"You can't leave!" Natsuki said, tears forming at her eyes. "Please, Please! My stories need to be finished!" she begged.

KooKieX7 Kami sighed, "I can't, I mustn't. Look, you're extremely OOC! I must…I must LEAVE! Plus, I can't concentrate here anymore longer..."

"But look at all those stories! You didn't even finish them!"

Kookie Looked up into the sky. "I will, one day, return. But alas, I must take a full leave. It might be months, but most likely years, until I decide my heads clear. But we can't tell the future young one, we never know if I might completely loser interest or finally get laid and end up being a slutty alcoholic in my older years…."

"Aye, mate, that's horrible!" Natsuki said.

"But remember, Natsuki, if you want to know the end of a freaking story I had in my head, just ask. My spirit will be left here, because my email accounts still gets reviews and notices and all of that," Kookie said.

The sky suddenly had clouds parting, and the light glimmered onto KooKie.

"Natsuki," Kookie said. "It is time. This is my proper goodbye, since you're my favorite person here. Actually, you were really the only one I liked, heh. And besides, I feel horrible having people not know why I'm not updating, so I might as well give them my farewells also."


Kookie started to float into the heavens of the FictionPress world. "Goooooooodbye everyone on Fanfiction, and if I get the time I'll make a letter to everyone who has supported me and stuff here in this place…."


Kookie grinned, grabbed her skateboard, and skated towards the world of Fictionpress.


But yeah, explained above XD. Sorry, but if anyone really just wants to know what happens or wants to try and finish my stories, I'm happy to let them, I don't really care, message me cos I'll still get it in my email. Byebye!