The Things I'll Do To Have You Here With Me (Part 1)

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Summary: Ryou is beaten by Bakura continuously and is able to forgive him every time. What will he do when Yami sends him to the Shadow Realm?

Main Pairing: Ryou x Bakura.
Side Pairings: Yugi x Yami, Malik x Marik


\Bakura to Ryou\ Mind Link

/Ryou to Bakura/ Mind Link

/\Yami to Yugi/\

//Yugi to Yami//

--- --- ---

Ryou whimpered as he trudged home from school. Again he had to sneak out when Bakura was asleep on the couch. He always had to other wise his father would be sent a letter saying that Ryou wasn't attending school and that would bring to him unwanted questions. And for every time he snuck out of home he would be beaten when he entered the house.

--- --- ---

\Stupid Hikari you never learn.\

Ryou whimpered when he felt a fist connect with his stomach and then a foot in his chest. Ryou was now curled up in the hallway floor. He had moved halfway between the stairs and the front door and was right outside the living room entrance where Bakura ambushed him.

Ryou covered his head with his arms as Bakura continued to assault his body with injuries. After about 10mins Bakura stopped and looked down at Ryou who was a sobbing mess on the floor. He had bloody on his face and a few places on his body. He had a black eyes and a busted lip and three fingers nail scratches that were bleeding on his left cheek.

\Get up and get yourself cleaned up. Don't you dare leave the house or next time your punishment will be worse. Got it?\ He growled pulling Ryou up by the collar.

/Yes master./

Bakura growled and shoved Ryou to the floor who gave a yelp from the pain. Bakura kicked him again in the ribs before heading into the living room.


Ryou knew that when Bakura said that his punishment would be worse next time it wouldn't be. It would be about the same if not less. At first when he said this they would get worse but now they started getting better. This started about a couple of months ago, beatings weren't as bad as they use to be but today was quite bad. Yugi and Yami Yugi (Yami) had been asking questions about Bakura and Bakura overheard them but Ryou denied everything that was said. One because Bakura would beat him; two because he didn't want to lose him.

Yes he didn't want to lose him. Ryou was in love with his Yami. He could forgive every beating Bakura had given him because when he first met him he instantly fell in love with him and then Bakura about a month after they met he started to abuse him. At first simple hits to the face and then just progressed from there.

Ryou whimpered softly as he picked himself off the ground and dragged his abused body up to the stairs to his room where he dropped his bag and walked into the bathroom that was connected to his room. Ryou carefully cleaned himself up and then got changed. He washed his uniform in the sink knowing Bakura would destroy it if he got hold of it if it was out of his room.

Ryou then headed downstairs to make dinner for the both of them. Ryou ate about 1/3 of Bakura's huge serving and then went and did the dishes. Ryou after went and curled up at the end of the sofa watching whatever Bakura was till he was sent away. Most of the things that Bakura watched were horror and Ryou stayed just curled up on the end of the sofa trying to drown out the noise. That would be till Bakura snags his arm and drags him over and Ryou curls up next to him and falls asleep.

When Bakura was ready for bed he'd just push Ryou onto the floor causing him to wake up and then he'd be screamed at to go to bed. This was where Ryou would run upstairs and into bed and wait for the next day.

--- --- ---

Ryou rose the next morning really early and quickly got dressed always have to miss his morning shower because Bakura would wake up. And then hurry downstairs, grabbing his premade lunch and out the door by 6am and off towards school. He was always at school by 6:30 and then would do his homework that he hadn't been able to do the night before because of the constant beating and having things to do to avoid a second beating.

Ryou arrived and went out over to where he would met his friends underneath the cherry blossom tree and sat at the table and pulled out his work.

--- --- ---

By 8am the students were already pilling into the school grounds and Ryou was starting to regret coming today because of how his face looked. He guessed he could just lie and say he got caught on his way home from school. Yes that's what he'd do.

Ryou smiled and quickly finished his biology questions. He'd finished them just as Yami and Yugi walked into the grounds with Tea, Honda and Jou. Malik and Marik would be by late as normal. Ryou started putting his stuff away as they walked over.

"Hey Ryou." Yugi called when they were close enough and everyone sat down.

"Hey guys."

"Ryou what happened?!" Yugi and Jou said seeing his face, Yami, Tea and Honda were stunned.

"I got beat up on the way home from school yesterday. Nothing to worry about."

"Ryou, no you didn't? I can tell because in your eyes it says you're lying. It always has and I've known. I was just waiting for you to come to us. Ryou you can't keep protecting that Thief. He'll kill you eventually. What did he do?" Yami spoke.

"Bakura isn't hurting me Yami."

"Yes he is. Ryou this has to stop. He's not meant to hurt you he's meant to protect you."

"And he does. Yami he saves me from the bullies that hurt me. These aren't from him I swear." Ryou said lying.

"...Alright Ryou."

Ryou started up a lovely chat with Honda, Jou and Tea while Yami sat back watching him closely. While Yugi watched his Yami. He could tell that Yami didn't believe him and neither did he.

//Yami? You ok?// Yugi got no reply //Yami?...Yami!//

/\What?! Huh? Sorry Yugi, I was thinking/\

//I noticed. You ok?//

/\No, you know Ryou's lying right?/\

//Yeah I do.//

/\I'm trying to figure out why he won't tell us. I just can't come up with anything other than he threatened to kill him and then kill his friends. It's something the Tomb Robber would do./\

//I know, just try and not get to worked up about it. We'll keep an eye on him.//

Yami looked to Yugi and smiled. He would keep a close eye on Ryou for the next few days.

--- --- ---

Ryou wondered inside his house and closed the door behind him. He didn't get a chance to lock it when he was grabbed from behind around his neck and tossed into a wall in the hallway. Ryou screamed in pain before he continued as he was kicked and hit again and again.

"You Stupid Idiotic Hikari!!! Can't You Simply Lie To The Pharaoh Without Him Suspecting Anything!!!" Bakura screamed at him.

Ryou screamed again and again as Bakura beat him.


"I'm sorry... I tried and he...eventually believed."

"What, that I would save you when something bad was going to happen to you. DO YOU REALLY THINK HE'S THAT STUPID!?!?!? HE WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT. YOU FORGET THAT HE KNOWS MY PAST!"

Bakura continued to beat him for 5 minutes mercilessly till the door slammed open. Bakura turned and stared at who was standing there, Yami, Yugi, Malik, Marik, Honda, Tea and Jou. Bakura groaned and looked back glaring at his bloody Hikari's form.

"And you had to bring them back." He growled and Ryou curled up more shaking in fear and pain.


"Pharaoh." Bakura said sarcastically bowing to him. "What a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately we don't have tea prepared so maybe you could come back never." Bakura said his words starting sweet before turning to venom.

"We aren't going anywhere. But you are."

Ryou whimpered more shaking his head and was trying to talk. He didn't know why he couldn't, maybe just the pain in his throat was stopping him.

"Bakura you won't be laying a single finger on your Hikari again."

Ryou desperately tried to talk now by he couldn't. He couldn't let this happen. He couldn't.

"Bakura I sentence you to an eternity in the Shadow Realm."

Ryou's eyes widened and he shook his head. Yami couldn't do this, he couldn't. Ryou watched in horror as Yami held his hand out in front of him and the Eye forming on his forehead. Then a white light erupted from his hand and shot straight at Bakura. But just as they saw it start to form Bakura turned to look at his light.


Ryou's scream through the link that caused Bakura to turn and look at him. Ryou had to cover his eyes as the blast hit Bakura and when it died down he looked back and nearly died. Nothing was left standing where Bakura had been. Not a single thing. Ryou always had to wear the ring but there was nothing left where Bakura had been.

Ryou didn't even notice when Yugi, Malik, Jou, Honda, Tea had huddled around him Yami and Marik standing behind them.

"Ryou? Ryou you alright?"

Ryou couldn't think straight. The pain from his injuries and the pain that was now developing in his heart was taking too much of a toll on him and he was starting to black out. Ryou did just that and fainted on the spot right into Malik's arms.

"Ryou!" They gasped.

"Malik take him to his room and get him into some clean clothes." Yami said holding Yugi who was distressed.

Malik nodded and with Marik's help both headed upstairs. Jou and Honda deciding that they wouldn't be much help after asking Yami headed home and promised to visit later. Tea stayed and helped Yugi and Yami clean up the house while Ryou was unconscious. The whole place was awful, it was like Ryou hadn't been able to clean properly in weeks.

While Malik and Marik were upstairs tending to Ryou. They had cleaned him up and got him changed into something clean and put him in bed before coming down and helping the others clean before they headed home when they all finished. The only people left where Yami and Yugi.

--- --- ---

Ryou groaned as woke up. He didn't feel well at all. He felt awful and he remembered being beaten again but nothing after that all that was there was a white light and that was it. Ryou whimpered as he moved out of bed and into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He remembered the black eye from the other day but none of the new marks on his body.

"Ryou?... Ryou!"

Ryou jumped when he heard someone call his name. Ryou turned and looked in to see Yugi and Yami standing there. Yugi gasped at the sight of his chest and stomach that were littered with cuts and bruises. Ryou pulled his shirt on as quickly as possible and looked away from them both.

"Ryou you alright?"

"No, why do I feel so empty?" Ryou asked.

"Ryou do you remember what happened yesterday?"

"Yeah I came home and Bakura got angry because I couldn't..." Ryou stopped and gasped as everything came back. "Why... why... WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BANISH HIM? WHY YAMI?" Ryou all but screamed at him.

"Because he was hurting you Ryou. I won't sit by and let that happen."

"You both need to get out."

"Excuse me."

"You aren't welcome here."

"Ryou..." Yugi started.

"No Yugi. Get out please."

"Ryou why?" Yugi asked tearfully.

"How would you feel if Yami was banished to the shadow realm, Yugi? Yami how would you feel if something happened to Yugi and you couldn't see him again?" Both remained silent. "Just get out. You've done enough."

Ryou walked back into the bathroom and locked the door and slid down to the ground and sobbed in his knees. Out in the bed room Yugi looked to Yami.

"Will he be alright?"

"I'm sure he will. He'll just have to adjust to not being abused anymore Yugi."

"Should we take the ring?"

"No. It's his gift from his father. Ryou can't do anything with it anyway. Let's go."

Yami led Yugi out of the house. Yami locking the door from the inside before exiting and closing it making sure it was locked.

'Be safe Ryou.' Yami thought with one last look to the house before disappearing around the corner.

--- --- ---

Ryou made his way out of his room and it was now night time and he wasn't hungry so he just curled up in bed. He took the ring from the bedside table and held it tightly to his chest before started to sob again.

--- --- ---

It had been a month since Bakura had gone and Ryou was slowly sinking into depression. Ryou had called his school and said he was sick and spent the time curled up in his bedroom. Ryou had been spending most of his time trying to connect to Bakura till he'd get a headache and then sleeping it off and then trying again.

Ryou at the moment was downstairs in the kitchen and making something to eat. The ring sitting around his neck comfortably. Once he finished cooking he sat at the table and started eating. Ryou finished eating and went and laid down on the couch the TV off.

He started thinking if he could give his energy through the ring and maybe Bakura could use it to get back. Ryou lay down and carefully concentrated on his energy and slowly transferred it to the ring. He transferred enough energy to the ring but kept enough so that he could get to his bed. Ryou opened his eyes and groaned before sitting up and slowly made his way up the stairs and to his bed. He knew that if it got to Bakura he'd get a response from him eventually.

Ryou spent the next 2 weeks giving Bakura energy just before he went to bed that way if he gave too much energy, he didn't hurt himself.

--- --- ---



\Yes. You're doing well. I can tell you're tired but I still need more.\

/Ok. Is there another way to give you what you want in combination with what I'm doing?/

\There is but I'm not asking you to do that.\

/What is it? I can handle it./

\Blood is energy and it falling onto the ring. The ring will absorb the energy in it. I'm not asking you to do that. What you are doing now is fine.\

/I can do it. How long till you get back?/

\Not much longer...\

Ryou felt the connection drop and showing that Bakura couldn't hold it much longer. Ryou went into the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife and sat in the living room. Ryou sliced his wrist not too deep and held the ring up and let the blood that flowed from his arm and onto the ring. Ryou lay back on the ground and let the ring sit on his chest and his bleeding arm over the top. Ryou sent his energy through his body to the ring where it was sent to Bakura in the Shadow Realm.

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