Short intro to a new Gorillaz fan fiction. I guess this is a bit of a Christmas Gift. Christmas '08. Enjoy.
Murdoc's POV.

Oh, for fuck's sake. These were the only words I could think of because I knew I was in deep shit. So deep, that if I was actually in shit, you'd never find me. Ew, that's a gross picture. Scratch that, you lot.

Okay, okay, wait a sec. Maybe I should start from the beginning because you'd know how much trouble I was in. Here's a good place to start...

Do ya know who I am or do I actually need to tell ya? Fine. I'll tell you. I'm Murdoc Niccals. And no, my last name isn't spelled with two L's, you twats. Jeez, a lot of idiots make that mistake. So, back on track... I'm Murdoc, owner of Gorillaz. And you damn well know who Gorillaz are, don't cha? Of course you do.

I'm forty-two years old. Oooh... what an exciting age! Seriously, if you call me old, I will smash your face in. You don't want to get me pissed for such a petty reason.

Hmmm... what else could I say about myself? I play bass in the band. I'm also a Satanist, have one red and one black eye, and I have green skin. I'm a pretty fucked up (but not to mention, handsome) guy. Yet, once you get to know me, you will love me. It's true. Even ask dent-head.

So, blah blahblah blahblah... I'm in a band. You don't need to know about my life before the band as you probably have no life and already bought "Rise of the Ogre." And read it all. And was interested.

This band of mine, Gorillaz... well, it's what got me into that deep shit I was talking about in the first place. Oh, crap. Y'know, I'm just gonna go back and explain everything from my point of view. Word for word. Every action I made and every thought I thunk...

Is thunk even a word...? Ah, who cares? Well, snap to it kiddos! Go on! Start reading!

Updated: December 20th, 2008

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