FULL Summary: -2 weeks after CAMP ROCK- Caitlyn isn't one to stand around wait for love…or anything really. Caitlyn Gellar is a fierce girl who just landed the role of a life time in the new remake of Grease and to her surprise so has Nate Grey. Will Caitlyn girlish fan crush on the rock star turn actor turn into something more? Or will work get in the way?


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Pink Lady

Chapter ONE: Summer Lovin'

Prologue-ish Introduction
(Made by me: Caitlyn Gellar)

Five days before I bid my farewells to home to travel to Camp Rock I landed an audition for the new remake of Grease. I did what I could. I acted, sung, dance, and displayed the array of talents I had to provide. By the looks of the producers face he looked unimpressed. So I wasn't too worked up on worrying if was ever going to get a call from them. Screw them. It's not like I want to be an actress. My vision is more of a music producer than a silly overpaid actress. Unlike that stink face producer, I plan to be a little warmhearted than he was.

When I was wallowing in my grudge against the stupid man I channeled that stressed into my passion and I made a couple of tracks to take to camp.

Thank my lucky stars I had Camp Rock. My haven.

This year was different. Not only did I met my good friend Mitchie but we got to swoon at the hotness that was Shane Grey. A girl can't help if a guy walks around in tight jeans that accentuates his junk.

Anyways, Mitchie snagged that piece of meat.

By the end of Camp my mind was wondering off to another member of Connect Three. I hadn't notice before but there was something oddly intriguing about the youngest of the Grey brothers.


I caught myself daydreaming at how notably quiet he was and how he would react if I could just…


I was getting way off topic.

This story is about me.

Caitlyn Gellar and my road to awesomeness.

The moment I came back home from camp I was sat down in the kitchen facing a thick UPS brown envelope. I grimaced. Was this the Camp Rock bill? If so, I did not want to be within a ten mile radius when my parents open this sucker.

My mom hugged me tightly and slip the envelop into my hands. My dad proudly smiled at me once he came back from placing my luggage in my room, upstairs.

"Open it." My mom whispered, urging me to unwrap this new present.

I hesitantly open the single flap and reached in to take out a thick wad of a booklet. My parents smile grew wider. I scanned over the cover and my jaw dropped off.

I took the moment to grab my jaw from the floor and glued it back to where it belonged.

I, Caitlyn Gellar, snagged a role in the awesome remake of Grease!

Which role you ask?



Awesome, no?

Ok well it's not a scene stealing character as Sandy but it's a supporting lead and that looks great on any resume! So fast forward to today. Today was the day of the first script reading and I was excited to find out who I will be working with for the next ten months. I was also excited to check out the actors quarters; the place I'll be living along side all the actors that will grace the screen.

6:14 AM

It was an early start. I was suppose to check in at the studio at exactly 6:30 in the morning.

I got here at 6:10.

There was one thing that annoyed me more than being late to a place and that's when people rolled their eyes. It's just so rude.

I held my thick script tightly in my arms as I passed by several people who looked positively tired. I mentally scoffed at them, silly to think that they're still miserable when they're getting paid.


I froze in my tracks, my aimless tracks. I had no idea where I was going or where this script reading was suppose to happen. I thank my lucky stars that I bumped into Steven, the producer that seemed to hate me some months ago. Ok, so I didn't bumped into him…he found me in a dead end of a maze of hallways I got lost in.

He smiled warmly at me, "You look different from the child we met back in the auditions."

I weakly smiled back as my head tried to push off that he thought of me as a kid. I was not a kid. I'm far from it. My face had lost much of it's baby appearance since last year why is this man telling me I still looked childish. My mother tells me I look more mature every time I get up.

"The reading's going to be in here." Steven motioned inside a blinding white room with a couple of tables and chairs. There were already some people in there chatting their mouths off. I politely thanked Steven and shyly walked in gripping my script that I must had read ten times before this morning.

A boy with a brilliant smile waved me over to a small group of teens.

"Hey, what's up? What's your name babe?" He called.

I felt slightly embarrassed at his confidence. No one has ever called me babe.

"Uh, Caitlyn Gellar." I sat down, joining their little group.

"Nice to meet you, Miss. Gellar. This here is Louisa she's playing the role of wonderful Jan, James here is apart of my gang, the T-birds and lastly, moi is portray the role of Kenickie. Yours truly, Taylor Lautner." The boy whose name is Taylor, introduced. He scanned over me trying to figure out what if he can guess what role I landed.

I decided to cut his wondering short, "Rizzo."

Taylor punched the air in victory, "My partner! Awesome. Steven picked a pretty one."

His smile hypnotized me as he continued to talk about his acting experiences with Louisa and James who equally shared the same level of work. I shriveled in my chair feeling inferior.

Steve came in bringing in a tidal wave of people that I assumed where actors as well. He closed the door and clapped his hands to grab the attention of twenty people buzzing about the movie.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, before we begin this reading I have to announce that we have the soundtrack ready so we'll be playing it during the scenes the musical number proceeds. Also, we have kept the roles of Danny and Sandy so secretive that not even my wife knows them. So I'm pleased to announce that our Sandy and Danny is…" He trailed off leaving twenty something people in suspense Heck, even I leaned in, interested.

"…I can't introduced them. Hey kids! Come on in."

Ironic how life works like a movie.

In slow mo, the door creaked open and a slim girl with bouncing blonde curls came in. My eyes widen the moment I recognized her face. Flawless alabaster skin. Taunting side grin. Almond shaped eyes. I should have rubbed my eyes to get a good look at her. The Emma Watson will be Sandy. I could understand why Steven wished that his Sandy needed to be English or Australian to fit the part. He didn't want to ruin the image of the prior Sandy. Emma politely smiled as another body swiftly came in. While everybody cheered and gasped at the leads my eyes landed on that boy back in Camp.

I just have to say wow.

Working with Nate Grey is a big plus.

A very BIG plus.

"Hey, I'm Nate Grey. I'm be portraying the role of Danny." He softly spoke. Everybody clapped at whistled at the star studded cast Steven managed to get.

My eyes locked on Nate's and he shifted uncomfortably where he stood.

Yes, I do believe this will be a heck of a ride.

Actors Quarters
11:34 PM

Unpacking is not as easy as they say. I can't just throw everything inside the closet and shove away my clothes into a limited storage space. Everything has to be planned and organized.

Before you call me a freak please note that someone has to be the neat one here. It's obviously not going to be Louisa, my roommate. She already unpacked her mess and left half of it on the floor.


And to think that there's two more girls assigned to room in here.

I shivered at the thought of a bigger mess than what's already conquering Louisa part of the room.

I finally came around to my toiletries when Emma and another girl stood at the door way with a mountain of luggage behind them.

"Um, I'm guessing you are my roommate for the next ten months." Emma gulped at the slight of Louisa's space. Emma gazed over at me wondering if I left the disaster.

"Oh," I said, finally finding my voice, "That's not mine… Louisa's…She's down chatting with some friends down stairs."

I had to clear myself. I will not be blamed for that.

"Well I'm Emma and this here is Jennie as you probably already know." She introduced.

I smiled, "Welcome. I'm just finishing my packing…"

I motioned to my full sized bed which looked prim and proper and my open closet which had every single article of clothing I owned hung and not a wrinkle in sight.

Emma and Jennie awkwardly nodded and slowly brought in their things to begin their own unpacking. I watched them from the corner of my eyes as I tried to preoccupy myself with checking out the bathroom. Emma sat at the edge of her bed looking quiet miserable. Jennie on the other hand look positively delighted. They look nice enough. Perhaps I won't have to deal with the drama that usually comes when you put four girls in a room for a period of time. Kinda like at Camp Rock…

Instead of thinking of all the times I had to argue with someone about their hygiene habits, I thought about Nate.

Yes, him.

I couldn't wait to finally get to know him…and the rest of the cast as well, of course.

But I just wanted to know him.

While I was in deep thought in the bathroom I heard a new voice join in our room and it wasn't Louisa.

"Hey Emma, is that girl who plays Rizzo staying here?"

It's not everyday you are crowned with such a title. I suck my head out at the mentioning of my character. I found Nate right at the door frame looking at Emma who was in the middle of hanging some of her garments.

"Um, yeah. She's in the bathroom." She answered with her regal accent.

Nate's gaze flew over to me and I blushed.

Oh holy crap, I blushed.

I stumbled out of the bathroom, feeling quite like a dunce. It's not everyday I get to make a lasting impression on The Nate Grey.

Unfortunately for me, I'm sure he'll remember me as the girl who was hiding in the bathroom.


"Hey," I said as I approached him.

He shifted nervously, "You're that Gellar girl, right?"

"Yeah. I am." I answered.

"You're friends with Mitchie right?" He asked.

Once again, I nodded. "Oh yeah. We met at Camp Rock."

"Your name sounded familiar." He said.

I paused to think about what he just said. My name sounded familiar? He didn't even stay as long as Shane did to get to know us. How in the world did my name sound familiar to him?

"Uh Mitchie talks about you. She told Shane that you called her to tell her you landed a role in a movie?" Nate clarified. I guess he didn't want to look like some creepy stalker guy that knows everything about me.

"Oh! Yeah, I called Mitchie…" I said, recalling that phone call, "How is she? How's Shane?"

"Oh they're good, you know…"

Boy, if this hasn't been awkward enough…

"Well I got to go. I want to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the start of a long month." Nate mumbled.

"Right. We start learning the dances and recording the songs." I remembered. The long schedule ahead was gruesome. For the following week I had dance lessons from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. Sunday was my only day off and then I had to squeeze in my two awesome songs in the late times slots I had available for the following week. The two remaining weeks is another nonstop dance frenzy and then finally production starts.

"Yeah. I need some too." I smiled, thinking how exhausted I'll be for the next thirty days.

Nate backed away and waved goodbye at me. I stood there like an idiot until he disappeared.

"Oh like my gawd. Nate Grey is totally hawt!" Jennie squealed.

I whipped around and smiled, "Emma is totally lucky to be Sandy."

Emma looked up from her daze of unpacking. She tried to smile back but there something about her expression that made her looked worried.

"I guess I am…" She chewed on the inside of her cheek and continued on with her daze.

Dance Studio
6:50 AM

Me and the Pink Ladies were lounging out in our corner we deemed ours while the rest of the cast excitedly chatted. Emma was with us and she finally looked a bit better than what she looked yesterday. We huddled around and took the time to get to know each other. Jennie was in the middle of explaining how her parents were furious when she decided to skip college to pursue her dream in acting.

"Well I think that's very brave of you." Emma chimed, "I would have never done anything of this magnitude if I didn't have my parents supporting me."

Jennie shrugged, "Well what about you Caitlyn? Tell us about yourself."

I was too busy concentrating on their journeys that I completely forgot what I was planning to say. It took me a second to recollect my thoughts.

"Oh, I have to admit that I have no idea why I got the role. I only auditioned once and Steven looked so bored with me that I didn't think I was going to get a call back." I said.

"Oh that's terrible." Louisa sighed.

"Yeah and when I came back home from Camp Rock-"

"You went to Camp Rock?" Jennie asked. She was my beauty school dropout friend.

"Yeah I've been going since I was twelve. This past year was my fifth time." I answered.

"That's so cool. So you met Connect Three before they actually connected?" Jennie asked again.

I pause. It's true. My second year at Camp Rock I should have at least bumped into one of the members of Connect Three. I furrowed my brows and looked over at Nate who was being friendly with a cast member. I would have remembered at least his face at the Final Jam… Ooooh. I completely forgot. I was sent home early because I got a fever and a heck of a flu that not even the medical staff was able to help me. Well that sucks. I could have known Nate before his ego was inflated. Well at least I assume his ego is inflated.

"Is that how he knows you?" Emma questioned. She had a twinkle in her eye that caught me off guard.

Did she know something I didn't?

"He was looking for you yesterday, remember?" Emma chimed again.

Oh…that. I wasn't about to go into detail why he knows me but I was so not going to let them think we've known each other for years.

"Well he knows me because my friend is kinda with Shane." I explained.

The last member of the Pink Ladies spoke up.


"Shane is taken?" She said. It was more of a plead of 'please-tell-me-she's-kidding' than a question.


"Get off your butts girls!" A tiny woman came in with a boom box rolling behind her. I looked over her to see the guys being taken to some other room.


Nate is going to miss me shaking my junk. And I don't want to gloat but I am pretty good at it.

Shaking my junk that is.

"I am Dorothy, Dor in short. I am one of the many choreographers for this movie and for following weeks I'll be in charge of several numbers which include the dance sequence of the movie. When that rolls around I want all the ladies to bring your highest heels you own. I love dancing in heels and you will learn to love them too." Dor explained. She wildly pranced around warming up for our warm ups.

"So before I begin I want all of your butts on the floor and begin stretching."

Eight bodies quickly found the smooth hardwood floor and place their bottoms on it. I scooted over towards Marcie and Jennie who, like me, were pulling themselves into a multitude of directions. They almost looked like play dough. They must be dancers. As I reached for my toes I heard Marcie and Jennie giggling.

"So you think James is cute?" Jennie gushed, "I can't believe I get to work with him."

"Lucky you, the only love interest I get is a man twice my age." Marcie sighed.

I looked over at Dor who was having trouble setting up the sound system. More time.

"Soooo Caitlyn, why was Nate looking for you yesterday?" Marcie grinned at me, suspecting the worse. I frowned letting her know that I only wished for the worse…or the best…whatever.

"He just wanted to confirm if Mitchie was my friend, uh the one with Shane." I explained.

Jennie and Marcie exchanged looks.

"Don't starting thinking that," I warned, "I only wished he's interested in me."

"And why wouldn't he be?" Jennie defended her thoughts, "You're a cute girl!"

The three of us glanced at the mirror that cover the wall, checking out our image. Hm, well I won't lie I'm not that bad looking.

Dance Studio
5 hours later

Sweat was rolling down my back and my face was soaked with my perspiration. I looked hideous. There is no way Jennie can say I was a cute girl now. Well, to be honest, none of us can say that. Even the flawless Emma Watson was looking less than perfect.

"ONE MORE TIME!" Dor yelled out starting over the music.

We all groaned as we took our places. Dor managed to get a table and some benches for our scene in "Summer Lovin'" where we were in the middle of lunch when the song breaks out.

I sat at the end of bench, sneering at the girls…getting into character of course. We all sang along to the wordless song. Dor said it helped Emma out. I don't know how. Her voice alone over powers all of our voices. Combined.

I was fortunate to not have as many dance sequences as the other girls. All I really had to do is sit there and roll my eyes (I know, it's killing me inside) at how pure and proper Sandy sounds.

When we did mess up even a single step, Dor demanded us to sprint around the small stupid room ten times. She swore it will help our stamina for other numbers. I think she's a lunatic.

Anyways we all learn quickly that perfection isn't her requirement, it's her standard.












"STOP! Girl's give me ten laps and then you can go to lunch." Dor said is if she was explaining simple math.

We all groaned.

"How long is our lunch?" A girl piped up. I think Marcie said she was Jaclyn, she has the small role of Patty Simcox.

Dor shrugged, "Um thirty minutes."

My mouth dropped at how military she was. Thirty minutes? That's how long it will take me just to do the ten laps. I was internally crying. I had absolutely no idea what I sign my life away for.

"You can't be serious." Louisa whined.

Dor cracked a smile from her hard face, "I was kidding. By force I have to give you girls two hours of lunch and rest. Waste of time if you ask me but if the studio insists-"

I didn't want to hear her blabber on. I was already on my second lap running like an idiot alone. The rest of the girls hurriedly joined me, not bothering to listen to the rest of Dor's speech like I did. When I did finish my laps, I wobbled outside of the studio feeling like a bowl of limp jelly.

I had no idea how I'll continue doing this for the next month.

I held on to the wall for support. I don't think I'll be able to walk…ever. I sunk to the vinyl floor and rested as I was slowly joined with the rest of the Pink Ladies.

"Hey Caitlyn!"

Just my luck. Fresh faced Nate was strolling down the hall way looking as great as ever. He approached the pile of mangled bodies and his face broke into a smile.

"You guys aren't recording?" He asked wondering why we look like we just finished a boot camp.

"No!" I shot back, "You aren't dancing?"

Even Emma looked like she was about to tear him to pieces.

"Nah, we're recording Greased Lightnin'. We start learning some moves after lunch." Nate did some lame rendition of the infamous Grease Lightnin arm moves. He quickly stopped when he saw most of us just staring at him.

I was too exhausted to argue how unfair that was with Nate.

"Soo…" He shrugged off his awkward moment. "You wanna go get some lunch, Caitlyn? I heard there's like a Subway across the street."

I huffed, "No thanks, I think I'll let my limbs rest for a while. Maybe you should let your vocal cords rest too, you know? Wouldn't want Nate Grey to pull a muscle."

Yeah, I was moody. But who wouldn't be after 5 hours of non-stop motion. Unfortunately, for Nate, my sarcasm gets worse when I'm moody. Marcie sighed out trying to not laugh at my remark. I could feel her pain. Laughing takes too much energy.

Nate frowned, "Oh, I'll see you later then."

He turned on his heel and stiffly walked away to some waiting friends. I recognized some as Taylor and James. The other two I had no idea. When the stampede of their footsteps faded away we all began to relax on the comfort that come with our tangles bodies. I laid my head back down on Jennie's moist back. It's too bad that we can't go back to the quarters to take a quick shower. I mean it's only a 10 minute walk away but in our condition it might turn into a grueling hour walk. Yes, not moving sounds great.

"Caitlyn…you're a bitch." Louisa mumbled.

My head rolled in her direction, "Don't start."

"I'm serious!" She exclaimed, "Nate was asking you on a lunch date and you bitched at him."

"No he wasn't." I began. There are numerous of reason why Nate would not take me on a lunch date.

One. I looked hideous.

Two. I smelled bad.

Three. I-

"I don't blame you." Emma interjected, "I can't believe they gave us a sergeant to drill us while they sang mother goose. I would have done the same."

"But you don't understand," I sighed, "Nate would never ask me on a date!"

"Why?" Jennie asked, she looked at me trying to repeat her former stance.

"Because!" I sputtered, "I don't even now him!"

"Uh huh." Marcie joined, "Have you seen the Notebook?"

I groaned, "It's a movie!"

"Ah regardless! He didn't even know her and he fell in love with her the moment he saw her." Marcie nodded her head in justification.

"He's just being nice, I'm sure." I mumbled, "Nate doesn't date. He's probably still trying to get over his ex."

"That was ages ago!" Jennie exclaimed, "He probably already has his sight set on you."

I gritted my teeth.

There's no way Nate is interested in me. It's not in his character. I mean of course I don't know him but he looks like a shy kid. I don't ever see him being forward with me in a romantic way. He's just being nice. Heck who knows. He was probably meaning to invite all of us to Subway to be nice.


Point taken.

Nate Grey is a nice guy.

A really nice hot guy. He's the guy all the girls drool over but no one gets. I'm not even going to waste my time on him. He looks like a high standard guy. The girls he wants are those tall, slim, girl who wear pearl necklaces and Italian pumps. Unless his taste is less than that then maybe, just MAYBE I fit in his preference category.

"So… who's up for Subway?" Louisa joked.

"Louisa?" Jaclyn, the invisible girl, spoke up.

"What's up?"

"Shut up."


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