly, "But we've been watching—and listening—on Tartarus Vision since you started."

Macaria looked furious, her hair seemed to be on the verge of explosion. "nd since when did you start to spy on me?!"

Hercules, who had been examining Persephone curiously, suddenly piped up, "Hey, that's your wedding dress!"

Persephone and Hades turned and glared at Macaria as one.

She was, in fact, wearing the dress she had worn for her re-marriage to Hades; complete with pomegranate clasp at the shoulder. Dangling from around her neck was her skull necklace.

Persephone actually looked, according to Macaria's descriptions, at least, just like she had all those years ago, only now, her hair reached almost down to her knees.

"Y'know," said Hades irritably, " I seem to recall one of us telling you NOT to go around being a freaking storyteller."

"I'm educating the public," Macaria replied, folding her arms.

"No, you're educating them," Hades shot a glare at Hercules and Meg, "Listen, Maci. Are you trying to get me to explode? 'Cuz that's the only place this conversation is going."

"Is Menthe still growing in your garden?" Meg asked Persephone wryly. Persephone scowled.

"Macaria—" She started angrily, but the teenage goddess already knew what was coming.

"I know, I know, grounded 'til next Saturnalia. Sheesh, touchy, touchy." Macaria scowled and as both Hades and Persephone grabbed Macaria by each arm and started to materialize, she waved at Herc and Meg and rolled her eyes.

And then all three were gone.

Hercules glanced uneasily at Meg, then looked upwards to wherever Bob was.

"Weird," he commented.

"Very weird," agreed Meg, "I didn't know Hades had a soft side."

"I can't help but wonder about Macaria," said Bob.

"What about her?" said Hercules.

"I mean, we know the story of her parents now," said Bob, "But…what's the story of her?"

"Hades would be amusing as a father," Meg mused, "I'll bet he flipped out when Persephone told him she was pregnant."

"Well…do you think it's too late to call Macaria back?" said Hercules, "Y'know, ask her to tell us her life story?" After a second, he added, "'Cuz I wanna know now, too."

"She's grounded ''til next Saturnalia,' remember?" Meg pointed out.

"Well," said Bob, "When she's ungrounded, we can go ask her, right? After all," His tone changed. It sounded a little bit proud. "After all, I can't be the narrator and not know all there is to know about the gods and their stories. Then I can't accurately narrate."

"Right," Hercules said. Meg nodded.

"Alright. So I'll put it on our To-Do List…. 'Go to the Underworld and Ask Macaria to Tell Us Her Life Story.'" She grinned twistedly, and glanced at Herc. "And now, if there's nothing else for us to do here, I think I'll be getting home…you coming, Wonderboy?" Hercules obediently nodded and they started to walk away.

And one could hear Hercules' voice as the two left:

"Why did Bob have to bring that up? Now I'm dying to know her story!"

~Author's Notes~ ....I ENDED ON A PUN! BWAHAHA! Pfft, what can I say? Underworld humor amuses me!

So that's it! Story's over, the end, finished, gone, dead, buh-bye. ^^

But keep an eye out for that sequel!!...speaking of which...can you guess what the sequel's gonna be about? ^^