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Darth Vader was displeased. Very much displeased.

He had sent his lieutenant with a squadron of stormtroopers to Coruscant to discover why the Imperial base inside the former Jedi Temple had gone offline. A few hours later he was given a transmission requesting his immediate appearance regarding the matter. Apparently the entire stormtrooper squadron had been neutralized and their attacker had forced the lieutenant to send a message to Vader demanding his appearance in front of the council. This was the reason for his displeasure. The lieutenant had been shot dead and the transmission had ended shortly after. This and the fact that a well trained squad of stormtroopers and an imperial base filled with at the least a hundred well trained solders had been lost disturbed him greatly.

But he was also curious. The assailant had requested him personally despite his powers. Perhaps the fool or fools just had some gall. Regardless, as the shuttle landed he noted the imperial banners had been cut to shreds.

Quickly the ten troopers he had brought with him exited and entered into a strait line behind him awaiting instructions. "The four of you block the exit. Make certain that no one leaves or enters without my direct order. The rest of you will come with me."

"As you command my lord." They said and did as they were told.


As Vader entered the old dwelling, he felt a slight nostalgia at the place he had once called home. Then he saw the bodies, Stormtroopers and others strewn about, a few of them hanging from the rafters of the temple each one carved wildly with the wounds burnt into them. Two clones went ahead of Vader and began checking the bodies kicking them to check for life. When they shouted the all clear he walked further glancing about. It had obviously been a massacre. Not a single trace of the assailant had been left, save the messages left in blood. Among them were: "Murderer!", "Traitor!" and "We trusted you."

Cute. Vader thought. As he traveled onward he found more carnage and from the wounds quickly deduced the assailant was both a wielder of a lightsaber and was also quite adept at it. As he reached the council doors he stopped seeing another message in blood this one addressed to him personally. "For you Vader." It said. Waving his hand he opened the door and stiopped once more a look of horror behind his mask. Sitting in a council seat holding the Base commander and the lieutenant's heads was the body of his dead wife dug up from her grave her eyes were opened wide and she slumped back in the chair staring at him. She was covered in blood and on the wall behind her was a final message again addressed to him. "I'm coming for you Vader!"

His shock turned to rage and he released a roar of anger as the force exploded around him shattering the windows and sending the corpse flying out of the chair.

Three troopers ran up behind him. "Lord Vader! We heard you shout, is there something the matter?!"

"I want an entire group of technicians working on the contents of the security cameras now! I want to know what happened here within an hour of their arrival!"

"Yes sir! The troopers shouted and left quickly. None of them had seen Lord Vader so furious before and they would do anything to keep that anger away from them.


Many star systems away on a remote world a figure smiled sensing a wave of anger in the force. So he'd gotten the message.Good. Soon we'll meet Vader and when we do you and your whole Empire will fall.


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