[Takes place after the episode: "Pierre Le Fou". And of course.. it's a FAYExSPIKE fic! Wah-hahahahahahahahhahaaaaaa! ^_^ enjoy!]

Chapter one: Reasons

Spike stood still and held his bullet wounded shoulder.

"I hate theme parks." he grumbled. His eyes were focused to the brightly colored lights displayed before him. The previous events came back to his mind and he shuddered it away. Though there was a small something that was nagging him to remember in the back of his head.

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked around him. He decided to retrace the events as he scanned the different areas. He replayed all the hell he experienced that evening and a picture of a ship came to mind.


He groaned loudly, "Where the hell is that woman at?"

"Over here you idiot." came a voice behind him.

Spike turned around to meet the woman herself, he smirked at her.

Just as it looked like Faye was about to start shouting him, her face changed dramatically as soon as she spotted the large, red, blood spot on his left shoulder. "Oh my god, you're hurt!" she said, her tone a bit frantic.

Spike shrugged; forgetting he had to shrug with his shoulders, he winced in pain. He reached in his front pockets and pulled out a cigarette, "It isn't so bad." He placed the cigarette to his lips and found them to be wet; he pouted.

Faye wrinkled her nose and raised a brow, "'It isn't so bad.'"she mocked. She gave a loud sigh and grabbed hold of Spike's right arm, "Come on, cowboy. We got to get that wound cleaned." As she was about to move towards the large lake that was actually part of the amusement park, she was stopped by a very suspicious Spike. She looked up at him, "What?"

"What are you doing?" he mumbled through the wet cigarette hanging at the corner of his mouth.

"Trying to help." Faye explained and forcefully pulled him towards the lake.

Spike grunted but decided to abide. He followed behind her as she lead the way towards a small bay area of the lake.

Stopping in front of their destination, Faye looked around for a piece of cloth; all the while she requested Spike to removed his green jacket, as well as his shirt underneath it.

Still grumbling and not really caring for help, Spike went along with her with an odd look in his face. He stared at her as she looked around for cloth and wondered what the heck was going on in her mind; whether or not this was an affect of her crash a few minutes ago.

"Damn." Faye cursed and turned back to where Spike was now sitting. She moved beside him and sat on her knees.

Spike handed her his shirt and jacket, "Here." he simply said.

Faye took the clothes and looked at them. She cocked her head to the side, "Do you have extra's of these, or are these your only pair?" she asked Spike.

Spike nodded his head, "Only pair and you can't find them anywhere these days." He knew she was thinking of using his shirt as dressings and a wash cloth for his wound, but he knew better.

Faye sighed and set his clothes aside behind him. Un-knotting her red jacket and taking it off, she dumped it into the shallow cold water.

Watching with surprised and confused eyes, Spike wondered if Faye was seriously injured in the head. Her actions and re-actions after her crash were seemingly peculiar and it was giving him a slight scare.

"You owe me new clothes." she said softly and pulled out the red jacket and squeezed them until they were not so soaked. Without making eye contact to the confused Spike, Faye carefully started to wipe away the blood around the bullet hole of his shoulder.

Silence crept the two as she continued to tend the wound.

After sweeping most of the blood that oozed out, Faye dumped the red jacket back into the water and rinsed all the blood off.

"So where's that guy? Did you get rid of him or did he run away or what?" Faye asked, a little attitude in her voice. Picking up her jacket and drying it again, she looked at him for the answer. All she received was a quiet glance back at her.

All the while, Spike thought to himself why he hasn't noticed the beautiful features of the woman in front of him. He kicked himself mentally for thinking of her as actual beauty, but he couldn't help to think about it while she was cleaning his shoulder. Her touch was soft and welcoming, and the way she fluidly moved the cloth carefully seemed to leave an impression in him.

"Spike? Are you okay?"

A gentle call shook him out of his inspection, "Huh, what?" He looked to see a slightly flushed Faye in front of him.

"I-I was asking you a question and you sat there like you weren't even listening." she spoke at him, trying to brush off the look he gave her. It gave her millions of reasons why he would do that and all were racking her mind.

Spike grinned and chuckled, "Oh.. sorry about that, now what were you asking?"

"That crazy fat guy with a weird hat? What happened to him?" she tried again, her blush brightening at his cocky smile.

"He's all over the parade floor." he blankly answered as he turned his gaze to the lake.

Faye waited for the next part of it, but when it didn't come her eyebrow twitched slightly, ".. and..?"

"And he's dead, duh." Spike sighed. He reached for the limp cigarette in his mouth and threw it into the lake, "That guy is one crazy bastard."

Nodding, Faye looked at the jacket in her hand. She looked at it with eyes of sadness.

Spike noticed this and turned back to her with worried eyes, "What's wrong?"

Giving another reluctant sigh, Faye closed her eyes and reached for a small pocket knife adjusted inside her shoes. "Nothing." she answered as she slashed a large cut near the cuff of her sleeves. She placed both hands near the starting of the rip, opposite from each other, and pulled them apart.

Spike eyed her silently, not sure what to say about all this.

Faye continued to slash and pull until her jacket was now just three long strips and a large square piece of red cloth.

A little breathless at what she did, Spike finally spoke, "Look Faye, you didn't have to do that."

"Too late." her shoulders dropped as she looked at her screwed-up jacket. Standing on her knees, she moved in closer to him and held up the first piece of cloth, "Come on, let me wrap it up. I can't do anything right now but help stop the bleeding so.. arms up."

"Faye, why are you doing this anyways?" Spike felt his voice almost yelling at her. He didn't know why but maybe it was the curiosity building up inside him.

Startled, Faye backed away a bit, "I'm trying to help! So stop being such an ass about it!" she raised her voice as well.

Holding onto his wounded shoulder, Spike supported himself up to his knees in front of her, "Then why the hell are you? Why are you ripping up your jacket just to help me?"

"Because I haven't done shit to help anybody since I stayed with all of you!" feeling herself about to choke in tears, Faye stood up and stepped back more. Although she didn't want to go any further with her point of view, her mouth continued to run.

"I haven't done shit!" her voice a little faulty, but her face determined to explain, "Ever since you joked about 'rescuing you' tonight as if this was your final battle, it made me think. You and Jet and even Ed, rescued me couple of times before." Faye's voice began to descend to almost whispers, "And when I counted all of my attempted rescues... there wasn't really anything to count."

Feeling a heavy shame and guilt fall on him, Spike stood up. He felt a big lump of regret in his throat.

Faye looked at him with a cross look, "Now that I decided to change that, you're pushing me off. What the hell do you want from me?!"

Standing there, Spike looked at her; watching her eyes shimmer, desperately wanting to shed tears. [What am I doing to her? How could I be so stupid?] he thought on his own.

Faye couldn't stand his eyes. She felt a weird sensation everytime she looked at them. She turned her head away from his gaze, "Don't do that.." she said softly.

"Do what?"

"You know how some people say that sometimes.. you could see a person's soul through their eyes?" Faye tightened the cloth in her hand, "I don't want you to see mine... so stop it."

Spike reached out for her shoulder, "Listen Faye.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you." He was hoping that this was enough to end all this, but her response wasn't quite what he thought. Faye brushed off his hand even before he could touch her shoulder. She placed the pieces of cloth in his hands and slowly sat down in front of the lake.

"I called Jet earlier... tell me when he gets here." Faye said in mono tone. Curling her knees to her chest and hugging them towards her, she kept her gaze at the lake.

Spike just stood there, still mentally kicking himself where it hurts. [Spike.. you've got to be the biggest asshole in this planet!] Sighing, he sat down next to her and started wrapping his shoulder his-self.

It was quiet between the two and it felt like years passed by already.

After finishing the 'not quite right' wrapping he gave his shoulder, Spike turned his head a bit to look at the woman beside him.

[She's asleep?] Her eyes were closed and she didn't move an inch.

Before he knew it, he found himself staring at her again. He watched how her hair moved with the light breeze and how her soft breathing moved her shoulders up and down lightly.

"Knock it off." Faye mumbled. She peeked out of one of her eyes and raised a brow.

Spike quickly cocked his head somewhere else, "I was just wondering if you fell asleep, that's all." After a few seconds, he slowly moved his eyes back at her only to find her eyeing him.

"Are you really sorry, Spike?" Faye murmured; her brow still up.

Hunching down on his shoulders, Spike looked at her, "Yeah, I was just a little frustrated with the way you acted. Sorry."

"Hmm." Faye extended her arms aboved her to stretch and rested them beside her. She unfolded her legs and also stretched them out in front of her, "I'm sorry too. I blew up in your face. How very.. un-womanly thing for me to do."

"Hey, you're a frisky woman." Spike leaned back on his elbows and let out a sigh, "I like frisky women."

Faye looked at him in surprise, [He did not just say that?!] Her face began to flush red.

Spike eyed her with a grin, "Are you blushing? My, my, 'the' Faye Valentine actually feels flattery!" he started to jolt with laughter.

Normally, Faye would strike out like an irate tom cat, but she noticed a certain humor and sarcasm in Spike's tone. She smiled at him, "Well, speaking of surprising changes... you're quite playful tonight. The evening when you might have been killed." She looked up to the midnight sky above them; she seemed to have spotted something but didn't bother telling Spike about it, instead she continued her talking, "I wonder if you've gone insane."

Stopping, he thought about what she had said; [Maybe I have.. but with good reason.] He smiled at her. After a few seconds, and noticing that Faye was attracted to something in the sky, Spike followed her gaze and also looked up. His eyes spotted something large with a blinking light. [Looks like Jet's here]

Faye stood up slowly, "Well, Jet's here." She jerked her thumb towards the crash site of her ship, "Listen, tell Jet my ship's busted. I'll be over there waiting."

She started walking; her hands up behind her head. She stopped when she heard Spike's voice call out her name. She tilted her head to the side slightly.

Spike stood there, his hands in his pockets, "I just wanted to say thanks.. you know, for this." he pointed to the mis-shapen cloth around his left shoulder.

Faye smiled and shook her head, "Whatever cowboy, but you're taking me shopping for a new one."

"What if I just pick a whole wardrobe for you while I'm at it?" Spike offered.

Not sure why he would make such an offer, Faye decided to take it; under one condition, ".. I don't want something that's gonna make me look stupid."

Spike shrugged, "Fine. We'll go tomorrow then. But remember I get to choose." He watched as she nodded to him then continued walking away.

Bright lights hovered above him; Spike looked up to Jet and waved. He watched as the ship moved around the area trying to find a place to land.

His mind drifted and he had thoughts about tomorrow; [Tomorrow.. I'm shopping with the shrew woman..] He couldn't help but smile.

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