Author's Note: A little sneak peak for all my favorite fans…this is set at the end of Season 15, but the first part is a flashback from Beast's Obsession. The dialogue from the flashback section is not mine. It belongs to the fabulous writers that get paid to play every day. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things so bear with me as I adjust back to a little writing. Let me know your thoughts on continuing. Reviews are always welcomed.

It was pitch black outside.

Olivia's heart was pounding as the car pulled forward into the abandoned junkyard lot. She turned the wheel to the right and came to a stop, glancing around her as she prepared to step out of the car. Pure adrenaline coursed through her veins, pushing her forward as she stepped outside.

"Lewis, I'm here." Her voice broke ever so slightly, betraying her even as her eyes scanned all around her. "Where's the girl?"

It was an internal battle inside her. Her breathing stilled ever so slightly as her eyes scanned the grounds—waiting for whatever came to follow. It wasn't until she turned her back that she saw him coming up behind her—his gun drawn, his jaw clenched. The tears she had been holding back instantly sprang to her eyes despite all efforts to hold them back.

She was frozen in place as she watched him step closer toward her, her lungs heaving for air, her eyes trained on the gun in his hand. And suddenly, she didn't know where she was anymore. An image of him in her apartment sprang to mind, but it was only the feel of the wind that drew her back to this moment. "Put your hands in the air, Olivia."

Slowly, she felt her hands comply as if betraying every effort to resist them. "Did you think it was going to be easy, Olivia?" Her eyes were fixated on the way the corner of his lips turned up in a smile as he repeated her name. "After all of our time together. It's like you don't even know me at all."

"What do you want?" The response felt instinctual, and strangely calm despite his rapidly approaching footsteps.

"Your gun." His words took her breath away again, shattered her sense of safety. "Otherwise you won't find the girl."

He reached over to grab her Glock from its holster, and she felt her body pulling back away from him in a futile attempt to protect her. She watched him take her Glock away from her, watched him tuck it in his waistband, watched him take away the one piece of control she felt she still had.

Her eyes fluttered shut, desperately fighting back the tears that wanted to come forward. Her mind screamed at her not to let him see its effect on her, but her body felt powerless to fight it. She heard the click as he took out the clip, heard the gun as he tossed it uselessly aside. She flinched as it hit the ground.

His gaze hardened. "Turn around." Her body complied, her hands reaching out to wrap around the edge of the car. And then she felt it—felt his hand dig into her hair, pulling her back and tearing her hair loose. Long or short…it no longer mattered. Somehow, it still betrayed her.

"Owwww." She fought to hold back the cry that escaped her lips, but to no avail. She strained her neck to see behind her, to find something with which she could ground herself in the moment. But it was useless. The darkness swallowed her up. She felt him tear away her vest and toss it aside—stripping away the last bit of protection she had left. She was powerless. Again. "Ahhh, take it easy."

"Shhh." His response commanded her attention once again. She could still feel the gun on her back even as she felt him turn away to throw her vest away. But it wasn't just the vest itself that he had stolen from her, or even the badge affixed to it. In a solitary motion, he had stripped away everything from her—her identity, her power, her control, her safety, her confidence in a justice system she had spent more than 20 years trying to protect.

If I hadn't let my guard down, if somebody had put him away…

She froze, suddenly realizing she had no idea what she had left. His hands briefly disappeared and then came back and she felt them all over her again. Her cries disappeared into the darkness all around her, unheard by all except the one person she desperately wanted to hide them from. She felt him continue his intrusive search. "Drop gun, good girl…cell phone, this you won't be needing." Her head whipped up as she heard the sound it made as it hit the pavement. She exhaled sharply.

"You know what?" His hands pulled her back toward him, commanding, invading. He ripped her handcuffs and her radio away from her. "I think I'll keep the radio. This way they can hear you scream while they're looking for you."

She desperately fought for her composure, fought to keep her voice steady. "Where's the girl, Lewis?"

"Shhh." He grabbed her arm, whipping her around to face him. She felt her eyes lower ever so slightly, avoiding eye contact and watching as he entrapped her wrist. She heard the sound the handcuffs made as they snapped closed, trapping her once again. "Let's go for a ride". He raised the gun again, and she felt her body recoil away from it, away from him. She stumbled backward as he pushed her further back into the darkness, a darkness that consumed her. The pain, the anxiety, the fear disappeared into the darkness as her body took over, allowing her mind to escape into oblivion.


Olivia's head snapped up, her eyes slowly orienting back to the scene around her. It took her a moment to realize where she was. "I'm sorry. What were you saying?"

Amanda's eyes darted over to where Fin stood across from her. "We found the girl," she repeated quietly. "Two gunshot wounds to the back of her head." Amanda hesitated. "Her tox screen came back. Her blood alcohol content was 0.18, and they found trace amounts of Trazadone in her system."

Fin stepped in smoothly. "That's not all. Rape kit shows vaginal tearing and bruising. But, Liv…" He held his breath for a moment. "The bastard burned her with cigarettes…and a wire coat hanger."

Alcohol. Sleeping pills. Cigarette burns. Wire coat hanger. Olivia's mouth felt dry. There was no need to say the name out loud. They were all thinking it. Lewis. Her voice broke. "That's impossible. He's dead."

He was pronounced dead. And then he came back to life.

The words replayed themselves in her mind, and Olivia felt the panic start to grip her. The tears, desperate to escape, burned behind her eyelids. Her breath began to quicken. "There has to be some other explanation." Her words were raspy when spoken. She could feel herself fighting…fighting for a clarity that had disappeared the moment that she had received that fateful call that Vanessa Mayer's body had been found.

To be continued…