Seth is not Allowed to…

Smear peanut butter on Leah (This is a bad idea for anyone, just to clarify)

Have sugar in any way shape or form

Eat chocolate (He's a puppy isn't he?)

Become a door-to-door pots n' pans salesman

Chew on Jake's ear (Who knows what goes through Seth's head? He could do that!)

Cover himself in flour and go to the Cullens' house as a fake vampire

Be a werewolf for Halloween

See the movie "2012" (It'd depress the little guy )

Drink coffee

Ever use the words "Doom n' gloom" in that order out loud

Get Edward to teach him to play the piano

Chew on a rawhide bone

Lick fence posts

Hide under Leah's bed on Friday the 13th

Dance to the song "Tiptoe thru' the Tulips"

Bark in public

Go to LA (Whoever agrees with this… SHOUT!!!)

Wear Polka-dot PJ's

Wear Footie Pajamas

Swim in melted marshmallow