Normal POV

"Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I just did that!"

Amu Hinamori said as she meekly walked away from Ikuto whom she had just asked out. Ikuto had saved her multiple times and she likes him a little. Even though he was the enemy. She thought she should repay him.

It's just to repay him though. I don't really like him. I mean… Amu thought

Maybe I do…but he's the enemy. I like Tadase…right?

"Hey, Amu chan!" A voice rang out.


I spun around.

"Tadase! Oh, Nadeshiko and Yayo and Kaiko and of course all your charas!

"Well of course! They couldn't just leave us alone!" Tadase's Chara, Kiseki, said.

"I know! I was just well." I spazzed out. I had wanted to tell Tadase something…but alone. I had wanted to tell him about Ikuto and how I had asked him out.

"Hey you guys! Could you leave Tadase and I alone for a few minutes…please? You too Kiseki. And Ran, Miki, Su, you guys too please?

"Oh." The charas said in unison as they sulked away.

"Thanks." I turned to Tadase. "So Tadase. Today I saw Ikuto."

"Tsukiyomi?" His face was grave. "Why were you with him. You need to stay away from him. He is the enemy and he is dangerous!"

"Shut up, Tadase!" He blinked and stepped back a little.

"W-what Amu?"

"I said be quiet! I hate how your always putting Ikuto down and telling me how 'dangerous' he is. He isn't dangerous! In fact, he's quite nice and stays out of other peoples business! Unlike you! Your always making sure I'm safe! OK I appreciate that but your like a stalker I can take care of myself sometimes!"

He stared at me stunned.

"I knew you wouldn't get it. Anyways…it is always Ikuto who's doing the real helping!" His mouth dropped open.

"Whenever I fall off of something…there he is. When I'm fighting x-eggs, he's usually there. Yea, your there too, but you aren't going against any orders to help someone! Ikuto is always there and he's not always there stalker-type. Your really annoying Tadase and I want you out of my life!"

"I-I-I thought you were going to ask me out, or tell me you liked me. I mean it's pretty obvious."

"Yea, I was going to tell you I liked you. Key word: was! I HATE you Tadase. You need to get over that I like Ikuto more than you."

I gasped. I did? I mean, I did! I…I…I really don't know.

I started running.

"Amu! I'm sorry! Amu!" I heard Tadase calling after me. Who cared about him though? Seya? Ha!

Ikuto POV

I wonder where she is. I thought. It was an hour after she was supposed to meet me and there was no sigh of her.

Suddenly someone burst through the doors, panting.

"Ikuto!" Amu said. "I'm sorry I'm so late! I had to…and then…sorry. She smiled sheepishly.

"Its OK." I said. "C'mon I got us a table."

"Thanks Ikuto."

"Um…Amu? Did you invite him?" She looked at me in puzzlement. "Why is Kiddy King here?"

She spun around.

"Tadase!" She yelled and ran toward him.