Chapter eleven

Maggie's POV

You'd think I would hate David for changing me, but the truth is I really don't. In fact, I'm so in love with him that I've decided to find my older sister for him. I think he wants to either make her one of us or kill her for me to be able to move on from the past. I think about her every day and night but not about the sister that loved me but about the sister that abandoned me.

When I first met David at the door, I was so amazed I couldn't have moved if I'd wanted to. And I didn't. When he came charging in I didn't see it as my life ending but I saw it as ending one life and beginning a newer, much better life; one where I didn't have to depend on my sister, and where I was free to do as I pleased. I decided right then, that I would be happy without her.

It was stupid for me to think it would all just end like that. Of course, I didn't realize we had hunters in our family- that it was in our blood. Though mine was clouded over with something much more potent, Bella was left alive to become a hunter. She searched for me, tracking witnesses and leaving a wake of destruction behind her. You can't imagine how horrible it is to hear that someone you thought you loved was out destroying your own kind just to find the "killer" who saved you.

For me it was more than just disbelief. It sparked a flare of anger that I didn't know I was capable of- I even surprised David, if truth be told. So while Bella has been searching for me, I have been searching for her. I have to admit, the girl is good at covering her tracks- though her handiwork isn't so easy to conceal. I can always spot her through the news, whether it's suspicious fires with many piles of ashes or a person with a silver necklace wrapped around their neck. (Vampires and werewolves. Uh, real werewolves)

And I am finally getting close. She hasn't being very careful of concealing her actions lately. In fact, I know who she's keeping track of now. None other than the Cullens. David and I had had a few run ins with the Cullens since I'd been turned. And it seems to me as if Bella has fallen in love with one of the Cullens. Edward Cullen, if I'm correct. I could use that to my advantage, but it's going to take a lot of trickery and covering up. Oh well, it's what I'm good at.

"Jenna," David called. I quickly stopped writing out my careful notes and ran into David's outstretched arms. If you're wondering about the name, David told me my name was Jenna the day I woke up. He said it was more pleasing than "Maggie."

"I'm glad you're finally home."

"I'm glad too. We can finally watch Isabella tonight. I bet you're looking forward to seeing her again, huh?"

"More than glad, I'm positively ecstatic. She'll be really surprised to see that I'm alive, and wait until she hears what I have planned for us. We're going to have so much fun," I said in my sweetest voice that won over the hearts of the coldest vampires.

"Well said."

"What did you bring for me today?"

"I just brought a couple back, you wouldn't want Isabella catching onto us before it's time, would you?"


"Good, let's eat."

I'm finally back in Forks, and it's to end the life of my sister. Who knew?


Sorry that it's so short. I just wanted to post this quickie to let you guys know I'm planning on updating still, I just need to get a few things straight first. Please let me know what you think.