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Preview of last chapter:

They crowded around him, telling him that it would all be okay and other comforting things, but Ash didn't really hear them. His first and only love... was gone.

A month had past since Ash had been declared pregnant. Gary, since then, had all but barricaded himself in the lab, accepting only his grandfather and Tracey's company. Though recently he started denying them as well. They had found out about the... incedent... and tried to coax him into talking to Ash again. To look at him. Acknowledge him. Acknowledge the baby.

Gary refused. Denied it flat out. He wouldn't do it. He couldn't. He knew that as long as he kept his frame of mind, he'd only hurt Ash in the long run. And he loved him too much to do that to him. Sadly, his logic blinded him to the fact that ignoring Ash was hurting him even more then that ever would. That's why he made his decision with ease. He was going to leave Pallet Town. He spent a full day packing in secret and left under cover of night with his Umbreon.

"Did we forget anything Umbreon?" He asked his dark pokemon.

"Bre!" Umbreon replied, running to Gary's desk to retrieve what he felt his master forgot.

Gary eyed the paper Umbreon brought to him. Taking it from his loyal pokemon, he found it to be a picture. And not just any picture. It was one of him and Ash, Gary hugging the smaller teen and kissing his cheek. Gary sighed and put the picture back on the desk, "No... This stays here." he spoke more to himself then to Umbreon. On a whim he flipped it over and scribbled two little words on the back in neat cursive;

I'm sorry.

He donned his familiar, weather-beaten traveler's cloak and walked the path that led out of town. As he passed by Ash's house, he stopped and stared at the window he knew belonged to his bedroom.

"Forgive me, koi." he whispered before he resumed walking. He didn't look back as he left the town.

Ash woke with a start, cold sweat dripping down his face, "That felt so real..." he said aloud, running his hand threw his sweat drenched hair.

"Chuuuu...?" Pikachu asked sleepily

Ash smiled lovingly at the little yellow mouse, "It's nothing. Sorry for waking you." He rubbed his best friends head softly, lulling him back to sleep.

"Pika pikapi..." he smiled sleepily before closing his eyes and letting the sleep retake him.

Ash, however, didn't go back to sleep. He stood up and went to his window, looking out into the dark town. He really wanted to see Gary right now. He stared out the window a while longer before he grabbed his coat and headed for the door. Tracey would understand.

As he walked down the familiar path towards the lab, he figured Gary would most likely be asleep. But that was ok. Ash didn't need to talk to him. Seeing would be enough. No matter what happened, or what anybody said to him, Ash would always love Gary with everything he had. That would never change. He had no way of knowing that Gary had only just walked down the very same path in the opposite direction.

When he knocked on the door, Tracey answered after a while. He was obviously half asleep and very tired, but he let Ash in anyway after the raven explained himself. He was even nice enough to accompany Ash to Gary's room, incase anything happened. He had explained to Ash yesterday that Gary had been very moody lately, for lack of a better word. He had lashed out at Tracey a couple of times when the young pokemon watcher had gone to far with his coaxing. Ash slowly opened the door to Gary's room. Knocking would be redundent at this time. For some reason, Ash felt his pulse quicken as he approached the bed. It was empty. He felt the sheets. They were cold. The bed hadn't been used at all tonight.

"He's gone..." he mumbled

"What?" Tracey yawned outside the door.

"He's gone!" he repeated loudly, "Gary's gone!"

That, needless to say, woke Tracey up. The two teens searched the room to see if they could find any clue to where he was and it was Ash who found the only thing he left behind. When he read the words on the back of the picture, he cried. Tracey was at his side in a second, but it did no good. Gary was gone. Gone from his sight, gone from his presence, gone from his life. And there wasn't anyway to bring him back.

~Chapter 4: End~

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