Hey all. ITs been a long time since I've posted something, huh? Well, here's a new story. Just to clear things up, this story takes place in our world, but Oz is part of it (I know, it doesn't make much sense). Oz is a country in Europe with three states, and then a colony. The states are Munchkinland, Gillikin and Quaddling Country. The colony is in India, and it's The Vinkus. Other than that everything is modern day and whatnot. I hope you guys like it! Oh, the way I pictured this when writing it was kind of like a movie. :) (just thought I'd add a little earthy crunchy-ness to my note)

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In the Vinkus

"So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

The sun shone brightly over the plains. A young girl and boy were running and playing, occasionally hiding in the tall grasses that surrounded them. Their laughter filled the air. There was something peculiar about the children, though they didn't notice. Nobody was prejudice in this land.

The girl happened to be green. It wasn't a loud or obnoxious green, but it was still the color of leaves and grass. It was hard to miss. People would often stop and stare at the girl, though she did not notice. Nothing could trouble her mind in this paradise.

The boy, however, wasn't green. Instead, his skin was more of a natural color. It was a deep brown, the color of melted milk chocolate. That wasn't the peculiar part, for most people in the Vinkus had this skin color. The odd thing was that it he had blue diamonds on his skin. They seemed to be embedded into it and swirled in different patterns all over his body. They had meaning, though. The boy was a prince. He was born with the diamonds, just like the girl was born with green skin.

"You can't catch me, Yero!" The girl cried, grinning and laughing.

"Oh yes I can. Just you wait, Fae!" He was catching up, getting closer and closer. The girl squealed and ran faster, going as far as her long legs would take her. The sun beat down hotly on their bodies.

The children didn't speak for a while, they just kept running. They jumped over creaks and rocks, darted behind trees, and panted heavily.

"If I catch you, you have to give me a kiss!" The boy called upon making a decision. He ran faster. The girl's running was no match for his hunting expertise. He was a warrior prince after all.

The green girl made a face. "It's on!" She narrowly missed falling into a mud puddle and went on running.

The kids came across the main street in the village. It was mostly a market place, bustling with Irjiki people. The girl dodged them as best as she could. The prince was close behind. On accident, he knocked over a cart of exotic fruits. The vendor yelled curses at him and shook his fist. People were openly staring at the running kids now, thought a few were used to it. Everybody knew about the young prince and his playmate's antics.

"Sorry!" The boy called over his shoulder, still focused on his chase. He wouldn't lose!

With determination, the children were soon out of the market place and back on the plains. It was on the banks of a river when the girl finally gave up.

"Ok, ok, you win!" She panted, collapsing onto the dry grass. The boy grinned.

"See, told you so. Now you have to kiss me." He taunted, clutching the cramp in his side.

The girl stood, put her hands on her hips defiantly and leaned in, pressing her lips to his.

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