I've been wanting to write this for awhile now. So I did!!

Pairing: BlazeXAmy (Yuri)

Summary: She suddenly realizes that she loves Amy Rose.

I feel attracted to her. Something about her makes me want to love her. She's funny, sweet, and she's cute. Half of me tries to deny these feelings. The other half of me accepts it. I want to be her lover, but she's focused on Sonic the Hedgehog. I wish she wasn't. She's just hurting herself; he's not interested in her. But I am. I'll do anything in my power to make her realize that. So, one day, I see her chasing after Sonic. I decided to follow them, without them noticing of course. The blue blur without a doubt out runs Amy.

"See ya later, Amy!" I heard him with my sharp feline ears. Amy looks around, completely dumbfounded. She spun around in a circle, looking for her "lover".

"Sonic?!" She shouts, almost loud enough to break my eardrum. Amy's ears pressed down against her skull, a frown forms on her sweet face, and her knees gave in. She landed on her knees. This was a very sad scene to watch, least for me it was. I almost turned away. I appear out of me hiding place, which I his behind a bush, and slowly walk to her. She was startled as her eyes met mine. Amy quickly stands up.

"Blaze, what are you doing here?" She asked, almost timidly. She quickly wiped a lone tear that almost escaped from her eye.

"Um, I saw you. I figured you wanted to talk to somebody." I said, I nervously scratched the back of my head. Her now dull eyes were looking at the ground.

"I'm fine." She mumbled, brow furrowed.

"Oh, okay." I almost walked away. I didn't know what to do to make her feel better.

"You love Sonic, too?" She asked, out of the blue. Oh, how wrong she was. I almost bursted out laughing, but I bit my lip so that I wouldn't. I wasn't that all surprised that she asked me this. Amy wasn't ever really predictable.

"Actually, no. I don't love Sonic. I mean, we're good friends, but I think that's all we're going to be." I answered, honestly. Her eyes sparkled, a small smile now appeared on her face, and her ears were now perked up. She looks beautiful when she's happy.

"So, if you don't like Sonic, then who do you like?" She asked, eagerly. Her hands clapped together in excitement. She looked pretty cute while doing that. I realized she asked me a question. The question that I feared to answer. Oh boy, why did she ask me this? What am I going to say to her? Well, I have to tell her the truth. I can't lie to her. I gulped before answering.

Instead of looking in her eyes, my gaze went to my shoes.

"," I admitted, timidly. I felt the heat rush up to my face; I knew I was blushing. I felt her staring at me. I imagined her mouth was gaped open in shock.

"M-me?" She stammered. I could only nod my head to her. I quickly look up to see her facial expression. I was right! Her mouth was gaped open in shock. I awkwardly took a step back.

"I understand if you don't feel the same feelings for me." I quickly turned away, not looking into her eyes. Suddenly, she pulled my hand, making me take a step back.

"Even though that was really...weird, it was also very sweet, Blaze." It was my turn to be in shock. This was the first time I looked into her eyes after I confessed my feelings for her. Her eyes sparkled; I smiled. Without thinking, I leaned in and kissed her in her lips. Her eyes widened with shock, but she kissed back.

The End!