Bella here! New fic in the hizzy!

okay, this fic came to my while my step sis and I were chatting about fics we've read over the past month at like 1 o'clock in the morning. It was originally supposed to be Neji, in Japan, or some old english country, but I decided it shuld be more modern. anyways, ENJOY!

disclaimer: sadly...*sob* I don't own Naruto. But I own the bitching elders so I can kill them anytime I want!! :))

but Gaara can't. :p

If I could, I would have all those bitching elders assassinated.

Sadly, I can't.

I try taking a sauna one day, the day I vowed would be a relaxing day

(And probably the only one I'd get for that matter), and here comes my stupid older brother comes running to me saying that Temari, the good older sister she is, wants to do me a favor and slaughter all of the (quote) 'frikin asshole elders' for trying to push an agreement with Norway to invade Russia (which personally I think is a very stupid idea) on her, so Kankuro insisted I was the only one who could solve this—and I was.

I'm eighteen years old, with spiky red hair and jade eyes. I had a teddy bear named Ai, who I lost at age ten, along with my parents. I'm the only eligible heir to the throne of the country of Suna (located at the border between Europe and Asia, just under Russia), for Temari's a girl and Kankuro is too big of an idiot to pass the Rights of Passage (for all we know, he's only 12). I have a kanji symbol embedded into my skin to remind me of my conceited father's words 'I can only love myself'.

I am Prince Subaku No Gaara.

And I have to get married.