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Ahsoka opened her tired eyes as her ship jerked forward, piercing Tattooine's atmosphere. She glanced down at the sandy world as the ship dashed through the sky, it was just as baren and lifeless as she remembered. She closed her eyes again looking at her side and picking up a small white handled hilt. Her old green lightsaber. The weapon she's not used since she'd turned her back upon the old Jedi teachings in favor of her vendetta. She had once had so many fond memories with the cold weapon. Becoming a student of the jedi order. The many friends she'd made...Being assigned as the padawan of The Chosen One...She shook her head violently. No. He was no longer deserving of that title. Darth Vader was all that remained of her old Master...

The one she had loved...

She looked at her reflection in the window of her cockpit. She had lost so much of herself since he had turned...Now when she looked in her reflection she wasn't really sure who it was she was seeing staring back at her...

She was broken from her thoughts when her ship indicated to her that Mos Eisley was only a few klicks away and began to set the ship down for a landing. It was night around the spaceport as she exited and activated the locking mechanism on the ship. It was a rather complex system mod but the basics were that if anyone attempted to tamper with the ship it would immediately lock-down all power systems, fill the cockpit with a deadly nerve agent and send a coded signal to her comlink. She gave her Zabrak associate the courtesy of waiting for him to land and his ship to open up the hatch before turning and briskly departing.

Ra'el groaned as he looked at the near barren wasteland Sai Tok had dragged him to. Of all places, why Tattooine? Why couldn't their destination be more lively place, like Naboo. He looked around and was met with only her cloak flapping wildly behind her in the heavy winds as she made her way through the streets. "Oi, Sai!" He called after her jogging to catch up. "Slow down will you?" While she did not respond, her pace lessened to a level to where he had to power walk to keep up. "Jeez, what's got your panties in a twist? Didn't you just get your fix fighting that Apprentice guy? Shouldn't you be, I don't know, less bitchy than normal." Again she did not respond and Ra'el sighed looking about at the cantinas. "Hey can we at least catch something to drink before we meet Master Kin?"

Finally she stopped and turned sharply glaring at him. "Will it keep your mouth shut for more than three seconds?" Ra'el nodded and she closed her eyes in an attempt to keep from strangling the loud mouthed man. "Alright. One drink."

Ra'el grinned putting his arm around the togruta. "Is this a date Sai?"

"Move your arm before I break it Ategev." She growled resuming her swift pace as they entered the nearest Cantina: Chalmun's.

Unknown to them, a grizzled old man was making his own way into the small spaceport. He was dressed in ragged brown robes and looked as though he hadn't seen civilization in years. Though this was far from the truth. Every month or so the old hermit slipped into Mos Eisley to buy a few supplies and listen to gossip from the pilots in the cantinas. He was disregarded by the townsfolk as a crazy old man and mostly ignored by the populace. But for a man hiding out from the Empire, such a thing was absolutely necessary for survival. Most knew him as Old Man Ben Kenobi. And only three to his knowledge knew him by his actual name:

Obi-wan Kenobi.

He had never liked Tattooine. Even when he was under the guidance of Qui-gon this place had seemed so...depressing. Instead of rain showers like a normal planet this place had sandstorms that could tear the flesh from your bones. Still he had a job to do. One that kept him going regardless of hardship or challenge and that was to ensure Luke Skywalker's safety. If Master Yoda was even remotely correct about the boy, than he was the only chance the Jedi order would have to survive. And so he had to continue living. continue to make these small trips into a town of thieves and undesirables. So he went about his business, and entered into Chalmun's to buy himself a cup of Jawa Juice. As per his usual he sat down at the chair that was almost always open as Ackmena came up to him. "Ben! Good to see you."

"The usual please Ackmena." He asked quietly as he listened into the conversations around the small bar. For a few moments he listened in on a story a human pilot was telling, something about how one of his "friends" had participated in a Wookiee slave revolt, and the Empire had let him off with a warning. He sighed to himself, and moved his attention elsewhere. Then all at once the Force seemed to shove his senses at a pair of cloaked figures sitting near the back. It was a sort of powerful tug, one that told him clearly Pay attention! This is important! He'd felt the same sort of tug when he first met Anakin so long ago. With no hesitation he cast out all his senses, trying to overhear their conversation.


Ahsoka sipped her Jawa juice watching as Ra'el swallowed a large piece of Tonton meat. Rare. "Ra'el, would you kindly not spend all our money here? I would rather like to buy some parts for The Akul."

The Zabrak swallowed another piece. "We're not even paying for it remember?" He flashed the stolen credit disk he had jacked from one of the drunks at the bar. "And why do we have to go here again? All this sand, it's not good for you, makes you look worse than ever."

"If you must know, this place has very good parts that one cannot find in many other places in the galaxy." Ahsoka frowned taking another sip of her drink. "Furthermore, with your appearance you have no right to attempt to insult me."

"Fuck. You." He grunted, his mouth full.

"You never will." She sighed sipping her drink again.

"Yeah, you're right. With you being such an ice queen, it's pretty fucking obvious nothing's ever gonna tap that!" He complained swallowing the meat. "All you ever do is bitch, bitch, bitch. Go back to Hoth where you came from."

She didn't dignify him with a response and glanced out at the bar, sex was the furthest thing from her mind at this point in her life. The life of a female jedi was never one that particularly encouraged behavior of a sexual nature. Even for a species such as hers that experienced cycles of heat. She remembered quite clearly the many months spent with Master Shaak-Ti learning to curb her body's natural responses to the cycle. However, since meeting with Master Kin and beginning to learn the darker aspects of the force, she changed the way she handled the cycle. Instead of steady meditation and silence for weeks at a time she funneled all that pent up sexual frustration into her style of combat, and she could honestly say she was rather proud of the results.

After becoming more empowered by the Dark Side she had began to teach herself to channel the baser instincts and animalistic nature of her people into a wild frenzy attack style, similar to Master Windu's Vaapad but as quick as Master Yoda's Ataru. The style consisted of deadly quick attacks, with the aim of nothing short of total destruction of her target. Unfortunately there were side effects, due to the pure amount of pent up sexual tension from the years of being a jedi, her mind had developed a sort of baser, more subconscious nature. So when she used this style that side of her had a better grip on her mindset than her natural demeanor. This "animal" nature knew how to do only two things and did them both amazingly well. These were fighting and killing.

Another problem was the fact that she wasn't always in total control of her actions when she used the style. This was due to the fact that using the style required her to release those baser instincts and focus on on the kill. A prime example was when she first used it to simply spar with Ra'el, Master Kin was forced to intervene and stop her from carving him in half. Hense his nickname for her "Sai Tok", the term used when you carve someone in half with a lightsaber. Another joke that came from the style was that due to the fact that every so often she was forced to use it for risk of it unleashing itself and her going on a rampage, Ra'el had begun jokingly referring to it as her fix.

She sighed and began trailing her eyes over the many faces of the cantina until she met a pair of strong blue eyes. They belonged to an old human male, who looked so familiar Ahsoka was forced to return her gaze to him again. Something was telling her this man was familiar...But Force knew what...Still she watched ignoring her partner pointedly until the man stood and left. As soon as she was certain he was gone she stood as well. "Where you going?" Ra'el asked as she moved fluidly towards the bar and gained the barmaid's attention.

"That man that just left..." She asked quietly. "Who was he?"

The woman smiled looking at the door after him. "You mean Ben? He's an old hermit that lives a ways away from here. Comes in every so often for a drink." She sighed cleaning the glass in her hand with her rag. "Quiet that one, if he didn't always order a cup of Jawa juice and never finish it I'd never know he was here."

Ahsoka looked thoughtful for a moment as a Wookie grunted in it's dialect. Ahsoka translated it as: "Ha! What she won't say is Old Man Kenobi's hiding from something." Immediately her brow creased in instant recognition. She turned swiftly and made her way back to her table not even bothering to listen to the rest of the argument.

"Ra'el. We're leaving."

"But I just ordered-" He was cut off as he saw the absolutely murderous look in her eyes and knew instantly this was not a time for debate. "Right." He stood and swiped his card at the table to pay the tab before leaving with the Togruta. When they were a safe distance from the Cantina he asked the question. "So what's going on? Something happen at the bar?"

Ahsoka didn't answer at first. "I have reason to believe an old friend of mine may be in the area."

Ra'el eyebrows shot up. "Another jedi survivor?" He grunted in pain as she elbowed him hard in the gut. "The hell?!"

"Are you stupid?" She growled. "Imperial soldiers and spies could be anywhere and you want to say what I am aloud?"

Ra'el grumbed in annoyance and frowned. "Alright so we're gonna look for this guy or what?"

"We, aren't doing anything."Ahsoka turned glaring pointedly at the Zabrak. "You are going to go meet up with Master Kin. I'm going to go and speak with my old friend."

Ra'el frowned. "So why did I have to leave the cantina? You don't need me here." He was a little perturbed about having to leave when it was obviously not necessary.

"Because you tend to have a bit of a loud mouth when you're drunk. And I am not bailing you out of jail again." Ra'el opened his mouth to protest as she added. "Need I remind you of the incident in Cloud City?" Ra'el mouth snapped shut and he left grumbling about a Damn Ice Queen. Ahsoka ignored the comment and closed her eyes sensing her Master through the force, seeking the one she called friend. She began walking blending with the night as she sought her prey, until finally he entered into another Cantina. As she entered to follow him a group of Stormtroopers stopped her.

"You there!" She turned back to stare at them, contempt in her eyes. "Come here." Not wishing to cause herself any unneeded attention, she obeyed. "You stole from that stall." The commanding trooper accused indicated the stall of junk parts as the men surrounded her.

"No. I didn't." She said calmly, chewing her tongue and trying to keep her temper in check.

"We saw you." The one behind her growled his blaster finding it's way to the back of her head. "Hands on your head and on your knees Togruta."

She only smiled seeing what it was they were attempting to do. Her hand moved to her blade ready to carve them all into shreds. In her mind the animal nature of a Togruta was growling ferally, demanding death and blood. With two swift movements she activated and carved the trooper behind her in half bottom to top. And before the others could think to move, she spun her weapon full circle at head-level beheading the men who thought they could take advantage of her. Without a word she deactivated the blade and moved into the cantina before anyone could notice what it was she had done. It took her a bit of searching but eventually she found the old man and moved toward him sitting herself directly across from him. "Good evening."

"Can I help you?" The old man asked quietly his voice still firm through his age.

"Obi-wan Kenobi?" She asked softly, with the faintest spark of hope that her old friend was still alive.

The old man seemed rather surprised. Probably from hearing his old moniker. "I'm afraid you have me mistaken-"

Ahsoka scowled, did he think her really so ignorant? "Come off it old man. Kenobi isn't exactly a common name in these parts." The old man looked wary now, she could smell his fear. "I know who you are. What you are."

"Do I know you?" He asked carefully, still uncertain of the woman's intent.

She blinked and gave him a saddened gaze for a time. "I can't say I blame you for not recognising me..." Ahsoka said quietly. "With the changes we've gone through I can only imagine the little padawan you used to know isn't exactly the first guess in your mind."

Obi-wan gave her a curious gaze before his eyes lit in recognition and shock. "Ahsoka?" She only smiled softly. "I should have-By the Force look how you've grown!"

"It's good to see you alive, Master Obi-wan." Ahsoka said breaking the hug.

"How did you survive?" She held up her hand.

"I was lucky." She said quietly not elaborating any further.

"Why are you here?" Obi-wan asked not expecting the sadistic grin he received.

"A vendetta."

Obi-wan's eyes shifted slightly, a mix of disappointment and sadness. "You've fallen."

She smirked. "Like Master, like Student." She took out a small flask and took a swing of it. Seeing his gaze she growled. "Don't look at me like that. You of all people should understand why. I was his apprentice. I learned from him. What does that say about me, hmm?! That I followed and idolized the future butcher of the Jedi order! I was already corrupted. I own that." She drank heavily from the flask. "But I'm going to use the power I have against him. I'm gonna make him pay, him and all of those Imperial scumbags."

"Then what makes you different than him?" Obi-wan asked softly meeting her gaze. "We both know he hunts the remaining Jedi. If you intend to hunt down every Imperial, what makes you any better than what he has become?"

"He has something to lose. I don't." She answered frowning. "I have nothing left. He took away everything I ever loved. So now," That grin returned. "I'll take it all from him."

Obi-wan sighed. She was lost in her anger, her hate. She couldn't see that the path she was walking would end only in disaster for her.

"Ahsoka." The togruta glanced up at him. "I know that this is your choice, and that I have no right to tell you if it's right or not." Ahsoka frowned hearing the tone of a lecture and made to stand. "But if you've never listened to anything I've ever told you before, please listen to this." She sighed looking at the old man. "Don't forget who you once were. Memories can save your life sometimes..."

She fought the urge to roll her eyes and muttered. "I'll keep it in mind Master Obi-wan."

Kenobi nodded. "May the force be with you."

"And also with you..." She answered putting her hood up as she left him to his drink.


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