Deidara hadn't answered the question whether he'd join the Akatsuki or not but he knew he'd join and he had the feeling that Pein knew that too because the question was never brought up again. Deidara sat with the members from the Akatsuki everyday. Quickly getting to know the males. Forming bonds that would never be severed unless it was through death. He got along best with Hidan and Kisame; both males were loud and opinionated. The three of them would often strive to great lengths to annoy the more reserved and stoic members of the group Itachi, Sasori and Kakuzu. Deidara rarely saw Zetsu or Pein. The two of them only seemed to be around when there was group meeting.

Pein had made it a rule that it was forbidden to ask or talk about the conversation between himself and Deidara. Not wanting anyone delving into his past. The others followed this rule to a certain point. Or as far as obeying it whenever Pein was around. Hidan often pestered Deidara about it but the blonde kept his mouth shut, he didn't want to go into the past anymore than Pein did.

Despite now finally having somewhere he belonged, Deidara still felt like he was breaking away slowly. Constant worry and paranoia were stressing him about badly. He'd still wasn't safe from Orochimaru, he knew that. The man would often watch Deidara from across the room and lick his lips, eyes filled with lust. Though Orochimaru hadn't touched him since the day he sat down with The Akatsuki, it was just a matter of time before it happened again. The blonde had the feeling it would harsher than before for two reasons, he joined The Akatsuki instead of Orochimaru's gang and because he was half way over the brick wall. Once Orochimaru came after him again he'd be kicked off the wall and left broken and helpless at the bottom. If he wasn't safe in Akatsuki then he'd never be safe; he felt his will would be finally broken then.

Sasori slid off the bunk bed and walked out the cell. Deidara felt his heart stop, he needed Sasori around, the red haired male kept him safe from Orochimaru. Just his presence was enough to ward off the snake. Deidara's breath sharpened and panic filled his one showing eye.

"Hurry up brat." Sasori's calming voice called out.

Deidara shot up off his bed and tripped over himself to follow Sasori. As soon as Deidara joined Sasori, standing next to the red haired male. Deidara felt instantly calm and safe again. He relaxed and let a small smile play at his lips. The blonde couldn't help but smirk as the other prisoners stepped out of their way, feared looks and awe been sent there way. The prisoners that harassed Deidara so much earlier now feared and envied the blonde. Fear because Akatsuki were the strongest and most dangerous group in the prison. The only group that rivaled them was Orochimaru's who were more violent and ruthless in their actions. Many prisoners envied the members of Akatsuki, wanting to join the elite gang and gain power. Pein never allowed anyone to join if they were seeking power. In fact, Pein never let anyone join if they asked. He picked the members with the occasional help from his other members.

The blonde had always been curious to know where Sasori went during the times he disappeared for a few hours. Now he could finally found out, excitement bubbling away. There was one thing bothering him though.

"Sasori, what's Akatsuki's true purpose yeah?" Deidara asked softly.

"What makes you think it has one brat?"

"I know it does, why would Pein be so picky about his members if there wasn't a higher purpose than just been a feared gang in a prison yeah?" Deidara explained his reasoning.

"You're right brat, well done. You'll find out soon." Sasori smirked; the brat had brains, that was a shock.

"Did you just compliment me yeah?" Deidara asked with faked shock.


"Don't lie, you did too yeah!"

"If you know the answer then why did you ask me?" Sasori snapped out irritably, effectively silencing Deidara who had already turned back to his childish ways.

Sasori was frustrated to say the least. Having Deidara in the Akatsuki relived some sort of stress that was eating away at him, he could ensure Orochimaru stayed away from him now but there was still the fear that the snake would grab the blonde when no one from the gang was around. Sasori knew Orochimaru's ways, the snake wouldn't hesitate to kill Deidara now for joining his rival gang. Which now meant he had to make sure he was with the blonde every passing moment. Sasori didn't mind to start with, been around the blonde made his heart flutter and his head feel light, like there was nothing to worry about. That passed quickly though and he moved onto being frustrated and tightly wound. There was only so much time he could spend with Deidara before he'd snap. The constant talking, whining, childish actions and depressed moments the blonde spurted out towards the red haired male was just too much for him to handle.

The rare silence was music to Sasori's ears. It gave him time to think and sort out his thoughts.

"Sasori do yo-"

"Do you ever shut up? Can you please just shut your mouth for ten minutes and let me think brat." Sasori cut him off and snapped. It was like a rubber band was in his stomach; it was getting so wound up, tighter and tighter that eventually it had to snap.

"I think I figured something out Sasori yeah. The only reason you've ever showed me kindness told me to wait a week...Everything you've ever done was because you were ordered to yeah? Pein wanted me and he made you test me, learn about me. You made me suffer with Orochimaru because of some orders. I don't know what Konan saw in Nagato, prison's made him corrupt yeah." Deidara said bitterly, with sadness twisted in his voice as well.

Deidara didn't give Sasori a chance to reply; instead he turned and walked away from the red haired male.

Sasori stood confused. Deidara just spurted out another one of his varying emotions and then left. This is why he liked Itachi, there was no changing emotion, it was all just the same. It made it easy to be friends with the Uchiha but Deidara was different, his emotions were wild and messy. With a sinking feeling, Sasori realized that the blonde was right. Everything he did was under the order of Pein; he had no choice in it. If given the choice Sasori would have just left the blonde alone to fight with his own problems. He sighed and continued to his destination, leaving Deidara to brood or whatever he was planning to do. It was no worry to him, he didn't care what the brat did, he didn't care what happened to the brat. The clenching feeling in his stomach was back and a wave of fear washed over him, he was afraid to leave Deidara on his own, it scared him what might happen and now there was a small feeling of sadness etching away at him. He hurt Deidara, made him think he didn't care about the brat. He did care, he really did he just didn't know how to show it. Lowering his head in defeat he kept walking.

The blonde made his way back to his cell. Reaching under his pillow and grabbing a small container of pills, swallowing four of them quickly, this time no guilt came from taking them. Sasori didn't truly care about his well being it was all just a lie. Replacing the container and heading towards the bathrooms, prisoners moved out of his way at the withering glares he sent them. Arriving at the bathrooms to find three inmates still in the showers.

"Get out yeah." Deidara snapped threateningly. Enjoying the power.

The three inmates quickly left the showers, drying themselves hastily and dressing before leaving with their heads bowed in a respective manner. Once they were gone, Deidara dropped to the ground. Laying on the cold tiles and staring up at the lights. Blinking quickly and tearing his eyes away as the bright lights made his eyes water. The blonde finally stood and removed his clothes, dropping them down on the bench before standing under the shower. Turning it on, cold water hit his body, making him wince. It felt like ice was been pelted against his skin. He shivered lightly and finally the water warmed. Deidara watched the water wash down the drain pitifully. If only he could wash away so easy.

The door to the bathrooms opened and Deidara ignored it. He felt a presence behind him and he accepted his fate.

"Long time no see Orochimaru yeah."

"I know, ssuch a shame isn't it Dei? I've misssed you greatly." Orochimaru's hand snaked around Deidara's waist, pulling him into the snake.

Deidara didn't fight. There was no point in fighting anymore. Orochimaru licked Deidara's neck and pushed him face first against the shower wall. The warm water cascading off both their backs. Deidara grunted in pain as Orochimaru forced his way into the tight blonde. No preparation. It felt like his insides were been torn apart and set on fire. Struggling to keep tears out of his eyes. Thrust after thrust and the pain intensified. Leaving Deidara whimpering in pain and his legs giving way. The snake caught him and held him up, tutting lightly in his ear before thrusting violently into Deidara. Releasing his seed and stepping back from the blonde. Letting Deidara fall into a crumpled heap.

Orochimaru ignored Deidara; he washed himself in the still running water and smirked lightly. Turning the water off and turning away from the blonde who was whimpering and bleeding on the bathroom floor. As soon as the snake turned away his face was whipped back around. The snake turned back around, eyes flashing with rage and spying a pissed off red haired male, anger fuming off him.

"My my Sasori, you're certainly anger tonight aren't you..."

"Stay the fuck away from Deidara."

"But he's just so delicious. Almost like you and Hidan but so much better."

Sasori sprung forward, fist out and delivered another punch, aiming for the face, expecting to be block so he swung his other fist out and caught Orochimaru in the stomach. Sasori's small height worked in advantage as he quickly dodged all of Orochimaru's attacks. The small lithe red head attacked Orochimaru viciously. Taking all his anger out on Orochimaru, it was his fault Deidara was going through this, it's his fault Deidara was moody, it's his fault Hidan suffered, it's his fault he suffered. Orochimaru was a vile creature. He didn't even deserve to be called human. He was disgusting vile filth that should be eliminated. The only reason he was still alive is because Pein forbid them from killing the snake. It angered Sasori, Hidan and Kakuzu to no end. They wanted nothing more than to kill the vile snake who caused so much harm.

Orochimaru spat out blood and breathed heavily. Eying Sasori cautiously. The red haired male rushed forward again, grabbing hold of one of Orochimaru's arms. Ripping it back and then pulling down quickly, a sickening crack echoed out and the snake cried out in pain at having his arm broken. Sasori darted around and snapped his other arm with the same sickening crack. Sasori wasn't affected though; he was reveling in the snake's pain. Pein never said they couldn't hurt him..

"Get out. If you ever go near Deidara again, I will kill you." Sasori said coolly. If he didn't stop now he wouldn't be able to stop himself from killing the man.

Orochimaru nodded hastily and fled from the bathroom, his arms hanging useless at his side. Sasori turned back to Deidara who had small tears running down his face yet an eerily blank expression on his face. The red head walked towards him carefully. Trying not to started Deidara. Picking up the naked and bleeding male tenderly. Sasori attempted to get Deidara to stand on his own; to wash off Orochimaru's seed and the blood but the blonde had no will to stand on his own. Sasori sighed and sat Deidara down again, taking off his own clothes and turning the taps on. Once the water was at a reasonable temperature he picked Deidara up again and helped the blonde stand, blushing lightly as he helped wash the broken blonde. The only sound in the room was the soft noise as the water fell against the two bodies. It was so quiet but Sasori felt deafened, his whole being screaming at him for been so close to the naked blonde, so many images flashing through his head. Ignoring all his thoughts he turned the water off and carried Deidara over to the bench where their clothes and one towel lay.

Sasori dried the blonde carefully who still showed no emotion, his blank face was starting to worry Sasori. The red haired male tried the top half of Deidara successfully then blushed at having to dry the blonde's legs. Refusing to acknowledge his heated face he quickly dried Deidara's legs and then shoved the clothes onto the blonde unceremoniously. Sasori dried and dressed himself quickly. Turning back to Deidara who still gazed blankly ahead.

The red haired male picked up Deidara once again, glad that even though he was slightly shorter than the blonde, Deidara was light and easy to carry. Looking down at Deidara with a saddened expression.

"Pein may have ordered me to find out information about you and to make you suffer with Orochimaru, but the rest was my own actions. I care for you Deidara." Sasori murmured out quietly, gaining no real reaction from Deidara except a slight flicker of his blue eye. Sasori sighed and continued. " you brat."

The blonde's blue eye met Sasori's.

"I love you too. Sasori Danna yeah." Deidara murmured out quietly, his blank gaze now broken.

"Danna?" Sasori raised a brow in amusement.

"You saved me yeah. I look up to you. So you're like my Danna yeah." Deidara whispered out sleepily. His eyes drifting shut.

Deidara found his way past the brick wall. It was so simple now; he didn't know how he couldn't see the solution before. The blonde looked up at the menacing brick well and grabbed Sasori's hand who easily pulled the blonde up. The two males climbed off the wall onto the other side where there were endless possibilities and chances. Deidara looked back and found the wall was nothing more than a crumbled heap now. He had found his way.