It was vaguely around six and the IV was removed from my arm. My clothes were returned to me as well. I was finally discharged from the hospital.

Damon actually stayed the whole time with us up until that point. We visited a lot, just mostly catching up on his life, rather than ours. Noodle and I had been through nothing but Hell in the two years of not speaking with him. And that was quite literally the truth.

After getting changed, the three of us were just heading to the elevator near the nurses' station when my name was suddenly called,

"Mr. Niccals!"

Noodle, close by and holding my arm tight, turned around with me.

It was the doctor I had, and again, he looked rushed like every other time I saw him. Does he really have that many patients to attend to?

"So you're doin' all right? You received the physical?"

I nodded slightly. "Yep. And yeah, 'm fine. Thanks get asking, doc."

"One last thing I wanted to question... do you have any other concerns?" He fixed the placement of his glasses on his nose.

I opened my mouth to say 'no', but then I remembered...

"In... uh — December, I — er... I was watching Noodle..." I eyed her for a moment. "An' my mate, 2D, building a snowman 'n' my back started, well, killing me. Like I got all stiff and it was difficult to move," I finished and added, "I've never had it again though."

He nodded at me, speculating, as his dark eyebrows raised causing wrinkles to come about on his forehead. His dark hair emphasized the wrinkles on his pale face as well.

Chuckling, he answered my explanation, "Nothin' to worry about, most likely. I 'ad the same problem before too. You're just aging a bit, that's all! But if you do ever get it again, come in and we'll have you checked out."

"Thanks, will do," I replied, nodding slightly.

Noodle, Damon, and I were just turning away when I grinned at the thought of telling the doctor something he might enjoy. I wanted mostly to see his reaction.

"Oi, doctor!" I called over my shoulder.

He stopped while further along the hallway, looking at me.

"I know you 'don't like gettin' into personal business', but yes, I am datin' her."

The man looked slightly shocked and gazed over his glasses' rim at my eyes. He gestured slightly at Noodle that was still close by my side. She looked a bit clueless at the whole ordeal.

I nodded at the doctor, large smirk set on my face.

He grinned, entirely amused, and winked. "Knew it. Nice one," he congratulated and then disappeared amongst the busy nurses and patients in the hallway.

I laughed at his reaction, not at all expecting that one and Damon laughed too. Noodle furrowed her eyebrows as we turned back to the elevator. Damon tapped the elevator button, understanding the bond between what the doctor and I had shared in that moment, and he chuckled to himself.

"Did he just compliment me?" Noodle asked, sounding flabbergasted and a tad angry too.

"Aww, luv, why so upset? Yes, he did," I sniggered as we entered the elevator.

Damon moved to my right, against the wall, while Noodle and I stood in the centre of the elevator.

"You men have some inside joke, don't you?" she muttered, her body rigid against mine.

"Oh, now we do," I replied, cackling afterwards. "He knew I had the hots for ya, so he mentioned it earlier by saying, 'I don't like gettin' into personal business... blah blah blah'... 'S honestly quite hilarious."

Noodle blushed, pushing her head on my shoulder. "He said 'Nice one.' Freaky compliment."

"You should receive more more often, Noodle-girl," I replied to her, nudging my knuckles into the top of her hair. "You're good lookin'. Compliments like those ones are needed with looks like yers."

She blushed an even darker red and nudged against me again. "Stop it!" She was now giggling nervously.

I tickled at her side, feeling quite amused. "By your tone, luv, I'd have to say that you enjoyed that compliment."

She pushed at me and I almost lost my balance, Damon's mouth gaping as he reached forward to grab me, but Noodle tugged me back into a standing position.

"I only enjoy compliments like that from you." Noodle grinned deviously at me.

Damon tsk'd at our playful bicker, crossing his arms and leaning more into the elevator wall. His eyes were closed.

"And I can compliment cha?" Damon buzzed, gesturing at us, his eyes still closed.

I moved to the back wall of the elevator and looked from Damon to Noodle.

"Well. I — I..." Damon had her tongue tied which made me smirk at her. "I guess so! But, I mean... weknoweachotherpersonally!" Her words jumbled together amongst her English yet Japanese accent.

I laughed at her and Damon glanced back at me, laughing also.

"And — and that doctor did not know me!" she squeaked, green eyes wide and looking petrified.

"'S all right, luv." I reached over, resting a hand on her shoulder. "He really woz jus' bein' polite."

Noodle nodded weakly, her face frozen in a slightly stunned position.

I then chuckled, faced Damon, and pointed my thumb at Noodle. "Ain't she somethin'?" I moved up beside her and Damon again, taking Noodle into my side. "Tha's why I fell in love with her! She's so cute!"

"'Cute'?" Noodle was surprised with my vocabulary choice, but seriously, she was cute. "Thank you, Murdoc-kun." She snuggled close to me, smile spreading across her face.

And that's when the elevator doors finally opened. It felt like a marathon elevator trip. This hospital was old though, so I wouldn't be surprised if the elevators themselves were also shit.

The three of us left together and exited the doors, Damon holding one open for the two of us.

It was really cold out. Happy New Years, I thought sarcastically. I could have spent last night partying or something, even maybe drinking some booze, but nope, I was stuck in the damn hospital because of Russel. Wow, just honestly realising in that moment, my past few months of being on Earth had actually sucked besides the Noodle bit. She was honestly making everything worthwhile.

"So, er..." Damon started, looking around the snowy front yard of the hospital. Snow was being tossed around fiercely, so Damon once again hid the bottom half of his face under his coat. "I'd give ya both a ride home but I can't drive and I think I'm just gonna get a taxi for myself."

Noodle smiled and shrugged. "That is fine, Damon! You've helped us out plenty in the last couple days, do not fret."

He smiled in relief. "Sorry, I just can't help but disagree with some of those driving rules; my number one reason for never receiving my damn license again."

"'Again'?" I questioned. This was news to me.

The blond honestly looked embarrassed. "Was caught speeding numerous times and was only allowed to redeem my license if I took the test again. This was years ago, mind you, but I sort of, in my age now, have given up on trying." He was shrugging while looking thoughtful, the memories clearly passing through his head. "Oh well." The younger man was now pulling out his phone. "I'll see you both later. Call me if you need anything. I'm gonna start walking but I assume I'll need that taxi or I'll freeze my arse off."

Noodle and I both laughed.

He started away from us, leaving the overhang of the hospital entrance and walking down the large stone pathway.

"Well, see ya, Damon," I cackled loudly. "Thanks for everything, man!"

"Of course, Murdoc! Good-bye! And good luck to you both!"


A couple of days after the hospital visit, things started kicking back into gear. 2D and I were cool again. I mean, we already sort of were and although he was angry at me for a bit, he usually forgets about being infuriated with me quite easily. He's always been extremely dull and you lot, of course, understand this.

Russel and I never mentioned Noodle around each other, and also to mention that we barely even talked anyway. He was silent about my relationship with the girl. I kept keeping my mouth shut as well, not getting cocky around him either. Didn't want to tick off Russel too quickly after getting better.

I could tell that Russel was still mad at me because he was really giving me the silent treatment like we were a couple of obnoxious teenaged brats.

So, January was always freezing in Kong. It was hard keeping this huge place heated all throughout the winter months. We barely slept at all during the nights since it was always so damn cold. One almost unbearable night, I got a knock on my Winne's door.

Shooting up from my awkward fetal position under my blankets, I peered into the kitchen. I pursed my lips.

"Yeah?" I called out roughly. It had to be 2D because his room was one of the coldest in Kong and he always came and complained to me every winter. The little pansy probably wanted to sleep the night. "Face-ache?"

"No, it's Noodle," she had called back.


I got out of the bed and was instantly freezing, colder than before, and moaned at the temperature difference right away. Ugh, I felt like dying. Maybe I should have put something warmer on instead of just lounging around in my underwear. I sped over to the door and swung it open quickly.

Noodle was standing on the concrete floor with a large pink blanket wrapped around her. Thank God, honestly, another blanket! She was hiding her little pale face in the fuzzy material.

"Can I sleep the night?" she whispered, the blanket muffling her words. "My room is beyond freezing, Murdoc-kun."

I chuckled, moving out of the way and allowing Noodle to come in. "Well, mine's not any better, probably worse, but yeh, come in."

Noodle slept some nights in the Winnebago with me but not many as of recent. She kept her distance every few days to give Russel some peace of mind. Noodle or I did not want my arse beaten again like that.

She was shivering violently so I wrapped my arms around her while tugging her onto my bed. The both of us brought the blankets around us as we continued sitting up while getting comfortable with one another.

"You have your brace off... do your ribs feel any better?" she murmured, her little voice quivering slightly.

I nodded, resting my chin on her shoulder. "Yep, but I'm still ache-y and I'm stiff." And I laughed darkly after stating that.

She giggled as well, turning to the side and looking at me with her intense green eyes. She was blushing lightly as well and it reminded me of her expression before the first time I kissed her and she worriedly sped off. Sweet Satan, I hope that I'd never have to experience that feeling again.

"I love you," was what she said softly instead.

I smiled so warmly at her, keeping the eye contact strong. "I love you too, Noodle." I kissed her nose playfully and she smiled weakly at the gesture.

It was easy to tell why I felt so right with her now. She definitely balanced out the relationship with me like every other woman I had been with did not. Noodle was young, cute and intelligent whereas I was old and wise, not to mention grrrreat looking as well. This relationship of ours is where we belonged. Noodle had told me that she had felt the most comfortable with me than with any other man she had spent time with in her life. She had told me herself that it's where she belongs. And that made me the luckiest man in the world, you better believe it!

Completed: August 18th, 2011

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