The first touch was tentative, almost innocent. A soft brush of skin against skin that was far too brief and yet so much longer than it should have been.

Things proceeded pretty quickly after that, touches being replaced by kisses, subtlety by obvious longing, though never a word was spoken about it, their abilities telling them everything about the other's desires.

Until now.

Jasper was clearly irritated with the way Edward was ignoring him, the familiar feeling of desire no longer reaching him though the younger vampire clearly tried to disguise the fact that it had been as good as replaced by an entirely different feeling. Jasper endured it for almost a month before he finally cornered Edward in his room.

"What is it you want, Jasper?" Edward had been defensive since the moment the older vampire had entered the room.

"You're the one who can read thoughts, you tell me." Jasper's voice was calm, quiet, like it always was. Edward just kept silent, eyes meeting Jasper's in a challenging stare. "What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid of anything." Edward kept his voice firm though he couldn't stop a small tremor. Jasper shrugged. "Fine. You are not. You're Mr. Invincible and nothing can get to you."


"Just admit that you're freakin' afraid Edward, I can feel it anyway! Just admit that you're afraid of whatever it is you're feeling for me!" Edward flinched almost imperceptibly, Jasper raising his voice to the level of yelling something he'd never experienced before.

Silence fell between them, eyes locking in an intense stare until Edward looked away, causing Jasper to shake his head in disbelief.

"Right, just keep on pretending that everything's just fine. But don't expect me to stand by and watch how you deny me."

"I'm not denying you." Edward eventually found his voice again though his eyes remained averted.

"Then tell me what you want from me. Because I am sick of this. You're either in or you're out…" Jasper raised his hand to silence Edward when he was about to interrupt. "… but if you decide that you're out, that's it. Forever."

Jasper was almost out of the door when Edward spoke up. "I'm scared, okay?" The older vampire stopped short and turned back around to face Edward. "I'm not supposed to feel this way, not for you. And yet I do. You're right, I'm scared. You knew all along, so why did you have to make me say it? You knew."

"You never would've realized if you hadn't said it."

"Realized what?"

Edward watched Jasper expectantly and in a matter of seconds the older vampire's mouth was up against Edward's ear, sweet breath washing over marble skin as Jasper's lips curled into a smile at the wave of emotion that radiated off the younger vampire.

"That you love me."