Magnifying Life's Little Miracles

Chapter 1: Edward's Little Miracle

Edward and Tanya were High School Sweethearts. Everyone who knew them loved them. Well... that was until they made a mistake.

"Edward... I'm pregnant." Tanya announced. Edward started to choke on his orange juice.

"That can't be right, Tanya! What're you talking about?!" he said angrily. Tanya glared a him.

"You think I made a mistake?!" she growled at him. "I think I should know better than you about my body!" she exclaimed. Edward dropped to his knees.

"It cant be right!" he gasped, holding his head between his hands. He knew that he couldn't deny the truth now. If Tanya was pregnant then she would know. He still couldn't believe it, but he knew he couldn't walk out on her. He swallowed. "Okay. you're pregnant and I'm going to be a father." he said. He kept repeating it in his head over and over until he found that he quite liked the idea of being a daddy. He would spoil the child with anything that she needed. Anything that he wanted.

When the school found out, they went crazy and whenever Tanya would walk into school with Edward, they would whisper behind their backs and spread terrible rumours about them. But they didn't care, they were happy. Well... until Tanya started having her doubts.

Could she really be a good mother? Would she be able to stay up all night to watch over the baby? Would she be able to feed it when it needed feeding? How would she know what it wanted? It would cry too much! She didn't want to have to change the diapers. Did she really want to go through the pain of labor? No.

Edward kept on assuring her that she would be a great mother and that his family would help her through this. Tanya didn't listen. She was too young to be a mother! She didn't want to be one! Why did it have to be her? She didn't want this! Why should she have to do what she didn't want to? that answer was an easy one. Edward. Edward wanted this baby. even though she was barely 18. He was ecstatic. His parents were trying the best that they could to support him! They didn't kick him out of the house like hers did.

So Tanya carried on with these negative thoughts for quite a while, Edward doing exactly the opposite. He bought everything that was needed for the baby, and Tanya played along. After the baby was born, Edward planned to propose to her. Tanya didn't know. He was so nervous. So very nervous. He also had his doubts, but his family assured him that he would do great. He listened.

Finally, one day, Tanya's water broke. Edward was a babbling mess. His famil had to do everything for him and her. He rushed her to the Hospital and helped Tanya through everything. When the baby was born, Edward passed her to Tanya, but Tanya refused.

"I'm not doing this, Edward. I'm not helping raise a child." she had told him.

"Tanya! You can't just walk out on your own child! You've come so far! Please... please! She needs a mother!" he pleaded.

"Then find one because I'm not doing it." she said coldly.

Edward took the baby home and decided to name her Natalie Evan Cullen. Natalie was a beautiful baby and Edward took care of her with his family. His young mother and father, Carlisle and Esme, took care of her when he went to College. When he came back everyday, he would spend time with her.

Natalie had Edward's bronze hair, and Tanya's hazel eyes. She was going to be a heartbreaker when she got to school, not that Edward liked to talk about that.

Edward had changed hugely. He only spoke when spoken to and kept to himself. He was truly grateful for his family for helping him, though.

Although Edward was still brooding about Tanya, he couldn't deny that he had made a miracle. His Miracle.