**Pops from Oblivion ala the Shredder**


Chapter Twenty Three: Doomquest Part One

The city of New York was quiet on Friday evening and the exact cover that a group of carefully skilled ninjas needed to slip inside a government institution. Nega-Harry and Adrenaline watched as one of the ninja's had picked the lock with his Sai and pried the door open. Once they were in, they could lock down the entire city, leaving it easily open.

"Quite efficient if I do say so myself," answered Nega-Harry as Adrenaline just crossed her arms, before nodding. "I noticed you were experimenting with the new wand. It's not the best but…"

"It's good enough for me, but Dad, can I ask you a question?" asked Adrenaline and her father responded with a nod of her forehead. "Why are your people sneaking around? Shouldn't we be doing something to draw the Shadow Phantom out so I can defeat her? I understand what you might be doing is important but at the same time, you promised…"

"Andrea, I know it's frustrating that we don't get what we want but patience is something we all must exercise, with Agent Bishop and his commandos swarming the city, looking for any traces of a portal to try to stop it, even though it is quite too late, I want something to keep them distracted, to keep them from getting in the way of us attacking bigger fish," responded Nega-Harry and Adrenaline nodded. "If it had not been for circumstances, I would have finished my counterpart and believe me, that will happen before long, just like you will unmask the Shadow Phantom in due time and take your rightful place as the city's number one heroine."

"I understand but it looks like we're not the only one's out this late breaking into government buildings," responded Adrenaline and Nega-Harry spun around, as he looked forward and sure enough, a group of clad figures moved forward. His eyes narrowed, when he recognized the symbol on their uniforms, the sign of the Foot. He had slaughtered all of the Foot back in his home dimension and kept the Shredder magically lobotomized as a deterrent against future Foot operations. "You know them."

"All too well, leave it to my twisted counterpart to not clean up the messes he should, they're going to ruin my operations," responded Nega-Harry before he turned to his daughter with a smile and a nod. "Of course, this is a mess that might have been the Shadow Phantom's responsibility to clean up, so now it's yours it looks like."

"Right, that's what I'm going to do that," said Adrenaline in a smug voice but Nega-Harry grabbed his daughter's wrist, before shaking his head. In an instant, he removed a smoke bomb from the pocket of his robes, tapped it with his wand, and released it, before a cloud of smoke screened their entrance in the building.

"Let's go," whispered Nega-Harry as they slipped inside the door that was about to close. A sleepy guard walked by, not realizing that two groups of ninjas had slipped right inside of his government facility.


"Alright Techno-Mages, get to the control room, we're going to send a message to the Shadow Phantom so we can lure her into a trap to destroy her as payment for slaughtering our master, certain honor dictates it," remarked Khan as one of them lit up his wand, which turned into a key and it twisted into the opening, before it clicked open and entranced them, but they were greeted by a group of ninjas. "What's this?"

"You're too leave now, or you will perish," said one of the ninjas, a female, in a soft voice, as they withdrew their weapons, all sharp and ready to skew anything.

"Foolish warriors, we have magic and you have those puny little blades that went out of fashion with the twentieth century," responded Khan with a bullish laugh as he lifted a large staff, where a blade of pure magical energy erupted from it, sparks flying everywhere. "We will show you who the mighty warriors in this world are."

Khan rushed forward with his blade but one of the ninjas leapt out of the way. The others moved around, as several daggers were shot from the makeshift wands, but they were deflected back. The Techno-Mages were uncertain on how to deal with these foes but they kept up, sending blasts of magical energy but several razor sharp blades came down and sliced their wands in half. Miniature magical explosions sent sparks in every direction when the blades punctured the wands and the next direction for the blades were the chests of the former Techno-Mages, before the ninjas moved, kicking at them but the second wave of Techno-Mages were on their guard more than the first. The battle continued to be evenly matched, as Khan knocked several of his opponents to the ground with expert precision. Several ninjas thumped to the ground but as Khan raised his blade, a pair of feet knocked him in the chest, sending him backwards into a control console. Khan rose to his feet and a loud bang echoed, before he was tied in ropes where he could not move. He looked up to see Adrenaline and Nega-Harry. His face contorted into an ugly scowl as Nega-Harry raised his wand in the air and the wands lifted from the Techno-Mages.

"I believe you will no longer disgrace the fine art of magic with your pitiful imitations," responded Nega-Harry as all of the ninjas bowed before their Dark Emperor before he picked up Khan's staff and effortlessly broke it over his knee. A Techno-Mage tried to get behind him but a concealed dagger up his sleeve caught him right in the chest. He dropped to the ground, blood splattering from his chest. Another attack had knocked another Techno-Mage down, causing the back of his head to whiplash and his neck to snap.

"Now, I believe you know what to do, annihilate them all," said Nega-Harry as his warriors walked forward, as the Techno-Mages stepped backwards. They gave a scream, as blades plunged right into their chests. Adrenaline moved around, watching as her father surveyed his warrior's handiwork. More of the Techno-Mages dropped down, as Khan watched in horror, his master's dynasty being ripped down piece by piece. "I believe it is your turn."

Nega-Harry moved forward, but before he could do the deed, a large silvery fist struck him right in the face, causing him to spiral down to the ground. He bounced down to the ground and looked up in shock at the person who had attacked him.

"Master?" asked Khan in shock unable to believe his eyes. "But I thought you had perished."

"A foolish notion on your part Khan, I have not perished, I remain living and breathing, to return to this disgrace, my Techno-Mages slaughtered by this distorted image of one of my greatest enemies," said the Shredder in a crazed voice as Nega-Harry struggled to find his way to his feet. "This matter will be rectified immediately for he will not be leaving here alive."

"Yes, you're impressive, once you cheap shot someone when they aren't expecting it," answered Nega-Harry as he removed his wand and pointed it towards the Shredder. "Let's see how well you are in a straight up fight."

He sent a spell right towards the Shredder but a shield appeared right around his armor and deflected it right back at Nega-Harry. He managed to cushion his fall but the Shredder dove right at him. He barely blocked the spiked gauntlets with his dagger and pushed him backwards, causing the Shredder to step back. Two chains shot forward and wrapped around the Shredder's arms, but he twisted outwards, sending Nega-Harry spiraling to the ground. He landed on the ground once again with a loud thud and the Shredder rushed forward, before he impacted the toe of his foot right into the chest of Nega-Harry. Nega-Harry was ripped up by his hair and slammed right into the wall. The Shredder raised his gauntlet but Nega-Harry kicked off on him, causing him to spiral backwards but he landed right back up, before he bounced back up. The two opponents circled each other, with the Shredder aiming another attack but Nega-Harry managing to use his opponent's momentum against him. The Shredder crashed down to the ground but he bounced back up, ready to attack.

"Foolish insect, I am more powerful than you may remember, I'm indestructible, you can't destroy me," responded the Shredder in a loud voice and Nega-Harry just dodged behind him, when he was ranting. A somersault put him right back in front of the Shredder and a kick to the face but the Shredder only staggered back a few inches. Nega-Harry pulled himself up on a chain, before he swung forward, and knocked the Shredder down, before he snapped his fingers. His ninjas dove at the Shredder, blades drawn and began their attempts to hack the Shredder to pieces. The Shredder fought but he gave a loud grunt, as several blades hacked him at once. The healing charms built into his skin and the durability of his armor was being tested but he fought back, plunging his blade forward against any target that moved. Several ninjas thumped to the ground, but Nega-Harry dove forward, before he wrapped his hands around the throat of the Shredder. The Shredder struggled, as Nega-Harry attempted to put all of the pressure necessary but the evil ninja swung his attack, causing Nega-Harry to crash towards the ground. Shredder dove forward and sliced his blade but Nega-Harry moved. The blade connected with one of the support beams of the room. Nega-Harry moved around, his back towards the other blade, but the Shredder kicked him right in the chest, knocking him to the ground. "Fool, I shall not fall for that trick this time. The only thing that will fall, is you."

The Shredder pounded Nega-Harry with three punches in succession, rocking him and causing him crumple to the ground. Nega-Harry still hand one more trick up his sleeve, a sliding kick to the knee, but it was in vain. He was hoisted up but Adrenaline leapt in, before she caught the Shredder with a kick to the back. The Shredder landed on his feet and bounced up, before he sent a swipe of his blade at Adrenaline.

"Foolish girl, you can't defeat me," said the Shredder but Adrenaline rolled out of the way, before she ran up the wall and flipped behind the Shredder. The Shredder turned and got a kick right into the face. He landed into a stack of crates and Adrenaline dove forward but the Shredder dodged out of the way. Adrenaline bounced up and Nega-Harry removed a grenade from his robe, before he lobbed it. It latched right onto the Shredder's leg and it sent shockwaves throughout him. A loud sizzling sound echoed as the Shredder screamed in absolute agony, as his knees buckled, he began to stagger in every direction possible before he thumped to the ground.

"He's finished, isn't he?" asked Adrenaline, despite her enhanced powers, the Shredder had kept up with her, but the Shredder rose to his feet, angrier than ever, as he picked up one of the swords and swung it briefly.

"That would be no," said Nega-Harry as he bounced around, before he picked up a sword and they clashed together. Sparks flew in every which direction, as they both pushed backwards, before the Shredder broke the sword and then grabbed Nega-Harry, but he dodged a punch and leapt up, before he struck the Shredder right in the face with both feet. The Shredder dented a cinderblock wall behind him. However, like it was nothing, he bounced up and knocked Nega-Harry down to the ground. The Dark Emperor bounced up, before he picked up a laser blaster and began shooting it at the Shredder.

The attacks bounced off the Shredder but the dangerous warrior continued to move forward, until Nega-Harry decided that the best tactic would be to slam the blaster into his opponent's chest. That only staggered the ninja as he nearly dropped to the ground. Another slam of the blaster and Nega-Harry had backed the Shredder off by a few inches, but the Shredder grabbed Nega-Harry, before he flipped him to the ground. Nega-Harry was thrown viciously through the wall, before he landed with a thud, several of his ribs cracked.

"As if you could defeat me when others have failed," countered the Shredder and Adrenaline rushed forward, out of concern but a diabolical grin appeared on the Shredder's face underneath his helmet, before he stepped forward. He raised his arms and a loud thump knocked Adrenaline down to the ground. Adrenaline fell down, knocked unconscious, as the Shredder draped her over his shoulder, before he sliced Khan free. "Let us depart Khan, Bishop's commandos will be arriving momentarily, I can here the helicopters coming as we speak."

"Why bring her, though?" asked Khan.

"Yours is not to question Khan, but yours is to do as say," grunted the Shredder viciously and Khan nodded fearfully. "Now come with me, we have little time to depart."


Bishop arrived, seeing the slaughtered bodies of Techno-Mages and ninjas, as he walked inside the factory, commandos walking forward. There appeared to be no hint of the intruders other than that, until they reached a body stirring in a pile of rubble.

"Go, see what this is about," commanded Bishop and his commandos moved forward, weapons carefully monitored, as the figure began to pull himself out of the rubble, wincing as he got to his feet, staggering as he tried to get up.

"Agent Bishop, it's…Harry Potter," responded of the commandos in a surprised voice but Nega-Harry got to his feet and Bishop stepped forward, but he frowned when he saw the figure before him was walking on his own accord.

"That's not this dimension's Harry Potter," responded Bishop but Nega-Harry had the presence of mind to kick one of the commandos into the wall and steal his stun gun, before he rushed forward and jammed it into Bishop's abdomen. Bishop was shocked and he fell to the ground, before Nega-Harry rushed forward, alarmed by the fact that his daughter had been taken by the Shredder and Khan. She was important to his plans, as he moved towards one of the helicopters, before he rose up to the ground. The commandos moved outside, firing at him.

"Out of the way," commanded Nega-Harry viciously as he aimed the cannon of the helicopter, before he fired. Several missiles whipped through the air and blew up the ground. Several of the commandos scattered but many were not lucky to get out of the way. They were blown to smithereens as Nega-Harry rose higher in the air, before he pointed the weapons of the helicopter towards those on the ground. He aimed the energy weapon, which cut a path, blowing up all of the helicopters of the commandos, ensuring that it would be rather difficult for them to follow. The Dark Emperor moved forward, turning the helicopter, as he looked down, for any sign of the Shredder.


Adrenaline was beginning to show some signs of life, but she was strapped down to a table, She struggled against the straps, but she was bound and gagged. The Shredder turned over, before he looked towards Khan and removed a metallic headband, similar to the technology that Nega-Harry had used to keep his prisoners in a mindless state.

"It is amusing, is it not, that his daughter would be controlled in the same way that the mirror image controlled so many of his hated enemies," responded the Shredder as he moved over, Adrenaline moved over, before he slipped the metallic headband over the girl's head. She squirmed in pain briefly, before she felt her mind go numb and susceptible to commands from the controller of the headband.

"Master, if I may be so bold as to say, why not kill her?" asked Khan. "Surely by keeping her here, we may only draw attention and she could break the spell that you have over her. The Super Enhancer is powerful enough that it would override any controls that you have."

"Do not think that I have not anticipated this Khan and have planned for it," responded the Shredder, as he looked at his lead and pretty much only remaining Techno-Mage. "She will be my puppet but this is just the beginning of a grand plan. I have made a pact with someone powerful and the universe will burn and reshaped. I will rule over my hated enemies the Utroms, as it should have been all those years previously. Still, since you seem so eager to see someone perish, I believe I can oblige by doing so. Unfortunately for you, you will not be able to see the aftermath."

Suddenly, the razor sharp gauntlet of the Shredder plunged right into Khan's throat. Khan slumped to the ground, eyes rolling into the back of his head, as he was dead. The Shredder turned over, before he approached a screen. A picture appeared on the screen as he turned to address it.

"Everything is going according to our plans," responded the Shredder roughly.

"Excellent, prepare for the next stage of our operation," said the voice from the other end of the communication link and the Shredder watched, as his puppet stared back at him, with blank vapid eyes. Everything was going according to their plans.


Three teenagers moved towards the Earth Protection Force building, one of them cackling madly.

"Right Speedball, take out those guards and don't screw up this time," ordered Shockwave and Speedball gave her a mock salute, before he tucked his head and rolled forward. The guards were caught off guard, by a blur rolling at them at the speed of light. They thumped to the ground one by one, dropping from the impact. Slam rushed forward and he slammed his hands into the wall, putting a large hole into the side of the Earth Protection Force building. Shockwave motioned for her two fellow X-Raiders to move through, before they walked down the hallways. She pressed her hand on the control box and it began to vibrate, before it short circuited the laser grid in the hallway. "Everyone move quickly, we don't have much time until the second wave of commandos come here."

"But we can take them," argued Speedball and Shockwave just raised her hand, before they moved forward, down the hallway.

"According to the plans, the cells should be right around here but I don't see them," said Speedball. "Master Doomquest will not be pleased if we don't find them."

Slam grunted, before he pointed forward and Shockwave raised her hand, before it vibrated. The energy particles parted and it revealed there was a holographic image.

"Clever, but not good enough to keep us out of here and from taking what is ours," responded Shockwave as she clapped her hands and the energy particles began to vibrate once again, before they parted, leaving an opening that allowed them to slip inside. They saw Master Magic trapped in his cell, in a tank lined with platinum, unable to move. "Slam, break down the door, we'll take the tank with us, that's all we need."

Slam grunted before he lifted his hands and pried the bars from the hinges. The door crashed down to the ground and Slam walked over. He hoisted up the tank as the alarms went off. Speedball looked over, as several commandos walked down the hallway. He clenched his fists, before several fireballs appeared and they shot at the commandos at the speed of light. The commandos shrieked as their hands were burned to an absolute crisp. The trio of X-Raiders moved forward, before they took the tank containing the trapped form of Master Magic.

"Master, we have what we have came for," answered Shockwave in a triumphant voice as if she was pleased with herself.

"Excellent, you have done well, my children, walk inside the hallway to your right and a doorway will be opened for you to take the package to your next location," responded Doomquest in a thrilled voice and the three X-Raiders moved forward, package in hand, as they entered the portal that had opened. More commandos moved forward, but once they had reached the area, it was like the three intruders had never been there to begin with.


The Shredder nodded, a pleased look on his face, as the tank containing perhaps one of the most powerful weapons that he could have envisioned was delivered before him. Stepping forward, the Shredder lifted his gauntlets before he rammed them into the side of the tank, springing it open. It rattled for a moment as he had anticipated and the form of Luther Malfoy, alias Master Magic, rose out of the tank. It took a few seconds to register that he was free, but when he did, he was pleased.

"They thought they could keep me locked there forever, but once again, I've escaped," answered Master Magic but his eyes focused on the sight of the Shredder. Needless to say, he was taking aback. "The Shredder! And what do I owe this unexpected pleasure, sir."

"Malfoy, we have had our encounters in years previous but I see your new gifts would be something that would allow us to achieve goals that would be to both of our benefits," responded the Shredder. "Weeks previously, I had a battle with the Shadow Phantom and I intended to use my resources to take control of this pitiful planet. Much to my irritation, she managed to defeat me and shut down my operations, temporarily. I understand you have had your own problems with not only the Shadow Phantom but also other individuals as well."

"I would have defeated her during our last encounter had those reptiles not gotten in the way," responded Master Magic and the Shredder was just responded with a cold high laugh.

"The Turtles are not of my concern, in fact they will perish soon enough, as will Harry Potter, they all will suffer," responded the Shredder as he stepped backwards, before he revealed the form of Adrenaline standing there.

"That's the daughter of that mirror image of Potter, why did you bring her here?" demanded Master Magic. "She's not loyal to you, in fact she was an impudent little brat that was only out for herself. She was another driving reason that we failed to take down the Shadow Phantom and…"

"Enough, Malfoy, you think that I have not accounted for every variable, I have overridden her free will and now she is a puppet, free for me to take advantage of in any way I choose," responded the Shredder viciously as he looked at Master Magic, who despite his great powers, was a bit intimidated by the Shredder. "And take advantage of her I should, perhaps a demonstration will convince you of my control."

The Shredder raised his hands and six stuffed dummies that resembled the four Turtles, Harry and Ginny Potter appeared. He beckoned for Adrenaline to move forward, who did, looking like an absolute zombie. A sword appeared in Adrenaline's hand as she stood there, having no will other than to serve her controller.

"Destroy them, my puppet," responded the Shredder as he pointed to the dummies and Adrenaline moved forward, before she hacked and slashed at the dummies with absolute precision. Stuffing flew in every which direction and they were ripped into shreds. Master Magic just looked at the expert precision she worked the sword was and he was impressed beyond his will. Still, in the back of his mind, he knew there was a difference between destroying dummies and actually destroying warriors. "I believe that is just a small demonstration, when my enemies step in her way, they will be annihilated."

"What of the Shadow Phantom?" asked Master Magic, who was hopeful for one more crack at the annoying vigilante.

"A threat that I shall deal with personally," responded the Shredder coldly but then he looked at Master Magic. "I assume you are wondering what role you will play in my plans, considering that I bothered to break you out."

"Yes, that thought did occur to me," responded Master Magic, who braced himself. The Shredder tended to be a crafty individual, who escaped his death many times before and he was not about to try anything without having a pretty concrete idea what his plans were. "Why did you bother to break me out in the first place?"

"As I said, you could be a use to me, I have a plan to break this entire city and soon the world to its knees, including methods to amplify your powers beyond your wildest dreams," responded the Shredder.

"I can bring entire armies to their knees already," argued Master Magic as he raised his hands into the air, magic swirling around them. "I believe that this talk of greater power is nothing but an attempt to use me as a weapon to achieve your own aims. Luther Malfoy is no one's puppet and unlike the girl, you'll find me rather hard to control and contain."

Luther Malfoy blasted a bolt of solid white magical energy at the Shredder. It whizzed through the air at the speed of light but the Shredder put up his gauntlets, blocking the attack. The magic was absorbed by the gauntlets and shot back right towards Master Magic. He screamed as he was tortured by his own powers, as he thumped to the ground, phasing into a more corporeal form for a few brief seconds.

"As you can see, my gauntlets repel any kind of energy, including magic, a gift from my new partner in this entire operation," responded the Shredder viciously as he walked towards Master Magic, who still felt like he in a never ending pain curse loop. "Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I can make this worth your while or I can force you to comply with the plans, with you getting nothing in return other than your own doom. It is your choice to make."

Master Magic forced himself to look at the Shredder, hatred etched in his eyes. He saw the form of Adrenaline, who looked like the lights were on but no one was home at all. The Shredder looked back at Master Magic, who realized that no matter what, even he could not take down the Shredder.

"I believe we have reached an agreement now," concluded the Shredder and Master Magic looked at him, before he responded with a calm nod. It was apparent now more than ever that he had no choice.

"What is it you wish for me to do?" asked Master Magic and the Shredder opened his mouth, before he began to explain his plan to Master Magic and what role the being of pure magical energy had to play.


"The security tapes had been scanned, it's the Shredder," responded one of the commandos as Bishop and Stockman looked on.

"Returned again!" said Stockman in a horrified voice. "He just doesn't know when to stay dead, I knew it!

"Yes, I do wonder why the Shredder was breaking into that particular building, there is nothing of value in there, and he does not seem like the simple motive for revenge," responded Bishop as he racked his brains for any answer. "Then again, perhaps it is something that we are overlooking, and the fact he kidnapped Adrenaline, instead of killing her when he head the opportunity. It amounts to all kinds of problems that are not properly adding up."

A bleeping sound appeared on the console and Bishop moved over to answer it.

"Yes, Master Magic has been broken out of the Earth Protection Force facility," responded Bishop as he grew grave. "Just Master Magic, no one else, and those three teenagers that were working for that Doomquest individual, they were the one's who did it. Very interesting and highly disturbing."

"Who is this Doomquest?" asked Stockman in a confused voice.

"I don't know, I scanned the records and what intergalactic databases I could access from alien craft left on Earth, nothing about him at all," answered Agent Bishop in a perplexed voice. "Normally I would have had the answers but this time, we're going to have to go on as little information as possible. One thing is for certain, the Earth as we know it, might be doomed."


Nega-Harry arrived at one of his hideouts, he had scanned the city but no sign of his daughter anywhere. He was worried, most of his warriors had been murdered and he had no backup. His failures just continued and he thought of his enemies. Those Turtles, the Shadow Phantom, his mirror duplicate and his wife, and now the Shredder, all of them had been present thorns in his side. Insects that he wanted to crush but somehow had continued to be a thorn in his plans.

He sank down on the chair, his plans were lofty, until the Shredder showed up. He had been used to being in control but once that control was removed, he was pretty much as helpless as the next person. He might even be more helpless than the next person. Still, if his plans would go according to plan, he needed her back and he needed to find a way to eliminate his enemies, this time for good. His error last time was relying on super powered thugs to do his dirty work but at least he could reason that was a diversion.

"The Dark Emperor, I sense your frustration and I come here with an opportunity for you to achieve the revenge you seek on the enemies," said a voice and Nega-Harry bounced up, wand withdrawn.

"Who's there?" demanded Nega-Harry. "Show yourself, you say you come here to help me but I don't believe you and I don't trust anything that I cannot see."

"Fair enough," said the voice and a figure appeared, to reveal a large black skinned figure, with razor sharp claws and a purple face, with demonic red eyes appearing in front of the Dark Emperor. "My name is Doomquest, I'm the ruler of a master race of beings throughout the universe and I am here to offer you the gift of ultimate power."

"Ultimate power?" asked Nega-Harry in a skeptical voice. "Clarify ultimate power."

"The ability to reshape reality with your mind, the ability to not feel any pain, invulnerable to any and all magical assaults," responded Doomquest in a calm voice. "You wish to take out your enemies, but you don't have the means. You will have no problems creating armies, because you can do so by the sheer voice of your mind."

"Intriguing, but what do I have to do for this ultimate power?" asked Nega-Harry, whose obsession for defeating his mirror counterpart had reached unhealthy heights. Not to mention that he could finally take down the Shredder.

"Take my hand," said Doomquest simply, with the slightest hint of a twisted smile, and Nega-Harry reached out his hand, where the entity grabbed it. Purple ooze seeped from Doomquest's hand and absorbed into Nega-Harry. He looked up and felt power beyond all imagining tingling throughout every inch of his power. He held his wand, feeling the magic flowing throughout his body and pointed it at a metal door moving towards the next room. A blasting spell reduced the door to absolutely nothing. "I trust your satisfied."

"I am," responded Nega-Harry as he looked forward, he prepared to eliminate all of his enemies one by one, and then he could reshape this world into his own image, just like he did to his own dimension.

So yeah, three more chapters of Book One of the Heir of the Warrior Series. Not looking too promising for a second book but never say never at this point. Then I've got to wrap up Two Paths, One Destiny, I say I can get about four or five more chapters out of that one before it's time to take her home. Then Heart of the Warrior Forever(oh yes, three guess who the alternate universe version of Harry based in the Old Toon TMNT universe is. **coughs**A Twisted Timeline**coughs**) and then the super secret project that I plan on kicking off by the end of the year. So hopefully lots of stuff coming up.