AN: Deidara lands him self in prison, the reason why, will be revealed soon enough, those who know what Deidara's like will probably guess why he's in prison. I got this idea the other week when I went and saw Big Stan with my friends, the way they called the younger inmates females and treated them like girls, made me think of Dei, and then this idea formed in my head, surprisingly I remembered it seemings I wasn't..sober when I saw the movie. Even though I shouldn't be writing this cause I still have " Love With Caution" going, I couldn't help it.

This will mostly be about Deidara and Sasori, but the other members of the Akatsuki will appear frequently, especially Hidan. other pairings may or may not include Hidan and Kakuzu maybe, I'm not sure yet and possibly Itachi and Kisame. There will also be some Deidara and Orochimaru, one sided though.. or forced more yeah. It will start off fairly dark with rape and abuse, there may be some suicide attempts/suicidal thoughts as well as self harming. Lots of violence. and because I'm making Hidan a main character in this lots of swearing. It will contain yaoi, although if you squint Deidara and Sasori could be considered het. But the other pairings no matter how hard you squint will remain yaoi.

Jail Bird : Prologue

Deidara had heard horror stories about jail such as rape, deaths, riots all the usual stuff that everyone hears about it. The blonde wasn't scared though. With everything that he had been through, jail was just another adventure for the blonde, he didn't think about his age and his looks would be his downfall,. When he looks back on his past he would realise his mistake, maybe cut his hair before going into jail or maybe avoid it all together... but that's the past and the blonde knew he wouldn't do anything different. No matter how much pain he was caused during those years in jail. Prison was everything he expected and yet nothing at all of what he thought it would be. He would have never of though jail would bring him his true love and his happiness.