A/N: So I decided to clean up & repost some of my old stories. This was the first one I actually ever posted, about a year ago. It's really bad but I didn't have the heart to delete it. Anyway, I decided to repost it, lemme know what ya think—good or bad. Really short, I know, but I felt like I had to write it.

Chris Jericho took a moment to soak up the crowd's cheers and screams before he spoke, smiling as he did so. He loved watching the crowd getting worked up in anticipation and excitement.

"Welcome to RAW is JERICHO!" He couldn't help but smile. The response from the crowd was unbelievable. It felt just like the first time he came to RAW, back in 1999, only this time was slightly different. The fans had been waiting for this for months. Whereas his debut on RAW was somewhat unexpected, most of the fans had known for months that he was returning to RAW. At first, Chris was a little uneasy when Vince McMahon asked him if he'd be interested in returning to the WWE. He didn't think he would be able to entertain the fans the way he once had, and he wasn't really sure that the fans would even welcome his return. But Vince and the WWE started airing commercials and promos that hinted at Jericho's "2nd coming" to test the crowd, and they got the fans so excited that Chris knew the time was perfect for him to return.

He told Vince that he accepted the offer, and began preparing himself for his comeback. The girls squealed as he made his way down the ramp, and he loved the attention. It fueled him, pumped him up, and gave him what he needed to get through his matches. But he had always had a special relationship with his fans—in fact, they were more like his friends. Many a night had passed when Chris would hang out with a few of them after the show. None of the other guys really did that—they either got in a limo and headed back to their hotel rooms or went out for some drinks—but Jericho had never been that way. He preferred hanging out with a group of his fans and getting to know them; he wanted to be accessible to his fans. Growing up, wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair had been his idols. He loved how they had great rapport with their fans, and he wanted to have the same kind of relationship with his. Besides, it was refreshing to hear about the lives of his fans; he preferred it to talking about himself all the time.

"Y2J! Y2J!" The audience's chants were growing louder and louder and more impatient. Chris looked up to the ring where Randy Orton, his opponent and the man that he had returned to "save everybody" from, was standing. The fans were impatiently wanting a show, and he was about to give them one. He looked around the ring one last time before he raised the microphone to his mouth again to speak. He was back home at last.