Chapter 1: Man with the Plan

The morning sun shone down on the houses that lined the Cul-de-sac, signifying the start of a new day. With each new day brought opportunities, entertainment and of course a new scam or two for the Eds to put into motion.

It wasn't like Eddy to be preparing to fleece so early on a Saturday, but this scam had come to him in a dream and had him up the rest of the night. This time he was convinced this scheme would have the trio drowning in a sea of jawbreakers. So there he was sitting in at a counter in a pair of overalls rubbing his hands together, Double-D studying blueprints beside him while Ed gathered various items from the dump.

"We've so got it made this time Double-D!" Eddy shouted, smiling confidently.

Edd rolled his eyes. "Oh yes, no doubt about it we are bound for success."

Eddy frowned. It was rare for him to pick up on Double-D's sarcastic tone, but this was one of those moments.

"What's your problem Sockhead?" he asked. "You've been talking like that all morning!"

Edd looked up from the blueprints and shot Eddy an incredulous look.

"What's my problem Eddy? I have nothing to gripe about," Edd answered, still in a sarcastic tone. "I quite enjoyed being woken at 3 AM by a phone call followed by your shouting pounding through my skull resulting in a gargantuan headache!"

"I want a pet gargantua Double-D!" yelled Ed excitedly.

Ed had returned from the junkyard, dropping various engine parts and metallic objects onto the path behind the counter. The other two Eds gave him a strange stare, although they shouldn't be surprised by his random outbursts.

"I believe you mean iguana Ed," Edd corrected.

Ed became even more excited. "Where Double-D?!"

This routine was beginning to get to Eddy. "There's no iguana Lumpy! Go get the sandwich board!"

The taller Ed saluted. "SANDWICH BOARD! Hold the lettuce!

Eddy grumbled and turned back to Edd, who still looked annoyed. He grabbed Edd's shirt and held him face-to-face.

"You won't be complainin' when we're counting our mountain of cash!" he assured, giving Edd a wink.

Edd pulled himself away from Eddy and folded his arms, his mood unchanged. "Surely you jest! There are only so many children that inhabit this Cul-de-sac, and if we were to charge our usual amount we will only generate a profit of-"

"PROFIT!" Eddy shouted, cutting him off. "And that means cash! You know it Double-D! This scam'll be the best one yet!"

Edd buried his face in his hands. It was no use trying to discuss anything with Eddy once he had those dollar signs clouding his vision. Eddy would have to learn from his mistakes, but it did seem odd that he had yet to do so from failed scams in the past.

Edd sighed. "Fine, I'll continue to assist you in your self-serving endeavor… not like I had much of a choice in the matter…"

"Trust me Double-D!" replied Eddy, grinning from ear-to-ear. "What could go wrong?"