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Preface: The Forbidden Fruit

"Can you take much more of this, Eddie-poo? You look like you might need a little nap," I taunted.

"Ha! Me, need rest? How about you, demon girl? Aren't you exhausted yet?"

"Dream on leech boy."

"Whatever you say, Vamp Brat."

"Make sure to remember me when you move onto the other sideā€¦or wherever the hell vamps go when we hunters make them go POOF!"

"You're 116 years old and that's the best word you can come up with? Come on Isabella, you can do better than that," he taunted back, his cocky smile in place.

The two of us were circling each other, moving in a dace like pattern that seemed to weave excitement and flirting words around us.

"Of course I can. I'm saving all my best stuff when for when you're flat on your back and I'm about to drive a stake through your heart."

"Didn't your mother ever tell you, you can't kill a vampire with a stake?"

"Oh I'm sure I can find a way to make sure it does." Without missing a step I pulled out bejeweled, silver dagger from my bag.

"New toys?"

"Yep, 'cause we're going to have a heap of fun today, Vamp boy."

"Are we really?"

"I'll make sure of it," I smiled at him.

"Is that a promise then?"

"You bet, Edward."

"Wow Isabella, I wasn't sure you knew my name."

"Of course I do Edward, It's my job to know."

"Is it really?" He leapt forward so that he was right in front of me, his face towering over mine but bent so that it was only inches away. Of course I was surprised, especially from the intense but playful expression he was wearing. "What would you say if I said I'd been waiting for you?"

"Depends," I said breathlessly.

"What if I'd been waiting for as long as I've been alive?" I shivered as his cool breath fanned out against my face.

"What are you saying, Edward?"

"What if I said I love you?"


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