childish games of make-believe

a / n ;; Once upon a time CherryFlavoredChalk requested a PenceNaminé drabble. It only took several months, but I've finally managed to finish it (and I really hope Digital!Pence will do). So, darling, I hope you enjoy it.

summary;; Pence, Naminé, and five wishes she'll never have.


Pages—the kind she's devoted to hero boy and other girl. (four-letter words, sea shells, and prison cells). She wants to be the princess, not the witch; to have a knight in shining armor whose arm isn't twisted behind his back.

She wants most what she can't have—veins filled with something more than crayon shavings, boys that are more than binary code, hands wrapped around flesh instead of wood and wax.


to be in a picture she hasn't drawn herself (or fabricated herself because, really, he's got a box of them tucked away under his bed, stacks and stacks of snapshots of girls that don't exist, but none that she hasn't planted there herself)

to be remembered.


to be more than a flicker and flash in the background; to feel less like an intruder, even in a keystroke caricature. She wants to wake up and walk in something that isn't a freeze frame.

She wants to be a part not apart.



--but he's a computer program and she doesn't exist, and she knows it's never meant to be.


for delete not to mean forever.