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-»Side Story : Silhouette Dreams «-

Drew Hayden

My hands glided nervously over my plane ticket as I read it over and over again. Memories from the day before burdened my mind and bothered me constantly. The grief stricken May was captivated in my weary head and I knew I had done what I had to, but yet it still felt so wrong.

I didn't want to be the cause of the damage that was done, but I couldn't deny that I was. I hurt May – simple as that – though I had hurt myself too along the way. It was for the fact that I had fallen in love with her when I wasn't supposed to. My sole purpose was to break my parent's habits and save May's family. Never did it occur in my mind that my plan involved me falling in love.

"Passenger's for the flight to LaRousse, please board at Gate seven at once. Thank you," a feminine voice called over the loud intercom disrupting my heavy train of thought. I looked at my ticket once again and sighed before rising from my seat. My hand grabbed firmly around the handle of my duffle bag and I made my way towards the gate. There was no turning back now. I was leaving May behind along with mom, dad, and all the other people I was able to meet here.

Once I had reached the gate the lady kindly took my ticket and scanned it before handing it back to me. "There you go sir. Please have a safe and wonderful trip!" She said enthusiastically. I nodded and began to walk in the terminal walkway, but then I heard something familiar. Her voice… May's voice rang through my mind, calling out my name in desperation.

I abruptly turned around with wide eyes and observed the gate's entrance to find stranger's faces staring oddly at me. I could have sworn I heard May's voice, but then again she didn't know I was leaving. I was just probably hallucinating again.

The lady at the gate had her hand hovered over my back and stared at me with worried eyes, "Sir is everything alright?" I quickly glanced at her and then back at the crowd before nodding, "yeah sorry." I continued my way into the airplane and didn't stop until all my luggage was put away properly and I was sitting comfortably in my seat.

I sighed and prayed that the plane would hurry up and leave already before I changed my mind and jump off. My eyes wandered out to the window where I had a nice view of inside the airport by the waiting dock where I had sat earlier.

Suddenly a sweet scent of flowers passed me and I scrubbed my sleeve on my nose lightly before looking to see where that smell came from. Sitting next to me was a girl no older than I with long, brown hair that fell down to her waist. She glanced quickly at me and smiled, "hello," her tiny voice sang out shyly.

"Hey," I nodded in response and turned away. The flight was about to take off and I couldn't be happier… or sad. I wasn't sure which feeling dominated. I was happy I was finally leaving to see Destiny and be away from my putrid parents, but I was so sad that I was leaving May behind.

The engine on the plane roared louder each second and I glanced at the window of the airport and almost stood up if it wasn't for the belt that restrained me to chair. Instead I pressed my face against the glass window and stared with teary emerald eyes. There on the other side of the window, I saw May. She was right there with her teary face pressed up to the glass and she watched with pure dread in her eyes as the plane began to take off. My eyes followed her and she became smaller and smaller until I couldn't see her any longer. How did she know I was leaving today? Was it that obvious?

I sighed, trying to push my irritating thoughts away and looked at the girl next to me. She was reading a magazine that was in the seat holder in front of her. She was calm and quiet, but she was visibly troubled by something. Her head turned towards me and in an instant I looked out the window.

I heard her emit a tiny giggle and she outstretched her arm, "hello. I'm Leaf Greene, but people call me Lea." I stared at her and her outstretched hand blankly and then shook it, "I'm Drew Hayden."

For the rest of the flight we began to speak to each other. It turned out that Lea use to live in Petalburg five years ago and knew Brendan. She was visiting him, hoping to surprise him, but due to the fact he was depressed –and I could guess why he was – she didn't spend as much time with him as she wanted to.

Brendan had been her first friend she ever made at school when she was in pre-school and that meant a lot to her. She also mentioned that she wished that the girl he loved would love him back too, but she said it with such sorrow in her voice. I guessed she liked him or something of that matter.

Once we landed I bid her good luck with Brendan and a sincere farewell because I highly doubt I was ever going to see her again. I'm glad I had managed to make it to LaRousse in one piece and without losing my mind completely. Luckily Lea was there to be able to keep me company for a while on the plane.

As I sat in the back of the car I sent for earlier, I was flipping through the contacts on my cell phone hurriedly; I needed to do something as soon as possible. Once I found the right number I pressed on it and held the phone to my ear.

After a couple of rings, a male voice answered the phone in a disgustingly cocky way. "Well if it isn't Mr. Hayden."

I rolled my eyes and ignored his sarcasm, "shut up Robert. Look, I really need a favor from you." I kept my voice in a grave tone to let him know that I meat business and not some friendly joke.

"Drew Hayden is asking for a favor?" He gave out a shocked yelp.

I sighed in irritation, "Look I need you to keep me updated on this person in Petalburg."

"Oh that's right; you went to Petalburg to finish some business with your parents. How did that go for you?"

I felt a deep pang in my chest, remembering the look on May's face. I shook furiously with anger for I was the one who caused that look to appear on that sweet angelic face. Trying hard to keep the same grave tone I continued to speak, "Keep on the subject Robert. As I was saying I want you to keep me updated daily with May Melanie Maple."

"When did you become a stalker Drew?" I could imagine him right now with a small grin on his face with one eyebrow jerked up in amusement.

"Look, I just need to know the activities she does every day and I want my report on her be very accurate and be sent to my email daily. If you can't handle it Robert then I'll just find someone else to do it for me." I growled out. He was talking to me as if he knew me as his buddy or pal.

"Hey no need to go to that. I can handle this job. I was just wondering why you needed the information on her."

"Look," I spat out, "I'm not paying you to go into my personal business. I'm paying you to go give me daily reports on the girl okay?"

He let out a heavy sigh, "fine Mr. Hayden. When do you want me to start?"

"Now," I stated bluntly and shut my phone. I hated talking to idiots like him. It has become annoying to try to make sense of people like that. I let out a heavy sigh, at least now I can watch over May like I promised.

Sucking myself back into the present, I began to think mindlessly. Nobody knew I was coming back here and I was hoping to surprise one of my most favorite people in the world.

Finally the car came to a halt and I escorted myself out of the car and came face to face with a mansion like house. I was finally back to the place where I grew up by myself. It was hard to believe that only Destiny and I lived in this large house filled with servants.

I advanced forward towards the door and opened it. To my surprise it wasn't locked and right there I made a mental note to talk to all the servants about keeping a secure home for Destiny.

Once I was in the house I recognized that familiar tiny voice. By the top of the stairs I spotted a small girl in a light purple dress begin to fret. "No!" a tiny green haired girl yelped out, swatting away the elderly figure hovering above her with a brush in her hand.

"But Miss Destiny-"

"Only Dew can brush Dessy's hair!" Destiny smacked the brush out of the woman's hand and the brush landed by my feet.

I sighed. I didn't know leaving Dess would change her into a rebellious child. I advanced toward the stairs quietly without Destiny or her baby sitter noticing. "Now Destiny," I said coolly, catching the attention of both female figures, "I don't think I raised you to act like that towards your baby sitter."

That's when I saw her tiny ruby eyes lighten with such joy. "Dew!" she laughed out in such a melodic tone as she ran down the stairs. She was about to hug me, but I scooted myself over to the right making her trip.

"Owie! Dew!" she whined as she got up to try and hug me once again, Though I placed my palm in the middle of her forehead and she continued to squirm towards me, but my palm kept her at arms distance from me.

"Say sorry first before you hug me Dess."

She grunted as she faced her baby sitter. "Sorry..." she mumbled out unwillingly.

I sighed; this isn't good behavior for Dess. I must fix it later. "Say it like you mean it Destiny Hayden."

"Yes Dew," she grunted again, "I'm sorry." Destiny stated more boldly.

"Its fine Miss Destiny." the elderly woman smiled at me, "ahh, and welcome back Sir Drew."

"thank you Alice," I placed my hand on Destiny's grass colored hair and patted it, "sorry for the trouble Destiny gave you and everyone else while I was gone."

"It's no problem Sir, she just missed you a lot and she is still young so we understand."

"Thanks Alice you can leave for now," I said as I carried Destiny in my arms and Alice left us alone. I bent down and grabbed Destiny's brush and we both sat down on the couch as I began to brush her tangled hair.

"I missed you Dew! No one was here to play with me!" Destiny pouted. "How were mommy and daddy? You stayed there for so long so you must have liked mommy and daddy a lot."

I sighed, total opposite of what actually happened. "Mommy and daddy are doing fine without us naturally. I just needed to fix a few things there."

"Did you meet a pretty girl there?" She stared at me with sincere, innocent eyes. "Did you stay because you fell in love with a girl?" She was only five and she knows these kinds of things? What has she been doing while I was gone? Note to self: ask Alice what has Destiny Been eating, drinking, and especially watching.

"H-how do you know that?" I asked stuttering.

"Oh so it's true... I guess what Alice said was true," Destiny hummed out. "So is she pretty? How about nice? Why isn't she here with you now?" She looked eagerly at the door as if expecting someone to just come through.

"It isn't important at the moment Destiny. I don't think..." I paused and lost my self control while brushing Destiny's hair.

"Dew... Be happy for Dess," she pleaded before turning around and embracing me. My arms coiled around her tightly and I felt warm tears rush down my face for the memories collided in my head again. All those times that I had spent with May, I had actually felt real love and happiness after all those miserable, lonely years.

-» «-

A year has passed since I came back home to LaRousse and I was reading over a few contracts at my home office before signing them. Everything in the house was quiet; Destiny was asleep and so were most of the servants.

The phone suddenly rang and I slightly jumped before regaining my posture. Someone outside my office answered the phone and talked softly into the receiver.

There was gentle knock on my door before it opened revealing the young blonde servant. "Mr. Hayden," her sweet and melodic called out, "you have a call from Mr. Robert Reese."

I nodded before I picked up the phone from its receiver. "What do you need at this time of night? You've been sending the updates through email for the past year. Is there something wrong?" My voice was steady, yet nervous; for the past year I've been getting updates on May daily-even though that is quite stalker like. From what Learned she has been getting over my departure slowly, but yet even if she was getting over me, I still love her to the fullest.

"Mr. Hayden," Robert said quietly, "Miss Maple... She's-"

The phone slipped from my hands, landing on the floor with a thud. My emerald eyes widened before I lifted myself from the desk I sat in and running out the door.

-» «-

It took me about a week to arrive in Petalburg again due to my bust schedule and Destiny's needs, but I tried to put it all aside for at least a few hours just to see May again.

The smell of the hospital fumed up my nostrils causing me to scrunch my nose before rubbing it on my sleeve quickly. I didn't think I would have returned to Petalburg; at least not after all I have done here; though I came back for a reason... a very serious reason.

My footsteps made tiny clanking noises as I walked through the empty hallway. People watched as I passed by, following my emerald eyes that skimmed each room number quickly until I found the room I was looking for.

I stopped and became nervous; I was going to see her again... See May again. But in truth I didn't want to see her, at least not in the condition she was in at the moment.

Robert had told me that May was in the hospital and in a deep coma after crashing her car into a tree. I became frightened for her condition, even though Robert said it wasn't anything too serious physically, the doctors said she might not wake up again. Her head banged against the car steering wheel pretty hard during the impact.

I peeked in quickly in the room and saw no one other than a tiny lump in the bed that stood in the middle of the room. Now was my perfect chance to see May again. I advanced into the white, sunny room and closed the door behind me before looking towards the bed. Each step I made towards the bed became heavier and heavier and I felt my heart sink slowly.

Lying in the white bed was the girl of my dreams sleeping so deeply. Her face hasn't changed at all - all the beauty I left behind was still present and fully intact, but there was an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth and a white bandage around her forehead. Behind her closed eyelids were those alluring sapphire orbs that I had lost myself into numerous times and her soft, brown hair fell over the pillow she was lying on.

I felt the pain swell in me and I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth. I restrained myself from grabbing her shoulders and shaking her until she awoken. This became my entire fault... I, Drew Hayden, caused this terrible accident upon this sleeping beauty and if she got worse then I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

I pulled the nearby chair closer to her bed before sitting on it. I stretched to take hold of her hand in mine once again, but hesitated. I didn't deserve to touch her or even look at her. May had endured so much pain because of me; every second of her life since she met me was one whole big disappointment for her.

My hand hovered over hers for a while before I retracted it back to my lap. I took a deep sigh and looked at May again, "idiot, I told you not to do anything stupid when I left. Yet here you are now lying in a hospital bed in a coma. May, when will you ever start to actually listen to other peoples demands? Or better, when will you learn to stop spacing out so much?" I grinned at her slightly before frowning again. I had actually expected her to answer me with some kind of rude come back and punch me or something.

I looked down at my shaking hands and got up from the seat. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead and patted her hair softly. "May," I sighed out, "if you can really hear me in there then I want you to get better. Get out of this place and live life again. I promise..." I looked at her once again in confusion, what can I promise May? Promise I won't ever leave her side again? Promise I would never break her again? I couldn't promise her anything because everything I had promised her from before I had broken. I sighed and continued warily, "May, I promise I will come back one day. I need you to keep holding on for a little longer, okay?" That was the only promise at the moment that I can give to her.

At the same second I finished my sentence, I heard the door creak open and I swiftly straightened and directed my attention towards the noise. My torpor eyes examined the sudden guest and my expression hardened.

"What are you doing here Drew?" Brendan asked in a cold and harsh voice before entering and closing the door behind him. "How did you know May was in the hospital?"

I glanced one last time at the sleeping May before glaring at Brendan. He hasn't changed Much either, but visible bags hung from under his eyes indicating his lack of sleep. Maybe he had been taking care of May. I cleared my voice before answering his question, "I know a lot of things that happen here at Petalburg."

His dull expression had not changed, "that still doesn't answer my question."

I tried to avoid his gaze now. I didn't want to admit I was indirectly stalking May in a sense, but I really didn't know what else to say to him. "I just got news about her accident."

He sighed and gave up on the question (which I was thankful for). He brushed past me and took a stand near May before looking down at her with his ruby eyes that scanned her body worriedly. Not taking his eyes off her he spoke to me once again, "how long have you been in here?"

"Not long, I was just about to leave." I headed towards the door before Brendan could respond, but once my hand touch the door knob I stopped. "Hey Brendan, I want to ask you a favor."

Brendan jerked his head up and waited silently for me to continue.

"I'll pay for May's expenses, but I need you to not let anyone at all know I came here today." I paused for a while before continuing, "And I also want you to take care of May a lot better than I ever could and ever will. Continue to love her Brendan and make sure no one ever hurts her ever again and that includes me." I gripped harder on the door knob and angrily turned towards Brendan with burning eyes, "If you ever neglect your duty of taking care of May then I'll make sure you'll experience all the levels of hell on Earth!" I yelled out with a visible strain in my voice. With that I exited the room and left the hospital towards my car. Once I got in, I furiously wiped away the tears that streamed down my face. I tried so hard not to cry, but it hurts every time I have to leave May.

In the end, I managed to visit May every month of her coma stage with no else knowing besides Brendan on occasion of seeing a single rose I leave every time I visit.

-» «-

"Mr. Hayden!" My new, young and slightly annoying secretary chimed out in her high, shrill voice before poking me with the Manila folder she was holding. Her wavy red hair hung over her shoulders and her red lipstick stuck out from her pale like complexion. In all she was quite beautiful with her green orbs, but her shrilly voice is a huge turn off.

"What is it now?" To tell you the truth, I didn't know her name. Or why Robert recommended such an absurd girl as a secretary. Or better yet, why I even listened to him in the first place – he was honestly one huge idiot with a two digit IQ.

"I have the list of all the new employees you have starting today!" She handed me the folder before skipping out the door.

I scanned the list of names and a few were really familiar names that I missed seeing. I stared out the window of the Petalburg Service Company which I now own and run due to my parent's aggressive antics that they still haven't given up yet. I'm still quite ashamed about their behavior, but I don't mingle in or with their affairs and what not any longer.

Other than my parents, my thoughts drifted out to somewhere else in my own little fantasy. It had actually been exactly four years since I had left Petalburg and just a month ago I was moving back in, but this time I dragged Destiny along without debating on the issue with her on whether to move or not. She was actually quite supportive of the whole ordeal. Once I said that the girl I loved was involved she began to quickly pack her things away.

Now, here I am in the same building as May is. I glanced quickly and eagerly at the clock and it read that it was now exactly nine o'clock sharp. I flipped through a separate folder that I found in the file cabinet with May Maple's records in them.

Once I finished scanning them I sighed, "You haven't changed one bit May. You're always so late for every little thing you do." I couldn't help but give a relieved smile at the fact that she hadn't changed.

A light knock was heard at the door and my train of thought was broken. I yelled for them to come in, but the voice that I heard startled me. It wasn't that high, shrilling voice from that secretary, but a familiar, cold voice. "Sir, you wanted to see me?" I heard heavy footsteps enter my office and I spun my chair around to be face to face with Paul.

He looked at me in shock and then slowly regained his normal expression. He hasn't changed either I see. He crossed his arms, "hey there Drew- I mean boss."

I sighed, "You're still as sarcastic as ever Paul. I needed-"

"Me to go get May for you?" He had cut me off with the words I wanted to say to him. I shut my mouth again and nodded. "Make sure you don't tell her that I'm the new boss." I then remembered earlier when I was in the crowded elevator I spotted Dawn staring intently at me. Knowing her, she would have already told May about my presence by now.

"I hope Dawn hasn't told May yet about you being here and all," he said softly. Amazing, it was if this guy was reading my mind! I shook my head in agreement to partially shake out my useless thoughts and to obviously agree. He sighed and began to walk out the door, "I'll go get her now."

I nodded again, "thanks Paul." With that I was left alone again in the barren office. I anxiously looked around and examined the room. I still had a pile of boxes in the corner from when I moved in my material things (which was yesterday) and it looked very out of place. What if May thought I turned into a slob for leaving those things there? Would she even care? I began to panic and feel a knot in my stomach. This was the only real time in years since I had actually spoken to her when she was conscious and well.

I wanted to run away again like the coward I was, but I knew that I had to stay put and conquer this beastly feeling inside me that longed for May to be with me once again. To hear her sweet voice again and to see her beautiful, yet clumsy attitude again would mean the world to me.

I heard the rotation of the doorknob and the panic, anxiety, fear and nausea swept over me more heavily this time. Paul didn't even give me a chance to get ready by knocking! I turned my chair around so now I had faced the wall and the huge back of the chair faced May – if she was there.

"Sir, Miss Maple is here," Paul said in his monotone voice. Soon I heard light footsteps touch the ground of the office and the closing of the door. Here was the final judgment of whether I have achieved or failed once again in my attempt to regain someone dear to me.

"G-g-good morning Sir," May stuttered out. Her voice trembled, but the sound of it calmed me and cleared my head. I knew exactly how I was going to approach this situation.

I cleared my voice and got ready to produce an alienated voice from my own. I was aiming for something much richer and deeper in sound. I took a deep breath, "don't worry Miss Maple, and don't be so nervous." I still heard my voice in that pseudo voice I tried to pull, but I guess I had to make do. Plus, it was too late to try and change my voice to something else now. "So how are you this morning?"

"Fine," she still had that same tremble in her voice, but she courteously continued in a strange, nervous way, "H-how are you Sir?"

"I'm perfectly at ease now Miss Maple, thank you." I started to go blank on conversational issues, and I began to blurt out something without thinking. "That's a wonderful necklace around your neck. Who gave that to you? I would like to consult with that person." Great, I just mentioned the necklace which she might not even be wearing right now. In times like these, I really wished I had a script to follow like in movies, but this is real life.

I heard her emit a small, surprised gasp. It took her a second to regain composure and answer me again. "Umm… my friend gave it to me. I don't know where he is right now, so I can't tell you. I'm sorry." May's voice sounded distant and fragile. It was as if talking about me had made her weak and scared to say my name or even hear it.

I gave a small chuckle. I didn't know why. Nothing was funny at the moment, except probably for the fact that I got lucky with the necklace situation. I'm probably really nervous or secretly drugged because this isn't how I would normally act in situations like these. "It's okay Miss Maple. I bet your friend misses you dearly, I mean… I do miss someone so much right now as well. I just want to be close to her and hold her in my arms and- sounds corny."

"Drew," I heard her mumble under her breath with a hint of uncertainty.

I raised an eyebrow and smirked – even though she couldn't see it. "Did you say something Miss Maple?"

"N-no," she stuttered out. I can imagine her standing there with flushed cheeks while shaking her head in disagreement and holding her hands up in defense. I wanted to chuckle, but I forced it back down my throat in order to not blow my cover. I could tell by the silent air between us, she was beginning to remember the times she had spent with me and was now feeling very uncomfortable. "Not to be rude or anything Sir, but can I leave now?"

"Go ahead…" I trailed off. That wasn't what I wanted to say, but it suddenly came out from nowhere and now I had to think fast to get her attention once again. Her quick, light footsteps hurried towards the door and once she began to turn the knob, I began to speak again.

"Before you go Miss Maple, I wanted to ask you something, if you don't mind," I asked her with my normal, casual voice. My fun was now officially over and it was time to get serious.

I took one deep sigh and began to slowly get up as the words escaped my lips freely, "May Melanie Maple, I want you to answer me as honest as possible." Once I fully got up I saw her shaking petite figure by the door with her back facing towards me. I couldn't tell if her shaking was caused by fright or by the anger that might have been swelling up inside her.

I took each step towards her with a heart filled consideration and once I reached her I had slipped my finger under her chin and made her look at me. My heart wrenched at the site. Not only do I witness her beauty once again, but she was crying. The pools of tears didn't cease either once she saw me – it actually became harder.

"D-Drew?" She had whispered out in a barely audible voice. It was meek, shy and afraid.

No words could express what I was truly feeling at the moment so I pulled the small, golden ring that I had placed years ago on her finger and slipped it back on again while showing her my egoistic smirk once again. She gasped at my action and stared at the ring and back at me repeatedly.

"May Melanie Maple, will you marry me?" I tried to ask her as casually as I could, but my voice trembled slightly.

She bit the bottom of her lip and began scanning the room as if she was looking for some way to escape from me. If she did want to escape me… there was a door right behind her. She then shook me off and began advancing towards the pile of boxes before picking one up slowly and staring blankly at it. I wonder what is running through her mind at the moment.

"What are you doing May?" I asked her with a puzzled expression. She lifted her head and stared at me just like how she stared at the box she held.

All of sudden she burst into a sudden untamed May which began yelling and throwing boxes at me nonstop. I could hear her shrills and angry yells, but I couldn't focus on them. I needed to get close to her to calm her down. I easily avoided all the boxes that came my way and I successfully made it to May without her noticing. Thankfully she didn't notice or else she might have just grabbed something else other than cardboard and chucked it at me with full power.

Once I reached her, I grabbed her and embraced her tightly while stroking her soft hair. "I'm sorry May," I choked out, "I… made the biggest mistake in my life. I… can't live without you May."

She was now traumatized in her anger for she started furiously squirming to get out of my grip and repeatedly yelling "shut up" at the top of her lungs. I wasn't going to give up that easily if that's what she thought.

I began to yell over her cries, "May listen to me! May I know I had hurt you and I'm sorry! You have every right in the world to hate me!" She still wouldn't calm down from her tantrum, so I continued in a more soft and caring voice to try and appease her. "May I shouldn't have ran away. I know how you feel May! I shouldn't have ran away from the problems! I shouldn't have ran away from my parents!" The strain in my voice was visible, "but what was worse was that I ran away from you."

I think it had worked because she stopped yelling and was now silently crying. I tried to ignore her silent plead in her sapphire eyes to stop talking, but I continued against her will.

"I ran away from you May and I thought that running away was the answer, but it just made things worse. You… could have died because of what I did May. After I told you not do anything stupid, you ran into a tree," I whispered out into her ear. "I'm sorry." I released her and backed away, giving her space to think about everything that had happened in the last few minutes she spent in this office and the four years when I had left. "I just… wanted to see you and hold you in my arms like back then, even if it was just for one second," my eyes grew dreary and gazed at the floor, "I'll leave now. You don't have to ever see me again."

It was pretty obvious now that she didn't want me back. I accepted that thought with the silent treatment she gave me and I began to advance towards the door. Suddenly I felt a tight embrace come from behind me and May dug her face in the back of my button down shirt. "No!" May cried out in anguish. So she didn't want me to leave after all…

"May…" I whispered out. I felt my eyes sting and a sudden impulse came over me of just wanting to hold her in my arms again.

"No!" May wept out, "don't leave me again. It was so hard these past years. Even if I was with someone else, I couldn't forget you. You were the only one in my mind and heart. I hated you and myself all this time because you took my heart and never gave it back to me. I was so weak back then and I'm still weak now because you're right in front of me and I'm pushing you away!" I felt her grip tightened around my waist, "don't leave… please…"

That was the final strand that placed everything together and back in order again. My whole world felt complete and it never felt so right before up until now. I grabbed both of her arms and pinned it to her side as I turned around. Gently, I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her lightly and quickly on her soft lips. I missed that feeling so much! "I still love you," I couldn't hold the words back. They just flooded out of my dry mouth.

May stared at me with the 'deer in headlights' kind of stare, but slowly she flashed me a bright smile. She grabbed my hands and inched her face closer to mines closing the gap in between us, but before she kissed me once again she had said she loved me too. And that was it; the deal was set and closed.

Once she pulled back I smirked, "so… is that a yes?"

She tried to rack her memory to see what I was talking about and then it eventually came to her a few seconds later. She wiped her tears away and spoke, "yes I will marry you Drew and this time no backing out right?"

I chuckled, "only if you promise that I can take your everything."

She gave a shy blush before hugging me tightly once again, "you already took my everything Drew." With hearing those words come straight from May's mouth I wrapped my arms around her tightly and drew her closer to my body.

Her presence there filled that empty space in my heart that I felt over that four years, and having May again in my arms was all I could ask for and ever want.

She was my forever that I looked forward to.

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