A/N: Another story, and honestly you can't blame me. My muse yes, but me no. I seriously hate it and love it at times. But, I think this story will be just like Jaded in a way, as in like, I will be working on it just as much as that story of mine. The plot however is different.

~Summary: Addison (Adie), is best friends with Dean. Thing is...she is also in love with him, but he doesn't know and neither does his brother Sam. She's been hunting and traveling with Dean since she met him Senior year of High School, and all the while, been watching him go after girls and doing what he claimed he did best.

Adie is ready to take a huge step, and wants to be more than just a friend. The question is, how is she going to do it? If so does...will it last? Will things change? Will he reject her other feelings for him?

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There are times when a girl just has to take the big pill and swallow it down, especially when watching the guy you love flirt it up with other girls. And just knowing exactly where he is planning on going with this whole "one hit wonder", hookup lifestyle, why even bother to keep these feelings that you've been harboring since you've gotten to know him?

"Adie, you all right?" Sam asked. He doesn't even know or see it either. Maybe because I hide it so well, or cause he thinks that if he meddles in the affairs of my heart and mind, he will regret it. Chances are he is correct if he is thinking the latter, but I know Sam. A computer nerd who is just too damn adorable to turn down the puppy dog eyes, and is the most understanding and awesome non-related brother a girl could have.

"I think maybe I'm going to head back to the motel room…" I said, standing up, taking my coat with me and heading for the door.

Simple enough reply, and even when I left the bar, Dean didn't look in my direction to see where I was going…like always. Entering into the cold air outside, I wrapped my arms around myself, pulling the article of clothing tighter. Step-by-step I was walking for that motel across the street. A bright idea by the owners, I have to give them credit for something.

Approaching the door and getting inside, I was relieved to be welcomed by the smell of the wall air freshener that plugged in. God, I loved those things. Made me feel like I was home.

"What are you going to do now Adie? Lay down like usual and stare at the ceiling, while at the same time, mope about how you wish it was you who was hanging out with Dean tonight, instead of that bimbo he was picking up back there?" I began to talk to myself. Literally beat myself down with my own spoken words. Hey, it was better than hearing it from someone else I'll tell you that much.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I removed my coat as I skillfully took out the device and slid it open.

"Addison," I said.

"Hey Adie where'd you go?" The familiar voice came from the other line. He may not be with the bimbo now, but he probably stepped out just to talk to me for a second before going back to work.

"Motel," I replied, feigning interest in talking to him. I swear if he couldn't hear the sadness in my voice already, then I knew that I was way over my head.

"You okay?" he asked. Good he notices.


"You sure don't sound it. Wanna tell me what's wrong?"

Routine. Dean needs to desperately get a better choice of words whenever speaking to a person on the phone. It's a bit different when he's talking to Sam, but, when on the phone with me, I can't get more than friendly concern.

This is my problem. I am in love with a man, who just happens to think of a girl as a friend, when that same man, doesn't seem to be capable of that. He can't have two types of girls in his life at all times! It drives one insane!

"Dean, you are honestly standing wherever the hell you are at and wanting to hear me confess, while you have a choice of pickings in the next room calling your name?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him even though he couldn't see.

There was a pause at my question. No doubt he was mulling it over, trying to find what was better to say in order to not totally hurt my feelings. Depending if he actually knew that I had any.

"Well, there is a next room, but there really isn't much to pick from besides two 1 pints of chunky monkey, a lonely depressed friend, and a movie of her choice, followed by a few beers. I think I will take all of those," he replied. I stood up and stepped towards the door, opening it slowly as I found him there, holding his cell with the ice cream and a six-pack.

Hanging up, I shoved the cell into my side pocket and moved forwards to wrap him in a hug.

"You are the best," I whispered as he hugged back with full arms.

"I know. But hey, you so owe me big time Adie," he replied, managing to get a few fingers free to tickle me. I jumped and pushed away with a scream of laughter at his move.

"Meanie!" I exclaimed, sticking my tongue out and taking the 2 pints away from him and turning around to run over to the couch and plop down onto it.

My legs curled up onto the cushions and finding the plastic spoons taped on top of the lids, I set his down and began to dig into my own. Dean shortly came after, getting as close to me as possible. I loved these times when he was near me and knowing that I was feeling down, but he never knew that I felt more than that.

"Come here Adie." Dean's arms were open and it left room on his lap to let me know that I was welcome to lye down within the invitational area. I scooted over a bit to rest my head on the denim covered legs, and he immediately placed his arms around me a bit while grasping his own 1 pint.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked curiously, bringing the spoon into my mouth with the ice cream on it.

"I told you…it's your choice," he replied simply, copying my move with the spoon.

"Turn on the TV, I am sure they have movies on there that we can both agree on," I told him. Dean leaned forward and grabbed the remote, switching on the box. It sometimes surprised me at how comfortable we both were around each other like this. I mean, Dean Winchester, the tough guy and all that is one night stands. People never would guess it, but he was a sweetie, he just refused to show it. Sometimes around Sam he does, but with me, it was like he can be himself.

I sighed contently. That girl back at the bar was nothing compared to me. Sure, I am being a bit too over confident and happy, but who cares? Dean chuckled and the side of his mouth popped into a grin. I shifted my head to look at him and he was staring right back at me, the admiration in his eyes.

"What?" I asked with my mouth somewhat full.

Shaking his head he answered, "You look like a little kid with how you're positioned." I moved more to lye fully on my back and I gave him a quizzical expression.

"Is that a good or bad thing?"

His hand reached out and began to move through my hair and Dean refused to reply right away. It was how he was, always thinking or contemplating on what to say back, so therefore, he turned to silence for a while. Making me wonder and then finally…

"Dean?" I asked.

Still nothing. Then he stopped, moved his gaze to the picture on the screen and idly switched the channel to a clay animation movie that was Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer.

I groaned, curling inward to the back of the couch and his stomach, hating the sight of the show.

"I thought you said it was my choice…" I muttered.

"Did I?" he chuckled, "Sorry sweet cheeks, remote is mine tonight. Unless you want to fight for it…" He left the suggestion hanging, and I quickly sat up and got onto my feet.

"Bring it on Dean. Your ass is mine, and so is that remote," I grinned.

Dean stood and gained a fighting stance also grinning back, but dirtily.

"My ass huh? Never knew you had a thing for me Adie. Thinking I should give you what you want?" That pissed me off. He always made jokes on whatever I said and made it into something about sex.

Quickly before he could even counteract my move, I pounced.