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Full Summary:I met a jerk at my school. One who has no sympathy for others what-so-ever! And now I have to marry him?!

What would you do when you have to choose between your own happiness and your family? What if the ultimate prize was who you would spend your life forever with? I guess if you really had no other choice, go with the jerk and play his evil mind games. Though the hardest part of the evil games are making sure you don't fall for them… or him…

.× ▬▬▬▬[»Forced To Love You«]▬▬▬▬ ×.

--------------»Chapter 1 : The Best High School Life «--------------

"Hello there May," he whispered in my ear before taking one small nibble at it.

"AHHHHHHH!" I yelled as I fell out of my seat and landed on the hard tiled floor. Above me was that jerk of a green haired, emerald eyed, perverted, freaking annoying guy in the whole world.

"Drew," I grunted out before standing up again. "What the heck are you doing?!" I had it with this guy. He pulled every nerve that I had in my body. My sapphire eyes glared at his emerald eyes that were amazingly beau- WAIT! What the heck am I saying?! No, no, no, no, I meant to say his evil little emerald eyes filled with mischievous. Yeah more better.

"Why? Can't I say hi to my fiancé?" He sneered out, emphasizing on the word fiancé. He knew how much I hated that word. Especially since the word was indicated to him.

Yes, it's true, he was my fiancé … but it wasn't my choice. I was forced to marry this jerk. I bet you're all like 'what is she talking about?!' Here, let me explain how I got into this situation in the first place, all from where everything started…

And no, I'm not starting off from when I saw the light and then some strange people in white coats and masks… no… okay I'm shutting up now.

--------------» «--------------

I'm May Maple, a simple 17 year old high school girl. I have a father, a mother, and a twelve year old brother named Max. My hometown is Petalburg City, but I moved to Twinleaf town for a while, and then moved back to Petalburg a year ago, don't stalk me now that you know where I live…

There is nothing special about me, I'm not physically talented, strong, or academically talented. Just your average city girl.

I thought my life was just peachy as it was, with a little trouble here and there, but I can totally handle it. Like fights with Max, procrastinating ninety-nine percent of the time, boy issues, etcetera. Bet you're thinking, 'wow… she is soooooo boring.'

Yeah, yeah, I know, my life is just a blob of boring events. Like studying, baby sitting Max, watching TV while fattening myself up with barbeque chips. Though I have a life! For your information, I have two best friends in the whole wide world that can just make my day! Dawn and Misty! I've known them both since last year, I know not a lot of time, but we've all been inseparable since then.

Dawn is the perky navy haired girl that you would find saying 'hi' to random people at the mall. Misty is the solid, smart type. If you need homework (to copy) then just go to her and depending who you are she'll give it to you.

Now from the place where my putrid fiancé comes in was about, I think, a month and a half ago, when my homeroom had a transfer student from LaRousse. I remember that day clearly, like it was just yesterday…

I was sitting in my desk near the window watching Misty and Ash verbally abuse each other, like they do every day. It was pretty fun watching them, though I sighed every now and then from their childish antics.

Dawn came in and ran towards my desk excitedly. "Hey May," Dawn began, "did you know that we're getting a new transfer student today?!"

"So?" I didn't really care if there was going to be a new student or not, I remember last year that I was the new girl at school. I was talked about for the first month and then after, everything died down.

"But I heard he is gorgeous! He's from LaRousse and –"

"Gee Dawn, you sure do know a lot about this guy." I stated dully. Dawn knew everyone and everything in and out of school.

"Of course!" she squealed happily, "but as I was saying before, I think this is your chance to get a boyfriend!"

I choke on thin air as I looked at her in disbelief, "you can't be serious Dawn! I don't even know him yet and now you're saying that he could become my –"

The classroom door opened with our teacher, Mrs. King, standing there next to a green haired, emerald eyed boy.

"Boyfriend…" I mumbled out as I stared at him. Okay, yeah I could admit he is pretty cute, but not for long!

"There he is May!" Dawn whispered in my ear.

I nodded idiotically, still staring at him. He looked at me with piercing emerald eyes and I could start feeling my cheeks burn up as I quickly shifted my gaze to my desk.

"Class, settle down now." The class went to their proper seats and stayed quiet as they all looked at their new classmate.

"Okay," Mrs. King began, "this is our new transfer student, Andrew Hayden."

"Drew Hayden," he corrected her still not taking off his eyes from me. That stare he gave me blush even more. I wish he would just stop it!

"My apologies Drew. Well your seat can be…" the teacher scanned around the classroom.

My eyes shifted to the desk to my right, it was empty. NO! He's going to sit next to me! I didn't want him to sit next to me, he literally sent shivers down my spine.

"Ahh, right there, next to Miss. Maple. May, please raise your hand." I reluctantly raised my arm and tried my best to smile, though it came out as a fake smile. I looked around the room and all the girls were glaring at me, well besides Misty and Dawn though. Geez, what's up with these girls? He hasn't been here for five minutes and he already has fan girls. I hope they're able to keep their drool inside their mouth. Or at least not kill me, I mean it's not like I want him to sit next to me. I just happen to have an empty desk next to me… Just my luck…

Drew nodded and walked towards the desk. Once he sat down he smirked at me and then shifted his gaze towards the front of the room.

My face turned a light scarlet again… I really got to stop doing that.

So far during the day I had learned that he was in all my classes so far, and I had four of them already. This meant he was in two-thirds of my classes. Why not make it all of them why don't you? Though in those classes he stayed quiet and he seemed to zone out a lot.

I shook my head to get rid of the thought of him. Whatever, I'm just glad it was lunch time and for once I didn't have to see him. I found Misty and Dawn sitting with a bunch of our other friends, like Ash, Brock, Marina, Jimmy, Paul, and Brendan.

Ash is a very dense, but nice guy. We all know he has a crush on Misty, but he is always in denial. Brock is the elderly figure since he has to always take care of his brothers and sisters, but he flirts way too much for his own good. Marina is very cheerful and is hooked up with Jimmy, who is also a nice guy, but more open with his feelings. Paul… four words: Doesn't give a shit. Finally, Brendan is known as my male best friend in the group, like my older brother if you think about it.

I plopped myself next to Brendan at the edge of the table. "Hello there peoples!" I said happily.

"A little happy there May?" Brendan chuckled out as I took a bite out of my hamburger. I shook my head in disagreement, but then Dawn just had to open her big mouth.

"Of course she is," Dawn chirped out, "because she fell in love with that new transfer student."

I choked on my burger and quickly grabbed Brendan's water and chugged it all down. (HAHA, I forgot to buy my own water)

Everyone at the table looked at me strangely. I hate you Dawn…

I slammed the empty cup on the table and pointed at Dawn, "ABSURD!" I yelled out.

Dawn slapped my hand away, "geez May, you don't need to get all uptight on me."

"Yeah May," Misty stated, "you know how Dawn is."

"Though I am right, aren't I May?" Dawn smiled at me.

"That's it Dawn!" I snapped out at her. (I have a very short temper…) I abruptly stood up from the table to go to Dawn to give her a really good beating, though once I turned around, I crashed into someone. "Ahh!" I fell back and sat on my burger on the table, my forceful weight made the weak table break and crash to the ground, and after all of that, I felt something wet pour out on my head.

I looked up to feel the liquid splash in my face before it stopped and when I opened up my sapphire eyes I saw emerald eyes glaring down at me. "Tch, you're so clumsy," Drew snorted out in my direction as he set his open bottle of water straight up again. "Watch where you're going next time," he turned around and walked away from me.

"That jerk!" I squeaked out as Brendan helped me up. Marina handed me a towel from her backpack, "here May, you're all wet."

"Thanks Marina," I smiled at her before taking off my bandana and wiping my hair.

"Miss Maple!" A deep voice bellowed out, "Come see me in my office right now!"

Wincing slightly, I looked up, it was the principal. "Damn…" I muttered under my breath. This is just great. One, I'm soaked. Two, my butt has ketchup, mustard, and a little pickle hanging from it. Three, the principal is calling me to go to his office. Four, I just embarrassed myself in front of the new kid. This day can't get any better!

I spent the rest of the day in the principal's office being lectured about how violating school property is bad. How come I get all the blame on this!? It was also partially Drew's fault too, if he wasn't in the way this would have never happened! Oh… I don't think I mentioned this earlier to you guys, but as you can see, my luck meter is ZERO.

--------------» «--------------

Let's see, after the long chat with the principal, I got a week of detention for breaking the table. I spazzed out at the time since I never ever had gotten a detention before in my whole life!

This day did get a little better as I started walking home though! NOT.

I missed my bus home, damn. I have to walk a mile and a half to get home, damn. It started to pour on me, damn it. I'm a senior in my school and I can't drive yet, damn me.

I let out a huge sigh, "two more blocks and I'm home!" I shivered as I walked in the rain, "this day seriously can't get any worse…"

Yeah, wrong words to say! A car just drove pass me… and then there is this thing on the ground, that freaking evil little thing on the ground called a puddle… wait! It gets better, it wasn't only a puddle, it was a mud puddle. I bet you can picture me by now, and now you're laughing... shut up! It's not funny!

I shrieked out loudly and stormed towards my house. "I love my life, I love my life, I freaking LOVE my life!" I didn't convince myself pretty well…

"Home at last," I sighed out in relief. I looked around on the outside of my house, something felt off… really off… I just couldn't put my finger on it. I shook the feeling off and walked inside the house. "Mom! I'm home!"

It smelled really good inside the house, it must have been mom's cooking. At least there is still a good point in my day. I ran into the kitchen and found five plates filled with delicious foods on them. I grabbed a plate and silver wear from the cabinet and before I slammed my fork into the first dish my mom slapped my hand away. "Huh?" I looked at her dumbfounded.

"May Melanie Maple!" She roared out at me, "Don't you dare touch that food!" Her eyes ran up and down my body in horror, "especially since you're this filthy!"

I sauntered over to the mirror and examined myself. I was a mess. My hair was wet and messy, my clothes were filled with mud, and my butt still had the condiments on them.

"May, go take a shower and put on some really nice clothes that I bought you." She shoved me up the stairs, "we're going to have special guests tonight and they can't see you like this May!" She shrieked out.

"Can I have some food after?" I pleaded putting on a sad face.

She shook her head, "no May, I know what you did at school today and you're not off the hook just yet. Now go and take that shower missy!"

My face pouted, "fine," I grunted out as I trudged towards the bathroom.

"Gosh May, what happened to you?" Max commented as I reached the top of the steps. "You're one heck of a mess."

"Shut up Max, it's none of your business." I mumbled angrily.

"Fine, be that way." He adjusted his glasses before he walked in his room, slamming his door.

I sighed for the billionth time today and I closed the door behind me as I entered the bathroom.

--------------» «--------------

Once I was finished changing, I examined myself in the mirror. I didn't want to embarrass my parents in front of their 'important guests'. This day didn't have to be horrible for my parents just because I had a horrible day. That would be unfair to them. Especially since they spent all this time preparing for their guests to come.

My outfit was okay I guess, like my mom said, she had bought it for me. It was a red spaghetti strapped dress that ruffled at the end of it, the dress was only mid-thigh. I also wore black leggings that reached up to my knees and black flats. My hair was free of a bandana, but there was a red and black ribbon in the back of my head.

When I was done I trotted downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for my mom's next orders. She was rushing around the kitchen like her butt was on fire, probably it could be, depending on how important these people were.

Max sat next to me on the couch watching some cartoon. He was dressed pretty decently tonight. He had worn his nicest polo shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes.

"Hey Max, do you know who these people are that are coming tonight to our house?" I asked in curiosity; Max always had the answer to questions, so I was surprised by his answer.

"Actually May, I have no clue who is coming over. Mom just said to get prepared." Max sighed, "I hate when I don't know things."

I couldn't help but giggle a little. Max always acted like a smart ass and now he was clueless as me. It felt pretty nice not being so dumb.

Max was going to argue with me of why I was laughing, though the doorbell rang. Talk about saved by the bell.

"May," mom began, "can you go get the door please, it's our guests, so be courteous and be a good host for them please. I'm still doing some finishing touches."

"Sure mom." I said as I got up and sauntered to the door. For some reason I could feel my stomach start to knot as if I was going to be sick. With every step I took towards the door, the feeling just got stronger and stronger.

Okay May, stop acting like an idiot. It's just mom and dad's important guests. It's not like they know me or I know them… encouraging words didn't seem to work for the moment.

Once I grabbed the door knob I felt like my hand was burning, but I told myself that it was just my imagination. I slowly turned the handle and opened the door.

My gaze shifted from six feet to three faces. One of the three I had recognized. There it goes, my stomach just became sick… really sick.

I gazed at the boy that was about five inches taller than my height and had green hair and emerald orbs that gazed right back at my sapphire orbs.

He stared at me with a calm and collected face, as if he knew this was coming. I wonder if he did know what he was going to come. Though that wasn't the big problem in my head right now.

I began to choke on air, but I managed to spit out the one word that identified the figure that I knew, "D-Drew…?"

--------------» «--------------

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